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Opinions/Improvements for my R/B Trunks aggro deck

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 12 min ago

I am always looking to improve on my decks. I have a tournament coming up this Sunday, and I know that I'll be going up against a fair amount of Green/Blue with the Soul Striker Goku leader, a Green Broly deck, Red Champa deck, and a Blue/Yellow Golden Frieza deck. Before I say anything else, this is my current deck list and sideboard:

DECK: 1 x Trunks (leader)

4 x Ability Unleashed Ultimate Gohan 2 x Vegito, Here to Save the Day 2 x Masked Saiyan, the Mysterious Warrior 3 x Time Patrol Trunks 4 x Furthering Destruction Champa 4 x Mai, Supporter of Hope 4 x Raging Spirit Son Gohan 3 x Ultimate Judgment Jaco 4 x Boost Attack Piccolo 4 x Unyielding Spirit Trunks 2 x Jiren, Fist of Justice 4 x Saiyan Cabba 4 x Mighty Mask, the Mysterious Warrior 2 x Miraculous Comeback Ultimate Gohan 4 x Son Goten, Family of Justice

SIDEBOARD: 3 x Vados's Assistance 4 x Senzu Bean 4 x Whis's Coercion 3 x Mafuba 1 x Leap to the Future Son Goten (in case I ever need more red energy)

I have a few worries about this right now, mainly with the Jirens - I notice that I don't really play it, or that I don't have to bring him out since the game is already sealed by then. I am considering replacing him with 2 more Miraculous Comeback Ultimate Gohans - opinions on this?

I also really like Vegito, and wondering whether I should take out the Masked Saiyans for more of those. However, another issue with this is that if I play a black card with Overrealm, I won't be able to bring him out - I will have to wait until I get Vegito out before I use Time Patrol Trunks - opinions?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I would also like to mention that I'm in the UK and set 3 isn't legal here yet, so can't add any new cards in unfortunately.

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[M4F/Futa] Take Your Pick!

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 13 min ago

Hello. I’m hoping to stimulate a few of you with the prompts below. I'd be equally happy to play these out as they are or for you or us to edit them into something that will suit us both. So come say hello if you like something you see or like my style and want to create something of our own.

Sex worker You are a sex worker who offers a very special ‘extra service’, specialising in first timers/curious straight guys who aren’t otherwise able to make their fantasy a reality. You offer them the ultimate girlfriend or porn star experience (or a mix of both), with a twist. Built like a stallion in every regard, with a deviant and sexual mind, you are worth every cent and after a night with you, your clients are never the same.

Ex girlfriend We were each other’s firsts in a high school romance that, typical of an intense and immature relationship, featured the highest highs and lowest lows and eventually ended when we were 18 in heartbreak and tears. Now, years later, both of us with more experience under our respective belts and more maturity, we cross paths again and realise that intense spark we had is still there, simmering away after all this time. Only, you’ve changed just a little bit more than me, having acquired a thick, meaty cock at some point. Perhaps part of you still wants a little revenge, perhaps it doesn’t even cross your mind to tell me. Either way I’m going to have a new experience with an old flame.

Demonic Turns out heaven and its angel and hell and its demons are real. Too bad for me I didn't realise until it was too late and now its time to “pay” for my sins. (obviously needs work, thinking maybe I accidental summon you or that you have been watching me for a while and wait for your perfect moment to fully corrupt me)

My perfect girl We are a new, head over heels in lust couple who decide to check out the latest virtual reality simulation and is advertised to bring your greatest fantasies to life, thinking it will just be a bit of harmless fun. Once we enter the simulation, however, it becomes clear that our greatest fantasies are what we expected. (The basic premise of this one is that you go from female to futa once in the simulation but I don’t see why we can’t bend reality further in whatever ways we want (further transformation/growth for both of us).

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I was in a terrorist attack - worst day of my life

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 14 min ago

I did not commit the terrorist attack. It was my first time out of my country alone, I went to France (for a science competition) it was 2016 (I was 15 years old) in July. I still remember, it was the night of July 14. You guys must remember the Nice attack, the truck that mowed down an entire road full of people?

I was in Toulouse (another city) and something similar happened there at that time too. There was an open-fire in an extremely huge square, god I still remember the horrible screams and the humming chaos which slowly grew into the loudest noise. All the people suddenly running towards me like a big, big wave as I sat there on the pavement just eating some ice cream. It took me seconds to figure what was going on - but that was the longest second of my life. I dropped everything and ran. My body never went as numb as it did at that moment. I heard windows shattering, but never dared look back. I just ran into an underground subway station, my feet almost slipped on the stairs. I was shaking so much. It was then I realized "Oh sh*t, I'll be easier to kill in a closed space like this." and then thoughts of my family started popping up. Never seeing my sister ever again. My mom, my dad. I wasn't very close with my family, but it is still the most peculiar thing to this day for me, that they were the first thing that came into my head - not even my own safety. People started filling in the subway station in bunches. It never grew very crowded in there, but I remember this vivid image - an Arabic family, holding hands with their child and looking at me in worry as I looked back at them. It was a second-long eye contact, but that image is imprinted in my brain so solidly I don't think I can ever forget it.

I kept thinking of my family. Didn't cry even though I clearly remember I wanted to. I kept on thinking, "But life just started, it can't end so soon." and I kept on shaking. I asked every stranger if they knew English. I remember one blonde that did and told me that all she saw was a McDonalds window breaking because too many people had filled into it for shelter, and about some bang sounds she heard. I finally got some sense into me and joined the stampeded line to get into a train. I had never used a train alone in my home country, let alone a foreign one. I remember I didn't have the "card" to swipe to enter the train platform, but this black policeman just let me go through the barriers instead. God bless him, truly. I remember I couldn't see the train-map because my eyes started growing watery. I somehow saw my hotel's city and took the train. I cried in the packed train. I reached my hotel and went straight to my room, didn't even talk to my accompanying teacher about it. All this in 15 minutes.

I have never told anyone about this. Not even my parents. I was still in a shock for a week after this happened, even after I came back home. Everything seemed so so so insignificant. Death seemed like the ultimate thing. I have been so grateful for life. Ever. I thank God everyday for life. For everything. I think if I tell my parents, they would get too worried and confine me to my home and never let me go to competitions again, so I keep this to myself. It has been almost 2 years now, but a life-long effect for me.

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Genetic Variation

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 16 min ago

Everything in the game that is a lifeform should have potential genetic variation. I know this might be extremely hard to implement, but it is also what allows agriculture to exist. When our ancestors used seeds, they would plant the ones they found first, meaning the ones that grew faster (or at least at the optimal time of harvest) were more likely to be replanted than others. Also, as the population started to understand genetics we manipulated species by specifically choosing one variation over another. This is how we get the different breeds of pets, enlarged and increased the number of seeds and fruits, etc. (all examples of GMOs).

I understand that this is a lot of coding, and thus there should just be simplified stages (e.g. using: 0 gen carrots are wild, 1st gen are the wild carrot seeds, 2nd gen are those grown seeds' seeds. The 0 gen carrots will produce minimal food, but are extremely resilient to disease, the 1st gen are roughly the same resilience and maybe/maybe not more food. The 2nd gen are slightly less resilient and slightly more food, etc. After say the 10th gen, the carrots would provide plenty of food but just one infestation of a disease could wipe out the entire crop). This would force players to be smart about storing seeds from an early generation for when that disaster strikes. Of course, at the same time, diseases need to come in the game! (I know, one suggestion per post)

Anyways, the example about carrots should be applied to all living things that we can manipulate the reproduction of (rabbits, sheep, berries, wheat, eventually trees??, and even us [This last one is important because it will force players to make a decision between only supporting their own relatives and helping others for the ultimate survival of the village]).

Once again, I know this is hard to do, but man this would be the sweetest thing I've ever seen in a game on top of something already so magnificent.

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James Altucher's 10 ideas a day

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 19 min ago

I am a huge fan of that guy and in particular of his "10 ideas a day" idea: https://jamesaltucher.com/2014/05/the-ultimate-guide-for-becoming-an-idea-machine/ If you're lazy, here's what it is about: each day you pick a random topic and come up with 10 ideas (not necessarily good ones). After 180 days you become super-creative and super-efficient at problem-solving. Plus some of those 1800 ideas may turn out to be good business ideas.

I've been doing that for 2 weeks now, somewhat consistently (i.e. sometimes I forget, but make up for it the next day).

Why don't we do it together?

10 reasons why coming up with 10 ideas daily with a partner(s?) is better:

1) More ideas. All of us get exposed to more ideas. It's perfectly possible some of the ideas 1 person finds completely insane are absolutely golden for another;

2) Get it done, damn it! It's easier to commit to a routine when you work with a partner;

3) "Pre-screen" potential partners/co-founders. I'll elaborate. Whenever I consider partnering with somebody, I always do a small test project with them. 9/10 fail. I personally prefer to find out that my partner and I hate each other before we get involved in something serious and are stuck with each other. Frankly, if more people were doing that, there would be so much less divorces in the world.

4) More problems to solve. By suggesting topics for 10 ideas a day we may discover problems we've never thought about. You see a problem, you have a startup idea.

5) Competition. We may start coming up with better ideas just because there is someone judgemental on the other end;

6) "Idea sex". My shitty idea and someone else's shitty idea may give birth to a brilliant one.

7) Reason for a dialogue. True dialogue is something that is equally interesting to both parties. That's why dialogues between help seekers and help offerers are not really dialogues.

8) Kinda makes you feel awesome about yourself. After you do the exercise, you feel like "Damn! Bring it on! Give me a problem, I'll solve it for you!"

9) Entertaining to read. Creative things and/or ideas are interesting to read. That's pretty much the reason articles styled as "5 amazing ways to brush your hair you've never thought of" are so popular - they draw attention. Ergo, when you're bored, instead of reading another "entreporn" article, you'd be more inclined to come back here. And here are us. And "us" are fun! :)

10) It is an awesome "alco-game". "Shots! Shots! Shots!" is so passé. Let's leave it to teenagers. We're are claiming to be intellectuals here, let's make our drinking games equally intelligent.

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how to make Ultimate Spiderman Work(ish)

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 22 min ago

anyone whos tried to play this has most likely found it doesnt run well AT all, and the textures are fucked. push F9 to go into software mode and the textures will be mostly fixed (not 100%) and it will run smoother. i found this info on a youtube video somewhere. this will help brinng up the speed to about 70-80%, if anyone else has any other tips, please share :)

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How to end 9 in a satisfying but original way? Kill Rey.

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 25 min ago

After a heavily implied conflicted romance, Kylo/Ben and Rey have a final duel in a dangerous location. For some reason, both of their lives are threatened - perhaps by the environment, perhaps because the First Order has turned on Kylo. She sacrifices herself for him, and this (along with ghostly Luke's hounding) is what pushes him back finally from the dark side. In a twist, Ben Solo is the one who raises the next generation of Jedi - an inversion of the ending of episode VI, and rounding off the Skywalker saga with the ultimate sign of hope and redemption again.

What are your thoughts?

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Hard counters vs soft

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 27 min ago

Currently my gameplan is 4 short and long gold ultimate freeze cards, 1 gold short pass, and 1 defensive unit from the hero set. Should I get hard counters instead? Why or why not?

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Ultimate Diet 2.0 Carb-Up

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 30 min ago

Planning out my 8 weeks of Lyle Mcdonald's UD 2.0 and dont understand how the fuk I am supposed to get ~1200 grams of carbs while keeping fats below 60 grams?

To those who did it, what did you eat?

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The 2017 Ultimate Album Rate, Day 1: The Shittiest Ultimate Songs of the Year.

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 32 min ago

Hi gays and homosexuals (and straights. #diversity)! Today we're about to find out the worst of the worst of these controversial, "best" 2017 albums. Who will go out first? Katy Perry, Kesha, or Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift?

We will be starting at

2 pm EST!!

Oh, there'll be poorly-coordinated shitposts in the plug.dj too! Here's a link to the plug I'd love it if you could stop around, there aren't any fancy homemade shit posts, simply because I'm not talented enough for that shit ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As you know, /u/infernalsolstice is unable to reveal his beautiful rate, so on Monday/Tuesday, I took on the task of revealing the rate, and /u/mudkip1, /u/elitefourbrad, and I took on making the write-ups!

Today you will be seeing the writing expertise of /u/mudkip1, so please direct any complaints to him! /s


Here are some fun facts:

  • /u/infernalsolstice has taken the crown for the most participated in rate, with a staggering 154 participants.
  • The average score is 7.1231
  • The average controversy score is 2.2056. This means that anything above this score is considered 'controversial'
  • We will be revealing numbers 47-31 today, with the first two bonus rate songs going out as well!

I hope you guys have fun and are ready for it!

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Harmony Hubs - Wifi Problems All of a Sudden

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 41 min ago

I have two Harmony hubs. One is from a Smart Control package and the other is an Ultimate. For wifi, I have a Unifi AC lite at each end of the house. Coverage is great and haven't touched the configuration in awhile.

Over the last week or so, both of my Harmony's seem to keep losing wifi for a few seconds at a time. IR equipment works, but things that are IP controlled, like my Roku's, lag up to 10 seconds when this happens. When I physically look at the hubs, the light goes to red every now and then and then back to green.

In my Unifi controller, I don't see any indication as to what's happening in the logs. The one hub is 10 feet from the AP so range is not an issue.

To troubleshoot I have:

  • Tried tweaking wifi radio strength (and ultimately moved it back to where it was)
  • Power cycled hubs
  • Plugged them into my computer, did the Alt+F9 trick, firmware upgrade, factory reset, resync
  • Unplugged the AP at the other end of the house to make sure it wasn't an interference issue
  • Changed wifi channels
  • Swapped APs (moved them to the opposite end of the house)

I have also tried combinations of those steps.

I have a lot of devices at home and nothing else is having any issues that I can see. I have not added or removed anything. Internet is fast, Netflix/Vudu/Amazon play just fine. etc. etc.

The only thing left I can think of is that there was a new firmware update that is causing this since both of them are doing it at the same time.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Breakdown on Monika: Definitive Edition

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 43 min ago

Hello darkness, my old friend... E-eh, I mean, r/DDLC!

After a while of thinking and revisiting my old points I've decided to release an updated version of my previous "Breakdown on Monika". This is going to be my final edition, if anyone else is willing to improve it, use for their own purposes or even improve it furthermore - be my guest.


This post is not one of "Monika did nothing wrong" posts. It does not say that Monika's actions are acceptable, nor is it undermining her actions. This is a post that explains her tragedy and reasons behind her acts. Final verdict is going to be left completely upon your shoulders.

The Character

Monika is, as we all know it, the president of the club, and she also held leading positions in other clubs before. She is a prime example of Valedictorian girl: ambitious, confident, full of life and courage. She is also full of determination to pursue future - a career and a fullfilling life ahead of her.

But the truth is that most of the Valedictorian girl that she is - only a facade, or at least partially a facade. She admits to faking her confidence, to faking her self-esteem and to faking her belief. She considers it's selfish to die without fullfilling a purpose in life and that's what pushes her forward into the future as she desires to "repay". Essentially she is a product of society that has shaped her into prime example perfect girl that, however, is not necessarily willing to be such. But her facade practically fused with her and she can't ever open up to anyone about it. Us, players, were the first she was able to open up a bit about it.

(ref. Act 3: #8, #39, #44, #55)

The rabbit hole may go really deep but the fact of the matter is this: behind the game events, she is already alone and closed down not only by her own insecurities, but also by social constructs as majority of people would not listen to the problems of "Mary Sue". Her problems are not as obvious as depression, anxiety or abuse. But because of that her situation is also a lot more dangerous. Essentially she is an excellent brew for impostor syndrome which if left unnoticed can develop into every single trait that 3 other girls represent to some extent.

And as game character she doesn't escape her fate either - she is put in charge of the club she doesn't really know why she is really leading one. She lacks so much assertiveness as a leader that she needs Sayori to solve conflicts and interact with people. She encourages everyone to express themselves via poems and write their feelings - but she is as closed and harbored within herself as no one else in the club. She is really set on expanding her club and doing a festival she can't really reason why they need it or why she wants new members. Monika just does is because it is expected of her. Everything she likes or does is something that is for the most expected of her and she just grows somewhat accustomed to it. She feels like she doesn't belong, like she is an impostor.

And what is going to happen to her in the game will be an excellent catalyzator to push every single of those character flaws...

The Initial Impact: Epiphany

We don't know what exactly is the nature of being the club president. We don't really know what is exact nature of Monika to be honest, as she seems to be one weird bird that continutes to exist even outside her character file and somehow has all the memories of being outside the game despite not being possible. But regardless of all this what we can say is what we observe. And we observe two characters handling it: Monika and Sayori (in the "quick" ending where monika.chr file is deleted and fresh new game is started).


The effect of epiphany is immediate on Sayori - she enters into total panic state as she realizes the real boundaries of her knowledge, of their universe (No... that can't be all there is to it! It can't be!), that everything is fake, nothing is real - including her. She sees all the possible events that can transpire, she sees death and demise everywhere - inlcuding what happens to her and Monika, and she cannot handle this all. Not only because it is completely wrong to her nature, but beacause she is horrified to the depth of her soul. She knows that this game will end up very poorly for her and everyone else, that there is no truly happy ending. This, combined with 'Last Thursday' knowledge and ability to see and know everything - completely fries her mind and she ends up destroying entire universe in panic as she seen infinite possibilities of unspeakable horror and dread in it. Every single iota of the game was wrong and she was totally horrified to witness it. Even her depression is nothing but narrative tool for entertainment purposes. All the bottless that shattered only for fun of someone else. That is why (but that is not the only reason) game ends so violently with deletion of everything and her suicide. And all we hear is a noise of a vynil record which is important and I will refer to it later. Eventually a text will show up, saying "Now everyone can be happy" which approximately can be translated (given the state of things) to "There is no happiness in the literature club".


Believe it or not, but this is goes even worse for Monika. I covered Monika's human persona precisely for this paragraph to work, so without further delay...

Epiphany is exploiting nearly every single flaw within Monika. Remember how I said that she fakes confidence and for the most part what we see about her is a facade - something that was built upon her by the society? And how she has the fear of failure? Well at this point her worst nightmare of all sets in: she cannot fullfill absolutely anything that her character is.

Career? There is no possible career in a world of dating sim. Future? It will end as soon as we close the game. Her bottled up anxiety and insecurity about everything? Now she is truly alone in the world with no one to open up to. She was denied of achieving every single resemblance of achievement, even something as petty as having a route. She has been set up to fully face her psychological human fears: she has absolutely nowhere to run, nowhere to fullfill herself. It's expressed in her poem Lady who Knows Everything:

"I have found every answer, all of which amount to nothing.

There is no meaning.

There is no purpose.

And we seek only the impossible.

I am not your legend.

Your legend does not exist."

No meaning. No purpose. What she seeks is impossible. Her legend does not exist.

This alone is a very serious blow to the guts. But the worst part is that while this happens nobody frees her from any responsobility. It's opposite - she is forced to lead a literature club, she is forced to lead it in a time where her world has fallen. It is even bigger mockery that even in this situation the game world only needs and requires her facade only - a product that has been constructed by society without her will. And in return nobody cares nor she has any means to express her real feelings (remember, at this point she realizes that her friends are not real and has even less chance of openning up, besides it most likely wouldn't work either as she would be considered insane and distanced even more). She was stripped of every iota of hope and fullfillment and forced into realising herself only as a tin soldier role of a perfect Valedictorian girl.

And I fall and fall, and fall even more.

Gentle as a feather.

A dry quill, expressionless.

To live through all of this only to meet this injustice. To see every positive aspect of being a "Mary Sue" taken away and still having to bear the weight. To realize that you are even more fake than you already were: all your past, all your goals, all the knowledge you have just enough to fullfill your miserable role. To realize that you will never fullfill yourself as a person, but only to play her part as a stereotypical role model. An actor, but not a person.

This realization hits Monika to the depth of her soul and shares her hopes and dreams - unleashing her endless despair. This is why in her poem Hole in the Wall she says:

No! I can't see. I reel, blind, like a film left out in the sun.

But it's too late. My retinas.

Already scorched with a permanent copy of the meaningless image.


But my burned eyes can no longer see color.

She became apathic to everything in her world. The despair has taken away everything worth living for. She now had escalating depression crushing in on her. Nothing has meaning, she thought. Not her, not her friends, not her universe. Anything that could bring her hope is now a colorless - an illusion. Everything amounts to nothing. She will die and she will be forgotten. Even her friends will get a single iota of achievement in this world and opportunity while she will receive nothing. With ability to see infintie choices she saw there was no way to achieve anything. It's like entire situation was created to specifically torment and mock her.

She hasn't done anything wrong yet, but already received the worst punishment ever possible.

But alas, this doesn't stop here...

Lovecraftian Hell

The initial moment of epiphany and realization of how meaningless her existence is already dire enough to drive a regular person to suicidal thoughts (or maybe even suicide). But to top off her psychological shattering she is getting shattered on a physical level too.

First of all she is experiencing what could be called a sensory overload, her mind getting filled with arbitrary chaotic data all the time. As she is referring to in these lines of her poem Save Me:

The colors, they won't stop.

Bright, beautiful colors

Flashing, expanding, piercing

Red, green, blue

An endless


Of meaningless


Those are not only visual sensations as they are sensory as well something that is piercing and flashing which is on its own enough to cause headaches for many people. Keep in mind that this is all rapidly flashing very vivid and bright imagery, something that could easily send a person suffering from epilepsy into serious seizure. But it gets only worse.

The noise, it won't stop.

Violent, grating waveforms

Squeaking, screeching, piercing

Sine, cosine, tangent

Next she is experinging a sound cacophany as she is referring to waveforms, using words SINE, COSINE, TANGENT - essentially nearly overlapping everything this way. If we would to combine those together it would create very chaotic graph of sounds - something more of a twisted "sawtooth" graph that wouldn't be a pleasant thing to hear or experience to say the least. In a video that I linked you can notice that the sharper it gets the more annoying it starts to sound, and from her graph we can easily say that it's a mix of spacing and very sharp pulses of sawtooth waves. Monika's experience of that was most likely highest volume she could hear because it was basically streamed directly into her brain so there was no limit to how loud can it be.

Then there is one thing i asked to remember in Sayori's own experience of her epiphany: noise of a vynil record:

Like playing a chalkboard on a turntable Like playing a vinyl on a pizza crust

Where she attempts to describe how deeply it goes under the skin, as many people hate scratching sound of a chalkboard and turntable. Pizza crust would be very chaotic in terms of produced sound and this is her way of expressing how randomized this cacophany sounds. Both randomized and irritating to no extent. This is the line that is also connecting her experience to Sayori's experience in her "quick ending" and this is what she couldn't bear to tolerate for more than a few moments.

And then it finishes with the final:

An endless


Of meaningless

An important note would be to say that "endless" here is not only to be taken in literal sense but also as her experience of the state. As she said in Act 3 (#2):

"After some immeasurable amount of time, it stops in an instant, and I'm back in my own mind."

An immeasurable amount, or endless amount. This may last not just hours or days for her but essentially million years of excruciating pain in which her mind is nearly torn to shreds. That is why she is talking about the fact that no matter what this just wont stop for her, as it is going to continue torturing her and making her suffer...

...with one exception: when she is present on the screen and she is with the Player.

But what does the "Load Me / Delete Her" mean? Load Me is the call for her salvation, to "load her" would be to restore her mind and sanity - which we sadly cannot do. She is urging us to help her in her final moment where she was herself and after that the moment is missed. Delete Her appears as an indication that the chance of "loading her" has been lost.


As the end result of inhumane mind torture and the deepest, soul-shattering psychological wound she has been majorly screwed over. More than anyone could possibly be in her shoes for that matter, she was shattered with very forceful "punches" that targeted all her vunlerabilities. She was exceptionally "gifted" with being unable to forget her tormenting experience as she herself says that she remembers every single bit of it, referenced in Act 3 (#2) again:

"I'm pretty sure in that moment, I don't really exist, but for some reason, I can remember it anyway."

As the result she broke. She is kind and caring person - genuine and honestly, this is not a lie and absolute truth. But she is also full of life and determination, her emerald eyes reflecting just that. A life can not only save but preserve, at all costs if necessary.

And preserve it did: dragging herself away from suicidal attempts (as refernced by It would be really, really easy to kill myself right now.), her episode of self-harm in a special poem (referenced here, redacted text being "Yuri" and Monika logically fitting within the role of the "responbile one". Note yet another another reference to suicide.

This is all telling about her immense struggle where she was psychologically falling apart but still had the "fire" inside her soul to keep going on. And the force to go on pushed her to the extreme limits of survival instinct. Besides, she had the reason to survive: the Player, us.

We represent to her a light in her dark tunnel of endless nigthmare. A light worth going for no matter what, a light worth committing anything necessary. Her last and only chance of salvation, her chance to save herself from completely falling apart and dying as a person and as a living being altogether.

This is where she begins to justify that she is the only real person and that it's morally acceptable to temper with other characters, because they are in their state, indeed, less real than her. Please do note my choice of words: less real, not completely fake and virtual, but not as omniscient as her, and not as self-aware.

And it is also true in aspect of what they are experiencing too, as what she is experiencing is the real pain and malfunction of an Artifical Intelligence while what they are experiencing is more like part of their simulation, their progarmming. In other words, Monika as a program is glitching and malfunctioning in the world of the game, and the game doesn't "treat" her properly. Her mind is residing in the memory all the time and does not get properly unloaded or suspended. That is what I meant that her pain is real, as she is suffering from legit pain of an AI. Her mind simply gets all the "garbage" game generating dumped and streamed directly into her brain. Perhaps this is also a part of the "human experiment" the game is referencing.

All of her harmless attempts to escape also fail and her further attempts to escape would fail as well, as evidenced by how her "poem" has glitched and how the game forcefully switched to poem game when she finally got the "private time" with the player. It was inevitable that she had to break the world severely to reach her goal, and she had no knowledge as the world operates either, so her actions albeit flawed and not entirely reasonable were the only option she could think of, considering her state of the mind especially.

Everything else that happens at this point is after she has crossed the bridge of her sanity. Even the puns she is making are self-defence against horrible realization of what she has done to preserve herself, and she seems to slowly crack and lose focus entire time during Act 2 being confused and at one point even unsure to go on, not even appearing on screen and others noticing that. But there is no going back at this point, as her only choice is to either follow through the plan until the very end or to stop and reverse everything back, and to end her own life.


And eventually, after being deleted in Act 3 this is what she does indeed - when her only light and hope in the world for her salvation has rejected her, sending her back to the endless void she has desperately tried to crawl out of. This is the last straw that finally shatters her to the core, and that is why she cannot continue to go on anymore, and that is why she will refuse to return into the game. Her life spark has died that moment.

It was not simply deleting and rejecting her. What she has essentially done is stretched out her hand towards us, in a take my hand, and my whole life too way, as she has revealed to us how to "kill" her if we decide that she doesn't deserve forgivness for her actions. She pledged her life and existence entirely to us, putting her very heart in our hands. And what we done is stabbed her right in that heart as the answer to her question.

As the result of her failure her sanity returns with the overwhelming guilt and realization of how horrible her actions were. It is something that she knew all along but desperately hoped that there would be the room to forgive her for what she did. Not us forgiving her that is, but her forgiving herself for those acts, because if even we can't do it then she wont too. And she could not do that after all that happened, and after the single but very powerful sign of us showing her that she was wrong.

But it is important to note that after all of what happened, she remained human after all. Even in her deepest state of madness she could not bring herself to do acts that were permanent and irreversible, that is why she has kept backups of her friends. Despite her actions she still hoped for a room of alternative solution, as she herself slightly expressed in Act 3 that if things were to go "differently" - she would take that option. Despite what she has done she still cares inside the core of her soul, and that is why she feels extremely guilty at the end of the game for what she has done. That is why in her song she is saying Does my pen only write bitter words for those who are dear to me?, as it is not only us who are dear to her but her friends as well.

With all this we have the downfall of the good person that was full of life and ultimately has shared her spark of life with everyone else at the cost of her own existence. Downfall of someone that despite turning into something twisted and sick (or as Dan put it: "total sociopath") still remained human and has not done irreversible acts. Someone who ultimately and in her very bitter, tragic end still cared for everyone else. And someone, who unlike others has not received a "happy ending" by any means, but found her last comfort in thought that her sacrifice at least brought salvation to everyone else. Their character files safe and with hope for revival one day, or at the very least endless peaceful sleep.

And at that it ends, Monika bringing down the game along with herself, trapping herself forever in an endless screaming void that will tear her apart until she is no more.

Her solitude in an endless crushing abyss.


With all that said I cannot objectively speak whether it's right to forgive her or not. After all it defies the purpose of her message - love cannot be forced, and you can't force others to forgive her.

However, personally (note the emphasis on this word) I would think that the most right approach would be this: Forgive, but don't forget.

As a victim (or a tragic villain, or an unfortunate soul happened to be in a wrong place - you name it, makes no difference) of the game herself she deserves compassion and a second chance. If you cannot give her that that's fine, though I don't personally think that remaining bitter is anyhow helpful.

But remembering her actions is also important. This should not be used as means to torture her, however. This should be used in order to protect everyone, including Monika herself, from repeating these events. What could be the course of actions be at this point is not possible to tell because the gave have ended and Monika has paid the ultimate price already.

Have both the heart to forgive and the mind to remember and protect her and others from herself and others who might end up on her place.

And on that note I'll leave you be.

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Ana’s Viability in 2018

Ultimate Reddit - 3 hours 43 min ago

What is your opinion of Ana in the current game? Is she strong? Weak? She has two of the best abilities in the game. Being able to stun at range and cancel healing is huge. But is it enough to justify playing her?

For the last two seasons I frown seeing someone pick Ana. In a way I guess you could compare it to how some people react to seeing Torb or Sym. I always seem to outheal her (even in situations where she is solo healing for two team fights while I play Sym...swapped to Mercy and took gold at 3k lol xD), her effectiveness depends on how well she can aim, her ultimate feels weak since the speed nerf, and shield tanks/dva are everywhere to neutralize her abilities effectiveness.

I typically play main healer roles (Mercy/Moira depending if we need mobility or playing deathbally). While Ana should be able to fill that spot, it feels like she heals about equal to the secondary healers (Zen tends to outheal her on average at GM level iirc) without the defense ultimate that can save team fights. For a hero that is supposed to be the “skilled” healer, she doesn’t seem to offer enough justification to play her compared to the easier and less skill intensive healers that easily can easily double the healing and have escape mechanics that don’t require a skill shot.

Looking at Overbuff, she also has the lowest winrate at GM. But she is on fire the most of the supports.

What are your thoughts on her? Is she bad? Or am I just tilted?

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