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[H] ST Howl fn w/x2 titan holo, Dragon Lore fn w/ titan on scope, BTA Corner Karambit Sapphire 0.02, no duped M9 Oceano mw, Kimono ft 0.25 BTA red hand, Superconductor ft .150, Deagle Blaze HR Kato 14 holo, AWP Asiimov ft Dignitas holo on scope [W]...

Reddit Sports - 4 hours 37 min ago

Approximate BO, what i would like to get in keys value, but any offers in skins/money are welcome!

Skins Info Screenshot B/O M9 Case Hardened minimal wear, best m9 CH pattern very well known as OCEANO, top 3 float(fn wasn't unboxed) and 1 of 3 no duped Metjm, IngameSS 4200k Karambit Sapphire factory new, float 0.027, very clean corner Metjm, IngameSS 1175k AWP Dragon Lore factory new, float 0.032, Titan Holo katowice 14 on scope Metjm, IngameSS 1950k StatTrak™ M4A4 Howl factory new, float 0.059, YES this duped 37 times Metjm, IngameSS 2250k Sport Gloves Superconducto field tested, top 8 include unknown owners, float 0.150 IngameSS 260k Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono field tested, 0.25 IngameSS 270k AWP Asiimov field-tested, with katowice 2014 holo Natus Vincere and Team Dignitas on scope Metjm, ingame 80 Desert Eagle Blaze with HellRaisers holo above handle, best spot Metjm, ingame 80

Trade link

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White screen after loading

Reddit Sports - 4 hours 38 min ago

Everything is normal until I get to see the map after loading. At this point my screen just starts flickering in white. When I leave the Map its just a white screen except for the minimap and the phone menu. In the garage everything looks and works just fine and when I leave the Garage I can my car for a few seconds.

I reinstalled my game but nothing has changed. All driver are up-to-date.


Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3; AMD Radeon R9 290; 8GB Crucial ballistix sport Ram; ASROCK B85m Pro 3 Mainbord;

Edit: formating

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Wager and NHL Betting Thread - March 18

Reddit Sports - 4 hours 44 min ago

This is a thread where you can bet your coins on real NHL games, or make wagers with other users.

General Guidelines

* An NHL bet must be confirmed by both parties for a bet to be considered official. (offer to bet -> bet accepted, confirm? -> confirmed! = bet)
  • The loser has a max of 3 days to pay up, though payment should be as immediate as possible.
  • Don't bet/wager if you don't have the coins.
  • State your console in your comment.
  • You should take screenshots of your bet to limit the risk of being scammed.
  • /r/HUTrep
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I drove the Model 3 for a day.

Reddit Sports - 4 hours 50 min ago

Context: I'm currently a happy owner of an F80 M3, and over the years I've owned a F30 335i and an E92 335i. I've driven pretty much all the cars in this segment, namely the BMW 3-series, the C AMG45, the Audi S4 and S5, and the new Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Well, today I was able to borrow this baby and spent a day driving it on mountain roads, within San Francisco, and cruise it down 101. Here are my impressions. I'm going to score individual categories relative to other competitors in this class, so I won't be rating the Model 3's cost against a Civic, its luxury against a S class, or its handling against a 911.

Drivetrain (9/10):

Modern ICE drivetrains are quite good, especially in the premium sports sedan segment. Max torque reached at very low RPM from the new turbo engines, silky smooth shift from the ZF-8 gearboxes, and some of them even manage to sound good (i,e C45 AMG). But the Model 3 beats pretty much all competitors in these categories (ok maybe not sound), with 0-30 performance that feels as fast as my M3. Instant max torque at 0 rpm and no gear shift makes this car a performance star around town, especially in local driving. One point is deducted due to Model 3's power/torque falls off quite noticeably at around 55 mph and above. Still not slow by any means, but do lag behind some of the competitors in this segment.

Steering (8/10):

The Model 3 has really direct steering that's quite nicely weighted (more so than the Model S), and even has a bit of that steering feedback many modern cars with electric racks lack. The ratio is not as stupidly quick as the Alfa Romeo Giulia (maybe a good thing), but felt very comparable to my last 335i. Two point being deducted for the steering weight doesn't increase in a predicable linear fashion as you keep turning. It does get heavier as turn-in increases, but not as much as I'd liked and it doesn't provide as much confidence near the limit as the best in this class.

Suspension/Chassis (9.5/10):

Yep, that's an almost perfect score, and in my opinion as a sports sedan, the Model 3 is among the cream of the top in this already sporty segment. It manages to be supple and sharp at the same time, and is able to offer some good feedback from the road without trying to set you up with your local chiropractor. It's obviously not as hardcore/razor sharp as my M3 (and no, it doesn't make the Giulia feel like "wet sponge"), but it's extremely well balanced and reminds me of BMW's best days.

Some people may find the ride a bit too "harsh", but I personally applaud Tesla for having the courage to make a sports sedan actually sporty, instead of just making a land yacht with good acceleration. BMW, maybe you should use some of those SUV profits to build actual "Ultimate Driving Machines" again.

All of this is combined with the low center of gravity from the battery pack, which resulted in probably the least amount of body roll in this segment. However it's not a perfect 10 because weight can be felt at higher cornering speed and it was obvious the car's tires are quite limiting factors.

Interior Quality/Fit and Finish (5/10):

Before I talk about anything else, I want to bring up the steering wheel, or rather how ugly it is. The Model S has a handsome and premium looking steering wheel, my M3 has real aluminum trim and contrast stitching leather, and the Audi S4 has a steering wheel that resembles that of a racecar. Meanwhile the Model 3's steering wheel looks like an afterthought that Tesla engineers reluctantly put in last minute because they couldn't get Full Self Driving to work.

Interior materials were decent. The wood trim felt premium, but was marred by aluminum colored plastic around it. Most of the plastic were soft to touch and the synthetic leather felt ok as well. But this segment is extremely competitive and even KIA started using top end materials everywhere. Minimalism is a design choice that's subjective, but material quality is an objective benchmark where the Model 3 is definitely falling short to the class leaders such as the C class. Yes, every piece there are real aluminum, including the window switchers, and the speaker grills are laser drilled aluminum as well.

I personally though the $5000 price tag for the PUP is quite outrageous for what you get. For that money you'd be buying into BMW Individual Program interiors. In comparison the full leather interior upgrade of my M3 was a "mere" $2k.

On the other hand, build quality was solid and the only rattling I thought I heard turned out to be the zipper of my jacket. Much better "feel" than the Model S from the earlier days. Also door pockets and rear cup holders man.

Technology/User Interface (Exclude Auto Pilot) (2/10):

This was definitely by far the lowest point of my experience. The car was very bare bone as far as feature goes, with no heated steering wheel, no HUD, no surround view camera, and one of the worst sound system I've heard from this segment (seriously, mid-high range sound very flat and even distorted at higher volume).

Then there is the center display, which was responsive and high resolution by itself. But the problem was the interface itself was a complete mess. One cannot even adjust side mirrors without drilling down into the menus while driving. Bringing up the odometer of the car was a puzzle game by itself. The passenger couldn't open the glove compartment when I was trying to setup Bluetooth with my phone. Navigation itself was fine, but the UI was dangerously unsafe since the turn-by-turn instruction was to the far right side of the screen, with small fonts on top of an alpha overlay. Coming from what I currently have it was just infuriating.

And by the way, this happened twice to me on the short drive up to San Francisco. Once it happened when I was trying to get to the menu to adjust my side mirror. Thank Elon for Auto Pilot.

Which brings us to...

Auto Pilot (10/10):

The best driver assist in this segment, bar none, end of story. Is it perfect? Not even close. Is it the best money currently can buy? By far.

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss my M3 on the drive up to San Francisco. But after grabbing a late dinner with friends and I drove back on the boring 101 at night, I would be lying if I said I didn't wish my M3 had Auto Pilot.

Overall Impression:

I was impressed by the Model 3. It wasn't perfect, but is definitely without a doubt one of the strongest entries in the crowded luxury sports sedan segment. It does have some unique issues but it also has the unmatched value proposition of the sportiest EV on the market (yes, this car is a lot sportier than a P100D Model S).

This may very well be my next daily driver, if my there is room in the budget for it along with a 718 GTS :)

The Model 3 is not a true sports car. It is not a real luxury car either. But for 99% of the people out there who can work an EV into their life, it is a very, very, VERY good car. The Model 3 is probably not the best car in this segment, but I also cannot say any competitor is clearly better. Tesla's first effort in this segment manages to trade blows evenly against the best.


The 3 settings for the heated seats seemed to be...

  1. Somewhat warm.

  2. George Foreman.

  3. What this guy felt.

Feel free to ask any questions :)

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29 [M4F] online, anywhere. Super tall (6´7), well educated, humorous and open minded european researcher looking for smart, witty and friendly lady!

Reddit Sports - 4 hours 51 min ago

Sunday is THE day for communication and getting to know new people:

As the titel says I am looking for a smart, humorous, kind and open minded lady. I want to have awesome conversations with you and build up a meaningful connection. I like a whole bunch of topics: Cultur, politics, music, education, traveling and I will not lie: I am also into kinky topics (but that is for further down the road) I find it sad that most people on here just want to get off quickly and do not really care about the other persons life. So if you feel the same please do not hesitate to message me:

Here are some facts about me: Researcher (Biochem), tall (6´7), sporty (volleyball, running, gym, swimming), fit Hobbies: Sports (see above), music (guitar and piano), traveling the world (Ive traveld a lot), cooking, hiking and camping.

Hope to hear from you! ;)

Please put some effort in the first message. I do not like one liners.


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Truby reviews Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Reddit Sports - 4 hours 57 min ago

Spoiler alert: this breakdown divulges information about the plot of the film.Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road is nuttier than a fruitcake. It’s also the second best Action movie in history, behind Seven Samurai, which happens to be the best movie ever made. Fury Road doesn’t have anywhere near the scope or complexity of Seven Samurai. But its narrative drive (literally) is off the charts, with 120 minutes of almost non-stop, hand-to-hand combat on top of a speeding bullet.

When Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior came out in 1981, it marked a revolutionary jump of narrative speed, not just for Action movies but for popular film worldwide. Popular filmmaking would not look back. Given the nature of the cinematic medium and the mass market economic model by which film is made and sold, this jump in narrative speed dictated two major effects: popular film would be based primarily on the Myth and Action genres, and plot would become progressively more dense.

That is precisely what has happened and any screenwriter who wants to compete in today’s marketplace must accept this truth and excel in these two story areas.

So what is the deep pleasure of the Action form? Action, and Fury Road in particular, celebrates the warrior. Much as some of us, myself included, want to believe that the last thing we need to glorify right now is the warrior, when you see warriors with this kind of bravery and physical skill, you can’t help but feel pure awe.

A lot of the joy in watching these warriors comes from the brilliance by which George Miller directs the battle scenes. There has never been a director in the history of cinema with this ability to film action, especially hand-to-hand combat.

But the artistry of the Action form in Fury Road also comes from the script, which uses a modified Buddy Picture structure, in this case between a man and woman, Max and Furiosa. As in the classic Love Story, these characters begin their relationship with a fight, and it’s a really good one. We know going in that Max, as embodied by Tom Hardy, is a first class warrior. After this fight, we know Furiosa is too. And Charlize Theron is every bit as believable as Hardy.

Through necessity, Max and Furiosa create a partnership, not a friendship. Once that partnership takes form, the rest of the film is one frenzied dance where these two take on an army.

Buddy pictures, when wedded to the Action form (such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), are all about the action dance between the two friends. The dance is the key beat in the Love Story because it shows us love played out in action. The same is true in Action Buddy films. The Sundance Kid is a helluva warrior, and it’s great fun to see him shoot the bully’s gun across the floor in the opening card scene.

But the gold of their relationship, the sweet pleasure the audience takes from them, is when they dance, when they fight as a team. Then it takes the entire Bolivian army to bring them down.

Fury Road doesn’t use another element that’s crucial to the success of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, where the two leads are a comedy as well as an action team. Instead, Fury Road heightens the action dance between the buddies. If there is a better 2-person team of warriors in film history, I can’t think of them.

The fact that one of them is female just makes it better. Not because of the romantic or sexual possibilities between them, since there are none. The male-female distinction allows us to watch the mutual respect slowly unfold between them, and the payoff is sweet. The fact that, as a great warrior, Furiosa is fighting for women, who couldn’t be more abused in this animal hell, just makes her more complex and appealing.

For writers of the Action form, the question arises: is there one technique that makes all of this possible? Not surprisingly, it’s in the story structure.

Fury Road’s structure is simple and classic Action: a straight line run and back. And I do mean run. This simple spine is crucial to the power of the film, because it supports all the amazing action set pieces, the spectacular story world, and the slowly developing relationship between the leads (for all the techniques of great Action writing, see the Action Class).

One of the basic principles of story, true in every genre, is: the more you want to “hang” on the story, the simpler the structure must become. An element you hang on a story is anything that doesn’t move the story forward, that doesn’t contribute directly to the hero’s desire. Action set pieces, which are all about appreciating the warrior’s physical skills in the present, are a perfect example. So is exploring the story world, which has become one of the most important trends in worldwide popular storytelling in the last ten years.

But here’s the rub of simple structure. Because the structure is a straight line run, the plot is simple as well. Weak plot is probably the biggest flaw in most Action films. It’s not a problem here for a few reasons. First, the narrative drive is so intense the audience doesn’t have time to grow bored. Second, the writers excel in micro plot, coming up with infinitely new ways for the opponents to attack the heroes. Third, instead of the repetitive plot we often get with the classic Myth story, where the hero overcomes a succession of unconnected opponents on the path, here the plot develops organically because the heroes battle the same opponents in an accelerating punch-counterpunch.

Fury Road is a landmark movie for another reason: it’s the best depiction of dystopia in film history. That’s saying a lot. From Metropolis to Blade Runner, from Lord of the Rings to Hunger Games and so many more, there have been some great dystopian visions, which no medium can express as well as film can.

Like these other movies, Fury Road’s vision of hell shows the land, people and technology badly out of balance. Here, an arid wasteland is populated by human savages competing to the death for scarce resources like water and gas. A ruthless tyrant enslaves the masses. Women especially are degraded, used as “breeders.” All of this is beautifully realized, but we’ve seen it many times before.

So why is this vision of hell the best? Because Fury Road is 120 minutes of hell in your face. This is hell expressed through story, at top speed. Those other dystopian visions we can watch from the comfort of our seats. But in Fury Road, we’re living that hell ourselves. No escape. We are Max chained to the front of that vehicle in a war that never ends. The story is constantly demanding: tell me, how does it feel?

Everything about this movie is primal: the muscle-laden male warriors, the female “breeders,” the non-stop battles, the supermodels in the middle of the desert (including one played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), the war drummers on the back of the truck and the rock guitarist who hangs and plays from the front, the souped-up engines, the “green place,” the masses dying of thirst. The details are staggering, and they are clearly recognizable features of today’s world, which is one of the keys to good science fiction.

The primal intensity is multiplied by placing the story in the desert, an intensely sensual landscape that takes on geometric abstraction in the flatness of the never-ending sand. This is a massive field of play, death sport squared. While viewing it, the mind constantly flips back and forth between the extreme sensuality and detail of the battle moment and the epic scale and spectacle on which the battle is played.

As writers, it’s easy to be overcome by the amazing pyrotechnics of George Miller’s directing and so fail to see all the useful techniques of the screenwriting, and Action, craft. This apparently simple script accomplishes the first requirement of popular storytelling today, in all genres and all media forms: intense narrative drive. Study to see how that’s accomplished in the writing. It will give you lessons that will be useful in anything you write.

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Which Sport gives you the best looking body?

Many sports can give you a good looking body, but which one gives you the best looking body? Playing soccer is the sport that gives you the best looking body.Soccer, because:

  1. It involves a lot of running (burning fat in every part of your body)
  2. Soccer is a good sports for maintaining health, fitness, strength (ball kicking, body check, tackling, fighting for space to get the ball ) and endurance.

Pros and Cons of Pet or animal Sports

What are the Pros and Cons of Pet or animal Sports
Pros and cons of Pet Sports, Cute dog playing soccer Pet Sports examples include pet soccer, horse racing, greyhound racing, rodeos, dog agility events, bull fighting, etc... Two of the most common animals involved in Pet Sports are dogs and horses. There are many types of animal sporting events, with varying levels of participation from humans. Some pet sport events are solely between the animals while others use the animals in a lesser role.

What are some interesting habits of well-balanced people?

What are some interesting habits of well-balanced people?

interesting morning habits of well-balanced people
  1. Make sure that you sleep for at least for 6 hours non stop in a very comfortable bed every night. Wake up no later than 06am.
  2. Read or listen to unbiased local and international news to know what is going on.
  3. Take a good shower.
  4. Drink a glass of water or tea without sugar.

How to get into Football or soccer?

Let's explore How to get into Football or soccer? Football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. How to get into Football or soccer To get into football or soccer, start at an early age to get the fundamentals. You can register your son or daughter as soon as they are 4 years old in Minor Soccer Associations in your city. I currently coach my own son's team at SWU Soccer club in Calgary and it is a delight.

What are the top 5 hobbies that make you smarter? Top Hobbies that make you smarter
  1. Exercising ( Play team sports, running, gym, bike , swim) will increase your stamina, make you physically strong , agile, athletic, fit and smarter.
  2. Reading ( anything from books, news, pamphlets, online, offline, whatever, etc.). Just read man!