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All Time Top 25
  1. Pelé ( 3 World Cup with Brazil, leading scorer and best player for an all time top team, scored more than 1000 goals: He is soccer GOAT) He was elected World player of the century by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS).
  2. Diego Maradona (won 1 World Cup with the Argentine National team, led his team to another World Cup final loss to Germany in 1990, he tops Messi because he was explosive and fun to watch and he won a world cup with an average team.)
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo ( all time Real Madrid top scorer, all time champions league top scorer, 4 champions League, 2 la Liga, 2 premier League wins, 1 UEFA, 4 ballon d'or, 0 World Cup)
  4. Lionel Messi ( No World Cup, but owns the European champions league in wins and stats, all time best FC Barcelona player, won multiple champions League and la Liga, 0 world cup)
  5. Ronaldo Luis Navarro de Lima ( The Brazilian , 2nd all time goalscorer in World Cup, clinical finisher, won 2 World Cup with Brazil)
  6. Zinedine Zidane ( won World Cup 98 and Euro 2000, won champions league with Real Madrid, pure passing skills, tremendous ball control and vision with grace, fun to watch)
  7. Eusébio ( led Portugal to 3rd place at World Cup 1966 and won golden boots, Ballon d'or 1965, ferocious on the field and scored a lot of goals )
  8. Ronaldinho Gaucho ( one of the greatest dribblers of all time, won World Cup 2002 with Brazil, won several European trophies with Barcelona, a delight to watch, always smiling)
  9. Franz Beckenbauer ( led Germany to 2 World Cups, discipline, tough, mental strength )
  10. Johan Cruyff ( won multiple trophies in Europe, great midfielder, great tactician, creator of the total football concept.)
  11. Thierry Henry ( won World Cup 98 and Euro 2000 with France, led Arsenal to an undefeated season, won premier league with Arsenal, won CL with Barca, finished his storied career with New York Red Bulls)
  12. Lothar Matthaus ( Great and powerful midfielder, won World Cup 1990 with Germany)
  13. Didier Drogba ( Chelsea Legend, win all titles with Chelsea, leading scorer in the premier league for many years, no world cup)
  14. Paolo Maldini (Italian and AC Milan legend). Captained and Won everything with AC Milan, he did not win a tournament with Italy, he reached the final of the 1994 World Cup and Euro 2000, and the semi-final of the 1990 World Cup and Euro 1988)
  15. Gigi Buffon ( Probably one of the best goalkeeper of all time, won many titles with Parma and Juve, won World Cup 2006)
  16. Romario (won World Cup 1994 in USA with Brazil, 2nd all time Brazil scorer only behind Pele, won Ballon d'or in Europe, lethal striker and goal scorer).
  17. Zico ( Brazil legend, led Brazil to World Cup final lost in 1982, he was a creative player, gifted with excellent technical ability and vision,and he is considered one of the most skilled finishers and best passers ever)
  18. Roberto Carlos (Brazil soccer legend, Best left back ever, won World Cup 2002 with Brazil, lethal free kick taker)
  19. Alfredo di Stefano (Real Madrid legend, won several trophies and is second only to Ronaldo in term of records)
  20. Ferenc Puskas (Hungarian legend, led his country to the World Cup final in 1954, won 3 European cup, score 84 goals in 85 appearances for his country)
  21. Roger Milla ( Cameroonian legend, indomitable lion, who doesn't remember World Cup 1990, he scored 4 memorable goals and beat Argentina, played in 3 World Cup and scored 6 goals, won 2 African nations cup)
  22. George Best (Northern Irish Soccer player, One of the greatest dribblers of all time, his playing style combined pace, skill, balance, feints, two-footedness, goalscoring and the ability to beat defenders)
  23. Georges Weah ( won Ballon d'or and several trophies in Europe)
  24. Michel Platini ( won Euro 84 with France, won CL with Juventus, led France to World Cup semi final in 1982, great midfielder, played with elegance and grace)
  25. Cafu (Brazil charismatic defender, captained Brazil to 2002 World Cup, won multiple trophies in EuropeBest all time fullback, won 2 world cup with Brazil)



Which Sport gives you the best looking body?

Many sports can give you a good looking body, but which one gives you the best looking body? Playing soccer is the sport that gives you the best looking body.Soccer, because:

  1. It involves a lot of running (burning fat in every part of your body)
  2. Soccer is a good sports for maintaining health, fitness, strength (ball kicking, body check, tackling, fighting for space to get the ball ) and endurance.

Pros and Cons of Pet or animal Sports

What are the Pros and Cons of Pet or animal Sports
Pros and cons of Pet Sports, Cute dog playing soccer Pet Sports examples include pet soccer, horse racing, greyhound racing, rodeos, dog agility events, bull fighting, etc... Two of the most common animals involved in Pet Sports are dogs and horses. There are many types of animal sporting events, with varying levels of participation from humans. Some pet sport events are solely between the animals while others use the animals in a lesser role.

What are some interesting habits of well-balanced people?

What are some interesting habits of well-balanced people? interesting morning habits of well-balanced people
  1. Make sure that you sleep for at least for 6 hours non stop in a very comfortable bed every night. Wake up no later than 06am.
  2. Read or listen to unbiased local and international news to know what is going on.
  3. Take a good shower.
  4. Drink a glass of water or tea without sugar.

How to get into Football or soccer?

Let's explore How to get into Football or soccer? Football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. How to get into Football or soccer To get into football or soccer, start at an early age to get the fundamentals. You can register your son or daughter as soon as they are 4 years old in Minor Soccer Associations in your city. I currently coach my own son's team at SWU Soccer club in Calgary and it is a delight.

What are the top 5 hobbies that make you smarter? Top Hobbies that make you smarter
  1. Exercising ( Play team sports, running, gym, bike , swim) will increase your stamina, make you physically strong , agile, athletic, fit and smarter.
  2. Reading ( anything from books, news, pamphlets, online, offline, tons of free book at your local library or e-book at Amazon, read whatever, etc.). Just read man!

Redefining Team Sports - Playing a game with 3 teams

What are the pros and cons of Playing a game with 3 teams? Playing a game with 3 teamsThe conventional wisdom tells us that a team sport's game requires 2 teams playing against each other in a certain amount of time. This has been going on for years  and it is the obvious way of playing and determining a winner for a game. In amateur sport, playing a game with only 2 teams  has a lot of flaws: