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Find where to play hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball,dodgeball, football, baseball, softball, slo pitch, volleyball, Pickle ball, badminton, cricket, rugby and swimming in Seattle.

Where to play pick up soccer, football, hockey, futsal, volleyball, basketball, cricket, softball, badminton in Seattle

Drop in Soccer at Arena Sports at Magnuson Park - Seattle

Soccer Wednesday and Friday Night 09:15pm-10:45pm 206.985.8990 see website (47.69, -122.26)
7751 63rd Ave NE 
Seattle, WA 98115

Drop in Soccer at Magnuson Park - Seattle

Soccer Saturdays - see website see website see website (47.68, -122.26)
7400 Sand Point Way NE 
Seattle, WA 98115

Drop in Soccer at University of Washington Bothell- Seattle

Soccer Saturdays - see website see website see website (47.76, -122.19)
18345 Campus Way NE 
Bothell, WA 98011

Drop in Soccer at University of Washington Bothell- Seattle

Soccer, PickUpSoccer, Saturdays - see website see website see website (47.76, -122.19)
18345 Campus Way NE 
Bothell, WA 98011

Drop in Volleyball at Kraken's Lair Adult Open Gym

Volleyball Sun Noon - 4:00pm 425-243-2719 (47.62, -122.31)
301 21st Avenue E 
Seattle, WA 98112

Drop in Volleyball at Sandbox Sports Seattle

Volleyball Friday 10:00pm – 11:59 206.624.2899 (47.55, -122.32)
5955 Airport Way South 
Seattle, WA 98108

futsal + yoga @ Miller Comm Center

futsal, yoga Fridays 04:30pm-06:30pm see website (47.62, -122.31)
330 19th Ave E. 
Seattle, WA 98112

Greater Seattle Hockey League

Hockey year round 206 255-6739 (47.68, -122.32)
1037 NE 65th ST #317 
Seattle, WA 98115

Greater Seattle Soccer League

Soccer, Football, League, Seattle 10 AM - 5:30 PM Monday - Friday (206) 782-6831 (47.7, -122.36)
9750 Greenwood Avenue North, Unit 101 
Seattle, WA 98103

Hoopaholics League

Basketball year round 206-795-0687 (47.74, -122.37)
P.O. Box 77688 
Seattle, WA 98177

Hoops on Demand at Seattle College Central

Basketball Tue,Wed,Thur 09am-12pm Friday 09am-12pm Sat 10am -01pm Sun 06pm -08pm 206.354.1698 (47.62, -122.32)
1718 Broadway 
Seattle, WA 98122

Pick Up Soccer at Arena Sports - SODO Seattle

PickUpSoccer, DropinSoccer, Wednesday and Fridays 12pm-03pm 206-762-8606 (47.56, -122.34)
4636 E. Marginal Way S. 
Seattle, WA 98134

Pick Up Soccer at Asa Mercer Middle School

PickUpSoccer, DropinSoccer, Saturdays 10am - Sundays at 02pm - Mondays to Fridays at 05pm see website see website (47.56, -122.31)
1600 S Columbian Way 
Seattle, WA 98108

Pick Up Soccer at Magnusson Park

Soccer saturday at 10am Sunday at 02pm see website see website (47.68, -122.26)
7400 Sand Point Way NE 
Seattle, WA 98115

Puget Sound Basketball Leagues

Basketball year round 206-260-8791 (47.54, -122.38)
6778 41st Ave SW 
Seattle, WA 98136

Seattle Junior Hockey Association

Hockey SJHA Hockey Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 10am-4pm 425.672.7744 (47.8, -122.33)
7012 - 220th St SW 
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Seattle Parks and Recreation

Basketball, Flag Football year round (206) 684-4075 (47.62, -122.34)
100 Dexter Ave N 
Seattle, WA 98109

Seattle Recreational Adult Team Soccer

Soccer, Football, League, Seattle year round 206-399-7592 (47.62, -122.32)
1635 11th Ave 

Seattle, WA 98122
Seattle Youth Soccer Association

Soccer, Football, League, Seattle year round 206-552-0723 (47.55, -122.33)
650 S Orcas Suite 220 
Seattle, WA 98108-2652

ShowUpAndPlaySports Seattle 

soccer, futsal, flag football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, cricket, badminton, dodgeball Mon-Sun 09am-11pm 403-542-6325 (47.61, -122.34)
Seattle, WA 98101

Starfire Soccer Drop In - Seattle

DropinSoccer, Every Tuesday and Thursday 12pm-2pm ; Tuesday Nights at 9pm-11pm (47.47, -122.25)
14800 Starfire Way Seattle 
Seattle, WA 98188

Starfire Sports

Soccer, Football, League, Seattle, Tukwila Monday to Friday 8:30am – 11pm* Saturday & Sunday 7am – 11pm* 206.431.3232 (47.47, -122.25)
14800 Starfire Way 
Tukwila, WA 98188

Washington Youth Sports

Basketball year round (206)501-7583 (47.61, -122.33)
PO Box 27114 
Seattle, WA 98165

From Reddit:

pick up game at the Greenlake park, right next to the basketball courts
Cal anderson park in the evenings around 5ish also depends on weather, hot nice days= more show up and kind of bad games(but, if u play long enough and as people start leaving the game, it's gonna get way better around 7ish when we start playing 8vs8 or 10vs10 , alright days weather around 75ish = medium show up = better games. Winter days= no show up
Quenn Anne MON/Wed/Fri around 1 pm: I haven't played here for over a year so can't comment on show ups.
Summit HS(it's no longer summit now, it's across Hale) Wednesdays around 6:30 pm very low show up in the winter bu,t now there will be more
hint: Bring a white and a color tee in the winter, summer doesn't matter, u can just play skin vs shirts.
Seattle Area Soccer Player/Sub Board on Facebook:
There is a great group that plays Sundays at Delridge (super far) at 730 am (or first light, super early). I've seen a group Wednesday nights at Ballard high, and then random groups playing at random times on the grass fields at Greenlake (not woodland, those fields right by the outdoor basketball courts)
The link to the West Seattle (Delridge) group. The early games allow me to get other stuff done in the day.

Seattle Co-Ed Sports Meetup Groups :

Seattle Co-Ed Hockey Meetup Groups :