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Match thread: Tottenham vs Inter UYL (U19s) - kick off 1pm UK time (now)

Austin Sport Reddit - Tue, 09/18/2018 - 06:02

Where can I watch?

BT sport 2 - UK - international stream (official)


Austin (GK)(C) 2 Eyoma 3 Brown 4 Skipp 5 Walcott 6 Binks 7 Bennett 8 Oakley-Boothe 10 Roles 11 Maghoma 18 Parrott


De Bie (GK) 13 Richards 9 Lyons-Foster 12 Bowden 14 White 15 Shashoua 16 Patterson 17

more info stuff:

full squad list:

Match update stuff:

1' Good play out the back, down the right, cross in for roles who thinks he's probably scoredbut is right at the keeper.

3' free kick ~25 yards out, maghoma ever so slightly ahem gets it wrong

4' corner for inter, decent delivery but it's gone through

5' won back from a throw, decent work down the righr and across but played out for a agoal kick for inter with a bad pass

6' bit of play forward and back, brown sprints through past 2 but just out of play before he can cross, good run

7' eyoma goes up for a header from a goal kick, gets a bit of an elbow in the face, also inter are offside

9' again playing out from the back, down the right, switched by roles but a free kick given away

troy parrott then goes in with a sliding challenge, studs raised, yellow

10' working the way out from the back, TOB gets it, spins and draws a foul in own half

11' again out from the back, roles a bit too much on it for bennett. win it high up pressing, get a corner after their def puts it out

12' short corner, doesn't work but get another. plays it in, roles gets a flick, bit of a scramble then give away a foul.

13' inter play it through, eyoma playing them on, through on goal but he puts it wide right of the post

14' playing out from the back very deep, possession changes a couple of times

15' playing it forward and back a bit

16' ball over the top for inter, onside, shoots but saved, another decent chance. Again inter threatening but offside

17' again playing up, roles chance but not really a shot or cross and it goes out fora goal kick

18' playing it forwards a bit, inter win back possession, eyoma challenges but a foul is called after a tussle

20' high pressing their free kick, win it back

21 & 22' good chance for roles off the line but then goal for inter on the break, dummied, put into the bottom left corner

23' long ball up, back up in the air, free kick won

24' roles plays it too quickly, gets a yellow for it. then out to eyoma -> bennett, cross deflected and wins a corner

25' roles' corner way too deep, maghoma picks it up and wins a free kick

26' played up and down the rigth by inter

28' injury break, inter guy down

29 sub #14 persyn off #2 grassini on for inter

30' played out and down the left, down the middle good run from maghoma but runs into 1 too many defenders and loses the ball

31 & 32' back, forward, back, down the right, deep cross from bennett, brown picks it up, wins a free kick but that's pressed by inter and goes back to the keeper

33 34' again keeping the ball, ends up with brown winning a foul

35' played out from the back, roles caught on the ball then gives away a foul trying to win it back

36' inter keeping it, knocking it about

37' roles collides with an inter player and then maghoma,

39' out, down the right to bennett, goes past 2, tries to nutmeg the third but it hits the defender and goes out for a corner

40' out down the right, roles crosses but parrott can't finish, back in from eyoma, out by the efender, lovely strike by TOB ~20 yards out and good save, roles offside

41' played out again, run from deep from skipp, wins a corner

42' corner hits the first man, inter close down, their throw

43' get it back, binks gives it away, skipp fouls for a push in the back

4 mins stoppage

48' inter sitting deep, lots of possession but no end product really

Decent first half, most of the ball but only 1 good chance at the start of the half otherwise not much end product at all, inter having few but good chances generally on the counter. Need much more end product.

Second half underway

49' very much back and forward, brown gets it and tries to put someone through but nobody on the end

50' playted down the right, bennett puts it in but too close to the keeper who collects. Brown then gets the ball but also the man and gives away a free kick.

51' Walcott being a lovely lad ties up Austin's laces for him

52' ball over for inter, heavy touch, austin stays (probably should've come out) but makes the save, another good chance for inter

53' played down the right again, bennett puts it in, out from the defender, eyoma doesn't make proper contact and it goes out for a goal kick

54' inter down the left, back, through ball and walcott covers, inter corner, foul and free kick for spurs

55' inter win it back, win a free kick. decent delivery, headed out, parrott gets it and cynically fouled. yellow for inter #19

56' from the left to the right to bennett, to roles, floated up cross, maghoma can't get much on it and heads it into the keeper's hands

57' again played about, bennett with the dancing shoes plays it through to parrott who's fouled and wins a pen

58' roles smashes it left top bins, lovely jubbly


59' inter #5 fouls maghoma, yellow

60' nice build up, skipp -> roles -> parrott lay off -> maghoma who skies it a bit

inter subs:

11 on for #10

15 on for 19

62' again played around, brown gets a shot off against the onrushing keeper who uses his face tactically to save

63' inter cross, header from their player roles down brown's arm, they want a pen but no from the ref, parrott fouls and gives away a free kick

64' good delivery, header deflected and inter get a corner

65' good play, ends up with a shot which the keeper doesn't collect completely, parrott contests but goes in way too hard, second yellow. Ref doesn't notice, trying to sub him off before he realises but then officially given the red

Second yellow Troy Parrott, he's off

70' inter having more of the ball, austin saves post. Out of possession when inter are deep Roles and Bennett are up top, 4-3-2?

71/72' inter possession, 2 good run down the right stepover, good cross, inter player fluffs it

73' bit of a break

74' played up by austin, bennett offside

75' brown makes a run down the left, found well by TOB, cross not that good and out for a throw

76' Subs: Maghoma 11 off for Patterson 17, Roles 10 off for Richards 9

Attacking subs, attacking system, down to 10 but still going for it

77' good play, patterson crosses but doesn't find anyone

78' 79' inter knocking it about a bit

80' long ball for inter down the right, cross out for a goal kick. playing it out from the back, patterson wins a free kcik on the right in his own half

81 bit of a lunge from inter #11 on brown, yellow

82' good stuff from inter, down the left, their #11 gets the best of walcott but hits it wide

83' 84' inter knocking it about, tottenham win it back, skipp surges forward and wins a throw, then wins it back and get sa free kick

85' brown gets forward, surges into the box, goes down but is deemed to have dived, yellow for brown

86' decent from inter, get a shot off, bit scrappy, free kick for brown in the end

87' foul on the inter player, they're together on the ground, bit of scrap, yellow for binks and #11 inter which means he's sent off! Incredible!

11 inter, second yellow

89' corner for inter, heads it but out for a goal kick

91' bit of possession, bennett down the right crosses however brown fouls trying to get it

94' play down the left, right, bennett crosses, bit of a scramble but keeper saves from adefender prodding it back

skipp then puts it out for a goal kick from a run

Full time 1-1, colidio 22' and roles penalty 58', Parrott and inter player sent off


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The similarities between The Office and Final Destination 5

Austin Sport Reddit - Tue, 09/18/2018 - 00:47

This is going to be a weird post, but just... bear with me for a hot sec.

There are five striking similarities between The Office, the beloved, charming television comedy that still proves to be just as funny and culturally relevant years after its ending, and Final Destination 5, the last in a series of horror movies centered on Death itself hunting down a group of people and murdering them in horrific and gory ways. While these weird connections don’t amount to much in number, the way in which they’re similar is absolutely insane. If you’ll indulge me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.


The most obvious of all the similarities is the place in which our main characters work.

The Office: Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. A paper sales institution that, due to a number of setbacks, experiences drawbacks in the form of financial instability, and goes through the woes of downsizing, and potential ruin. In this case, it is shoddy management and the company’s difficulty remaining relevant in a changing landscape. “Limitless paper in a paperless world,” if you will.

Final Destination 5: Presage Paper. Also a paper company specializing in selling billions of units of paper material (pieces of paper) to various corporate businesses. Presage also experiences the woes of downsizing and financial instability. However, this is not due management or a changing business environment, but instead is due to a catastrophic bridge collapse that killed many of its employees.


Both stories feature a protagonist unhappy in their current environment, as they have a special set of skills and unique knowledge that sets them apart from the company’s corporate goals.

The Office: Jim Halpert

Jim Halpert, as well liked and as skilled at his job as he may be, ultimately does not enjoy being a salesman at Dunder Mifflin. He states this himself many times throughout the series. Although he does eventually aspire to be more at the Paper Company, this is purely driven out of his need to provide for his wife Pam, and later his family. What Jim really strives to do is Sports Marketing. He is a passionate sports fan and eventually chooses to be a founding member of Athlead (later Athleap), a sports marketing company that he and a friend came up with in college. Jim quickly demonstrates that this is the career for which he shows the most fondness and talent, much to the chagrin of his wife.

Final Destination 5: Sam Lawton

Sam Lawton is also a salesman at his respective paper company, Presage. Unlike Jim, he does not show an affinity for this job. In the beginning of the movie, he speaks in shame regarding his sales reports, which his best friend (and boss) finds abysmal. Like Jim, Sam also shows a passion and skill for another job he is much more well suited for: he is a sous chef, and is shown to have the drive and talent to make delicious food. In the beginning of the movie, he is shown to have made his Presage coworkers a delectable assortment of breakfast food before their ill fated bus trip that would result in death and dismemberment. It's also interesting to note that Sam's girlfriend breaks up with him when he is offered a chef's apprenticeship in Paris, mirroring the strain on Jim and Pam's relationship when he chooses to work for Athlead.


Both our beloved comedy and bloodsoaked horror-thriller share similar minor antagonists in the form of Roy, a warehouse worker that is a source of trouble for our characters.

The Office: Roy Anderson

Roy Anderson is Pam's initial fiance. He is a warehouse employee who, at first, is ignorant and selfish, often putting his own needs in front of Pam's because she begins the series as a meek pushover. As he shows later, he is also prone to violent outbursts and is codependent on Pam. After an attempted attack on Jim Halpert on company grounds (after finding out that Jim had kissed Pam) Roy is stopped by Dwight and is promptly fired. Later in the series, he grows and is shown to have matured as a person, finding balance and happiness in his life, and eventually marrying a local restaurant owner. He ends his appearances on the series at a high point in his life.

Final Destination 5: Roy Carson

Roy Carson is also a troublesome warehouse worker, although to a much higher degree than his Office counterpart. He is rowdy and belligerent at all times, and is prone to insulting his superiors. He causes a great deal of stress on his new boss and is beloved by his coworkers. Instead of growth and offscreen character development, Roy is speared through the head with a hook. He does not end his appearances in the story on a happy note, because he dies.


Both The Office and Final Destination 5 feature a warehouse manager that is African American and has been promoted due to their intelligence and expertise. The major difference is how they eventually exit their respective roles.

The Office: Darryl Philbin

Darryl Philbin begins the series as the warehouse foreman, eventually impressing Jo Bennet with his intellect and management skills. He is thereby promoted to Warehouse Manager and takes an office on the sales floor. Darryl, like Jim, is unhappy with his work environment, although he does at first try to move up the corporate ladder. When this does not work out, Darryl leaves for Athlead with Jim, and is present when the company changes its name to Athleap. He ends his appearances on the series setting out to Austin, TX with Jim to pitch their business to famous athletes out West.

Final Destination 5: Nathan Sears

Nathan is also the manager of the warehouse of his respective paper company, Presage. He receives this job because of the educational degree he holds, drawing the ire of Roy Carson, who has 15 years seniority on Nathan in this particular work area. Unlike Darryl, Nathan is not a celebrated manager, but is seen as someone who doesn't deserve the job. He ends his appearances in the story after he is crushed by falling plane debris.


Both stories feature David Koechner in the role of a sleazy and idiotic office employee, who is not well liked among his coworkers/subordinates.

The Office: Todd Packer

Todd Packer is the sexually aggressive and crass travelling salesman of the Scranton Branch. He is liked only by his friend and manager Michael Scott, and to some degree, reciprocates this friendship. At one point, he attains a management level position for a brief time, only to lose it in the same five minutes. He is disliked by the other employees for his crude behavior and shows no concern for any of them, evidenced by his poisoning of the most of the branch with drugged cupcakes, as retribution for his firing at the hands of Robert California.

Final Destination 5: Dennis Lapman

Dennis Lapman is also an idiotic and mean-spirited employee at his respective paper company, Presage. Although not sexually crude and aggressive like his Office counterpart, he also shows little care for his employees, evidenced by his assumption that an employee has died, when said employee is still alive. Unlike Packer, he is an established branch manager, and unlike Packer, he is killed by having his head crushed by a wrench flying at a high speed.

tl:dr: The Office and Final Destination 5 have five similar story elements that draw the two tales together in a very odd way.

Thank you for your time, and get home safe!

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Austin Sport Reddit - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 22:44
PITTSBURGH STEELERS (0-1-1) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final KC 21 0 14 7 42 PIT 0 21 7 9 37 Standout Player C/ATT YDS TD INT HIGHLIGHT Ben Roethlisberger 39/60 452 3 0 Big Ben finds Jesse James for a score Recap Box Score Well, at least it wasn't another tie. Big Ben and the offense put up a hell of a fight, going down swinging while their defense let a rookie hang 42 points on them. The Le'Veon Bell drama was a non-issue this week, considering the entire gameplan was via passing, trying to catch up to KC all game. The Steelers will face another gunslinger (apparently) in FitzMagic next week on Monday night, and will do their best (hopefully) to return him to his status as FitzTragic. DALLAS COWBOYS (1-1) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final NYG 0 0 3 10 13 DAL 10 0 3 7 20 Standout Player CAR YDS YPC TD HIGHLIGHT Ezekiel Elliott 17 78 4.6 1 Dak hits Tavon Austin for a 64 yard TD Recap Box Score The Cowboys desperately needed this win, for many reasons. Obviously, wins against division rivals are both good and important, but there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this team. The release of both Dez Bryant and Dan Bailey, the injuries sustained by what was once considered the best offensive line in the NFL, and the ineffectiveness on both sides of the ball due to questionable clapping coaching have Dallas fans nervous about the immediate future of this team. This team went 13-3 just two years ago and made a convincing case as contenders. Ever since, they've been shaky, and need to continue to capitalize next week when they play another crumbling team in Seattle. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (1-1) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final NE 0 3 7 10 20 JAX 14 7 3 7 31 Standout Player C/ATT YDS TD INT HIGHLIGHT Tom Brady 24/35 234 2 0 Hogan finds paydirt for a second time Recap Box Score The Patriots and struggling in Florida: name a more unfortunate duo. Brady once again has lost on the road when in the worst state in the union, though this time not in Miami. Both of these teams are very different than when they met in the AFC Championship Game in January this year, and the vaunted Jacksonville defense exposed the holes in the Pats offense. Belichick went out and got himself a shiny new weapon for Brady in Josh Gordon in the aftermath of this game, which will fill the gaps in this offense, provided he lives up to the hype /r/fantasyfootball has given him. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (1-1) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final DET 7 3 3 14 27 SF 3 10 14 3 30 Standout Player CAR YDS YPC TD HIGHLIGHT Matt Breida 11 138 12.5 1 Breida takes it 67 yards for a TD Recap Box Score Given the beatdown the Lions suffered at the hands of the Jets the previous week, practically everyone had seen this as an easy dub for the Niners. Though they got the win in the end, it seemed like ol' Shanny was trying to pull a SBLI and throw the 17 point lead they held in the 4th quarter with highly questionable playcalling, backed up by piss poor defensive play. The holes at CB and EDGE, as well as the 6 sacks surrendered by the O-line and our suspect WR corps are pumping the breaks on the G-Unit hype train. On the bright side, Matt Breida leads the NFL in rushing yards, as we all expected. GREEN BAY PACKERS (1-0-1) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final MIN 7 0 0 22 0 29 GB 7 10 3 9 0 29 Standout Player REC YDS AVG TD HIGHLIGHT Davante Adams 8 64 8.0 1 Adams jukes two Vikings for a TD Recap Box Score ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? ANOTHER FUCKING TIE GODDAMMIT DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THAT SHIT FUCKS WITH MY TABLES. TYING ISN'T EVIL, AND NEITHER IS ALLOWING 22 POINTS IN THE 4TH QUARTER, NOR IS LETTING SOME MOTHERFUCKER NAMED KIRK THROW FOR 425 YARDS AND 4 TDS AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Whatever. At least Green Bay is still the only undefeated ELOE team. NEW YORK GIANTS (0-2) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final NYG 0 0 3 10 13 DAL 10 0 3 7 20 Standout Player REC YDS AVG TD HIGHLIGHT Saquon Barkley 14 80 5.7 0 Evan Engram gets wide open for a TD Recap Box Score The ghost of Ben McAdoo still haunts the Giants, as they continue to be the laughingstock of the NFCE. They have two of the most elite playmakers at skill positions in the NFL in Beckham and Barkley, but can't seem to incorporate them into their gameplan in any meaningful way. Not that they're being supported by their turnstiles at O-Line, featuring disappointments in newly signed Nate Solder and 2nd round pick Will Hernandez, who provided several "lookout" blocks for Eli, one of which resulted in a sack fumble. Next week they seek redemption in the form of a win against the Texans, riding an 8 game losing streak, finally answering the question, "what happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object?" OAKLAND RAIDERS (0-2) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final OAK 3 9 7 0 19 DEN 0 0 10 10 20 Standout Player REC YDS AVG TD HIGHLIGHT Amari Cooper 10 116 11.6 0 Lynch lunges into the end zone Recap Box Score Not the greatest first impression, Oakland. Starting 0-2 isn't the worst thing an ELOE has done; hell, we've got more than enough of those in the last couple years. But they're usually not in as embarrassing a fashion as these losses, to two glue factory teams after giving up first half leads in both games. Gruden and co. need to get on their horse to catch up, as they'll face the surprising AFCE leaders in Miami next week. CHICAGO BEARS (1-1) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final SEA 0 3 0 14 17 CHI 7 3 0 14 24 Standout Player SACKS INT FUM TD HIGHLIGHT Chicago Defense 6 1 1 1 Prince Amukamara with the 49 yard pick six Recap Box Score The Bears are back to their old ways: carried by their stout defense, with average, but good enough, QB play. Khalil Mack is an incredible addition to this team, making his presence known on every play and already forcing his second strip sack in as many games. The defense was able to hold off Russell Wilson's notorious 4th quarter voodoo, and Chicago takes home its first W of the year. They'll have another chance to flex their defensive muscles next week against a pitiful bird team. PREVIOUS EVIL TEAMS OF THE WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 STANDINGS League (# of Teams) W L T % Evil Empire (8) 5 9 2 .375 Bronies (7) 8 6 0 .571 Winged Vermin (5) 3 7 0 .300 Plungerhood (4) 5 2 1 .688 Mangy Fleabait (4) 5 3 0 .625 Pathetic Rejects (4) 4 3 1 .563 Final Thoughts There are no Inner Sanctum Matchups next week. Discuss whatever you wish. Trash talk is encouraged, but keep it civil. Vote for who you think deserves Evil Team of the Week and Evil Player of the Week! Flair up and assert your dominance over the inferiors. submitted by /u/bobuhbeartoe to r/EvilLeagueOfEvil
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Why hasn't RT done a *proper* "Let's Play Versus" show?

Austin Sport Reddit - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 10:50

Just to get it out of the way, Tuesday Night Game Fight was terrible.

I remember going to SGC(Screwattack's old convention) and later RTX and having so much fun at the "vs" panels they had each year. It started off as Screwattack vs The Internet, videos of the original SA crew challenging various video game groups to silly challenges, culminating in a ridiculously fun matchup between Mega 64 and Screwattack on a live stage at SGC. They continued this rivalry up until last year, where Game Attack, Screwattack, Kinda Funny, and Mega 64 all competed in random-ass games and played up their rhetoric for laughs and hype.

It was basically a wrestling match where the wrestling is video games. It wasn't a serious tournament, just a bunch of entertaining guys hyping up a crowd and talking shit for laughs. it was great.

So, with all the Let's Play groups under RT's umbrella, I thought we'd be seeing more of this type of entertainment. That one series of Let's Play Live commercials with all the groups facing off Anchorman-style was seriously funny. But the Let's Play Live at RTX Austin this year, to me as a first time viewer, was really disappointing. I mean, it was fun to see all the groups I liked (and even the ones I didn't normally watch). However, the crowd only seemed to cheer for the most popular groups, and all the groups were essentially segregated for the entire event.

So, why hasn't RT done a proper attempt at a Let's Play Versus? Don't bring random audience members on as the players, have cheesy sports-commentary, and use dumb gimmicks like "distractions" as entertainment. Just let our favorite groups hype the audience up, talk shit, and challenge each other in games they enjoy. I think it could be amazing, am I alone in this?

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Motorcycle accident

Austin Sport Reddit - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 00:17

So a few hours ago my fiancée and I got to the house (we live with my parents while we are getting on our feet) my father receives a phone call from my brother (18) he’s frantic, panicking, and clearly in shock because a guy on a sports bike clipped him on the bumper sending the cyclist flying into the pavement, upon arrival of the scene (my dad and I) notice the guy is in tough shape. Office told us just from their inspection the guy was suffering from a broken leg, broken ribs, internal bleeding and I believe a broken jaw.within the hour they inform us he’s already on the surgery table getting worked on. The office told us depending on the condition of the guy is how they’ll handle the case. Now my brother received a citation for no license and unsafe left turn. My brother says he was in the middle lane (turning lane) with his blinkers on waiting for his turn to make a left. And he says that his friend saw the cyclist last minute maybe half a block away once they’re completing their left turn and after that is when the guy hit the car, the lane they were in was a 40 mph limit and that road is a straight away. No bumps no cars usually on a late Sunday night, It happened a little before 10:30-11:00 at night, my brother did not see the guy, did not hear the motorcycle, nothing, we are now just waiting to hear from a detective that’s going to ask my brother some questions and we are just praying with everything we have that the cyclists gets in stable condition, officer told us he was going to be in surgery for a few more hours and let us go home bc it made no sense keeping us so late to wait for the doctors to finish. I’ve never seen anything like it, hearing his wife and daughters cry out for their dad, having to shield my brother from the sight of the guys body gasping for air in a puddle of his own blood. I guess the point of this post is what’s next. What should we expect. Nothing this serious has ever happened to any of us. I’m scared for my brother and I just want him to know it was an accident and that it’ll be okay. Please any helpful information would be greatly appreciated in this time. Thank you. Our location is in Austin Texas. Any direction towards some help will not go unappreciated.

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Could NASCAR adopt a push to pass?

Austin Sport Reddit - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 17:44

This could be a way to promote better racing without taking control away from the drivers with things like the NA18D package.

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Blacklist part 2 (subreddits and users)

Austin Sport Reddit - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 07:43

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4 sport money dynasty league on espn needs owner. Hockey draft this Sunday night!

Austin Sport Reddit - Wed, 09/12/2018 - 20:10 Hockey hasn’t drafted yet $25 per sport. Prospect team: 22/40 1B - Evan White SEA 3B - O’Neil Cruz PIT Wladimir Galindo CHC SS - Delvin Perez STL Wander Javier MIN Jose Israel Garcia CIN Brendan Rodgers COL OF - Austin Hays BAL(60 AB) Julio Pablo Martinez TEX Gabriel Maciel SD Kyle Lewis SEA Josh Lowe TB Myles Straw HOU SP - Chance Adams NYY(5 IP) Oscar De La Cruz CHC Mitchell White LAD Brendon Little CHC Dustin May LAD Nate Pearson TOR Logan Allen SD Dylan Cease CHW RP - Justus Sheffield NYY Let me know. NBA and hockey drafts starts soon. GroupMe, google sheets for prospects. Draft is live for hockey on Sunday night. B-ball is slow draft starting next week

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Categories: Austin Sport News