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OC- 5* Kalki

Martial Arts Reddit - 3 hours 15 min ago

I have decided not to give him any skill or no stats etc because I don't understand them so I will only mention the lore I thought for him

Kalki is the 10th and final avatar of Vishnu he is predicted to appear in the future to destroy all that is evil and end the Kal-Yuga. (Now original story) But when he will be born every single person is evil and both the planet and humans are dying both Gaia and Alaya fight each other for their own survial the "Gods" decides that humans are no longer necessary and need to start again there for Kalki is born as Vishnus 10th Avatar but he is a human too he is given an ability by which he can identify if anybody is evil by his standards but as he grows he starts identifing everybody as an evil individual. While growing he is trained by Pashurama the 6th avatar of Vishnu he is immortal so he has survived thousands of years he trains kalki in Martial arts weapon arts and even academics Somewhere in his life he will receive a sword that burns in White flames [RATNAMARU] and a white winged horse [DEVADATTA] and a fairy named [SHUKA]

then arrives the true Ragnarok As of God's will it has been decided that the earth needs to restart Kalki looses control and burns everything with his sword of white flames the RatnaMaru he kills every one and everything that was evil by his standards his family his friends his lover This included every single human including children as by his standards(in this context it means that what he thought deep down in his heart) children were capable of evil therefore they were evil and because that was what he truly thought he had to kill them in the end he recognized himself as evil as well and ended up killing himself. If Chaldea is able to save the world then the world will definitely end during Kalkis era but don't worry that wont happen for a long time

Class Saber or Foreigner

Appearance-he looks like shirou with white hair and black eyes but white skin 1st acension- a skin tight futuristic armor suit 2nd acension- He now where's a coat 3rd acension- he now wears a white and gold indian armor and has a Sheild

Country of origin-India NP- the holy sword that will end this world [RATNAMARU]

Some dialogues

Summon- Servant, Kalki, the one that will destroy your world, but don't worry, that time is yet to arrive

Likes-I don't really have anything that I like if anything it would be food because there is nothing evil in the food as long as there is no poison in it

Dislikes- I hate evil,...or you could say I am "programed" to hate evil.... nonetheless I despise evil

Dialogue- to think the one that is born to destroy the world would be summoned to save it, but I am the only one that's supposed to destroy this planet I can't allow anyone else to do this job

Dialogue-(if u have Rama) Rama-sama huh I really didn't think of him as a kid l..huh? Why am I using "Sama" for Rama-sama well because we pray to Rama in India I personally am an atheist but I still feel obligated to use an honorific for him.

Dialogue-(if u have muramasa) Muramasa Sengo my sensei(Pashurama) said that he had met him once and told me how great of a Swordsmith he was and many other stories but he never told me that he looked exactly like me, What is that,a dopelganger...........what it is common here in Chaldea? There are many servants that have the same face? That's just Scary.

Dialogue- what? "there are many people here that are evil" well yeah obviou... ah I see you are worried that I might hurt them , well fret not I might hate evil but I don't hate people that are capable of evil as long as there is no God's will acting on me I won't hurt them ...what you were actually worried about me feeling uncomfortable? Now that's..... unnecessary.....but still....thank you

Dialogue- Master you are an evil person but you have your evil in control you are capable of acting evil and you will act evil but on your own terms ... people that have complete control over there own evil are my favorite kind of people therefore......what I am trying to say is......... nevermind it's nothing

If you want to decide what his skills and stats would be like then go ahead

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Looking to start learning an effective martial art

Martial Arts Reddit - 3 hours 39 min ago

I've been boxing for a couple of years at this point and I was wondering what people would recommend as a good complementary martial art for defending myself whenever I don't have a can of pepper spray or a baton. I'd like it if you could express some personal opinions regarding my concerns and options. I was considering the following options: Kickboxing: I have a great gym in my city, trained some of the best K1 fighters in my country, but I'm a bit scared injuries during sparring may result in serious fractures and I can't afford that. Isshinryu: The sensei has plenty of experience and he has trained in Okinawa for a few years. I'm not sure if the sparring is realistic enough, though. Wing Chun: The Sifu is a founder of the national Wing Chun federation and he's got about 30 years worth of experience. Seems promising, but I'm not sure it develops enough power. Judo: It's mainly competition-oriented and I'm not sure how well it translates into fighting dirty. Also, grappling may be difficult against 150kg dudes. Aikido: Smells like bullshit, but I'd be willing to give it a go if it would help me defend myself. Kaisendo: The concept is somewhat interesting, but I'm not entirely sure it is taught properly. Feel free to drop a few opinions and personal experiences down below.

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Variant Rule for a more Versatile Kensei

Martial Arts Reddit - 3 hours 44 min ago

The way the Kensei currently functions, there is not much of a mechanical reason to choose anything other than a Longsword, Battle-axe or Warhammer as your Melee Kensei weapon, or a longbow as your ranged Kensei weapon. In order to keep other options interesting and viable, I came up with a variant rule you can apply to either the Kensei at level 3 or even the regular monk at level 1. The rule is as follows:

Variant (Monk Weapons):

If a monk weapon does not deal more damage than your unarmed strike, you may attack using that weapon in place of the bonus unarmed strike granted by your Martial Arts or Flurry of Blows features.

Note: In order for this to not affect the Kensei's damage progression, a slight change is required to the Sharpen the Blade feature. See below (added words are in bold):

Sharpen the Blade (Variant Text)

...As a bonus action, you can expend up to 3 ki points to grant one kensei weapon you touch a bonus to attack and damage rolls when you attack with it as part of your attack action ...

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Sugar Newbie, advice please?

Martial Arts Reddit - 3 hours 50 min ago

So, I’ve never had an arrangement before and would really appreciate an opinion from someone more seasoned than I about this SD’s profile. Just want to play it as safe as possible and avoid A: wasting my time if there’s a red flag that I’m not seeing or B: reading too much into things, like the way he types, and create false red flags out of my own paranoia/grammar nazi-ism.

Here’s his bio

About Me Artist with degree . Couple new/ish tattoos.Practice martial arts.In past sparred and boxed. Traveler,rider, reader interested in music both concerts, shows. Picked up Ukulele couple years ago. Getting better. Retired early from accident on job.Spiritual/Religious , meditating at times ; all the time vegetarian , eating fish and eggs. Swim, have personal trainer 1st time in my life. Its all working. Made a big comeback; staying in shape. What I'm Looking For Travel often. Looking at relocating. Looking for a fun,mutually rewarding relationship that is not closed to idea of stable relationship. Looking for a happy girl that takes care of herself. At least as best she can. I know your on here for a reason. Lets meet.

What do you think?

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Is Yoga considered a Martial Art?

Martial Arts Reddit - 4 hours 42 min ago

Because it clearly is. Ive been doing Yoga for about 6 months now. It has been transformative. Full disclosure, I dont know anything about yoga beyond what my teacher tells me to do for poses. Ive read a couple of articles about it, but all I know is it is the most difficult and rewarding thing Ive ever encountered.

Judging by the area of the world it was developed and the timeframe, this is easily on par with tai chi and some of the less confrontational martial arts. Even the names of the poses (Warrior 1/2) are martial. Im not sure how, at least in the Western world, it has become associated with women for the most part. Yoga is clearly a form of calisthenics for the body and mind. The focus required and emphasis on calm and inner peace is surely to prepare for war. So its a Martial Art. Right?

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Fire / Lightning Trapper and Blade / Martial Arts Trap Hybrid Guide

Martial Arts Reddit - 5 hours 19 min ago

Diablo 2 Path of Diablo Fire / Lightning Trap and Blade / Martial Arts Trapper Hybrid Guide by Daemoth/SenpaiSomething

Find my other Guides or Request a new guide here:

Or Find me at for any questions.

Notes: This is a very strong safe build, it starts off with slower safer farming speeds and scales extremely well with gear with minimal risk.

How do I play this build?

It's fairly simple you place 5 Traps (which is the total you can have at once) then use Fireblast to deal damage, Mindblast to stun and maintain Cloak of Shadows to cause aoe Crowd Control. If you are playing the Blade Throw or Blade Fury option you use your blade skills in your down time instaed of Fireblast to deal damage and if you are playing the Emberstorm Martial Arts version you maintain 5 Charges of Fists of Ember and use Emberstorm during your downtime.

Why do you recommend putting Rainbow Facets in all your gear don't they not work with traps?

Actually in PoD it has been changed so +% Elemental Damage and -% Elemental Pierce modifiers work on traps!


  • 1.) Viability
  • 2.) Early Ladder Setup
  • 3.) End Game Gear Setups
  • 4.) Skill and Stat Allocation
  • 5.) Corruptions, Enchant, Charm Setup, Maxing Resists
  • 6.) Assassin FHR and Trap Laying Breakpoints
  • 7.) Where do I farm?
  • 8.) How to level as an Assassin
  • 1.) Viability

  • Is this a good Ladder starter?: Yes, farm cows or shenk/eld/pindle get infinity and profit

  • Is this build expensive to start?: No

  • Can I level as this build?: Yes

  • Early Ladder Viable: Yes

  • End Game Viable: Yes

  • Hardcore Viable: Yes

  • Uber Trist Viable: Very unlikely but I am going to try it

  • Uber Diablo Clone Viable: Very unlikely but I am going to try it

2.) Early Ladder Setup

Helmet: Lore Runeword for + skills and Lightning Resist

Chest: any of these options will work


  • Ancients Pledge: for the resists (You can get the runes from the Act 5 Quest Rescue on Mount Arreat)
  • Rhyme: for the Cannot be Frozen and Resists
  • Or Spirit Runeword: for + Skills, Resists, Faster Hit Recovery and Life


  • Spirit Runeword in a Crystal Sword, Long Sword or Broad Sword base
  • Shop +3 or higher Trap Claws preferably in a Feral Claw or Runic Talon base and/or with Attack Speed from Anya in Hell mode by using her red portal to reset the shop

Belt: Rare resist belt with life or stats

Boots: Any boots containing Movespeed

Gloves: Any gloves with Resist or Attack Speed

Amulet: Any amulet with Life, Resists or + skills

Rings: Any ring with Life and resists

Act 2 Combat Mercernary Any gear with resists will be more than good at this point

Weapon: Insight runeword for the Mana Regeneration Aura (Do not make it in a spear base it will not work)

Chest Options

3.) End Game Setups with Spirit / Max Block

Helmet Options We have a few options here:

  • Lightning Trap Damage Option: Griffon's Eye Diadem for the increased Lightning Damage, All skills and Lightning Pierce. The FCR is also useful if you choose to use Enigma. Fill this puppy with Lightning Facets
  • Fire Traps and Magic Find Option: Harlequin Crest Shako good for its Life, Mana, All Skills, Damage Reduction and Magic Find. A great helm if you dont mind giving up Damage for Survivability and Magic Find

Chest Options There are several Options for chests here

  • Enigma is the most rounded option if you don't need resists (My favorite Option)
  • Chains of Honor if you need resists badly
  • 4 Socket 13-15% Fire or Lightning Damage Ormus Robes In order for these to be useful it must roll a high Lightning/Fire % Damage roll, 4 sockets and be filled with Lightning or Fire Facets

Belt: Arachnid's Mesh: for the + skills and FCR if you use Enigma

Boot Options: There are many good options for boots such as:

Two Glove Options

  • Magefist gloves for Fire skills to help scale your Fire Blast and Fire Traps
  • Or if you decide to run the Emberstorm + Traps Hybrid run 20% Attack Speed and either +2 Martial Arts with Resists or +3 Martial Arts Gloves

Jewelry Setup

Amulet: We have a few options:

  • +3 to Trap Skills Blue amulet
  • Mara's Kaleidoscope use this if you need Resists or if you like to overcap for conviction
  • If you are playing Blade/Trap Hybrid Highlord's Wrath is the best for the Deadly Strike and Attack Speed


  • Ring 1: Raven Frost for the cannot be frozen (Your traps are affected by Attack Speed and you run around a lot so being frozen is no bueno however if you really wanted you could cham your helmet and replace this ring with another Bul Kathos Ring as seen below)
  • Ring 2: Bul Kathos Wedding Band for the + Skills and Life

Fire Trapper Weapon Setups: We have many options here based on what build you choose

  • Option A: Heart of the Oak this when combined with Stormshield is the hands down safest option
  • Option B: Firelizards Claw This Claw can replace hoto and be Dual Wielded if you socket them with 3 Fire Rainbow Facets each however if you play the emberstorm version of the build I would recommend using a Stormshield
  • Option C: Shop a +4 to +6 Wake of Fire Trap Claw from Anya in Act 5 Red Portal but preferably in a Feral or Runic Claw base with Attack Speed (With a GG multi socketed claw filled with Fire Facets you can do Insane Damage)
  • Option D: The Blade Throw Focused Weapon is Death Berzerker Axe for its high damage and Deadly Strike

Fire Trapper Shields We have three Options based on what you choose

  • Hoto and Damage Shield Option Spirit Runeword in a Monarch Base
  • Storm Shield is the safest option and can be played with Vitality or Max Block if you corrupt this for 4 Sockets and put 4 Fire Rainbow Facets (or ED Jewels if you are playing the Blade Throw Version) in it then it becomes hands down the best shield Option
  • Highest Damage Shield for the Blade Throw Version of the Build: Phoenix Runeword in a Monarch base

Lightning Trapper Weapon Setup

  • Option A: Heart of the Oak in my opinion the best weapon for Lightning Trappers when coupled with Spirit or Stormshield
  • Option B: Shop a +4 to +6 Lightning Sentry Trap Claw from Anya in Act 5 Red Portal but preferably in a Feral or Runic Claw base with Attack Speed (With a GG multi socketed claw filled with Lightning Facets you can do Insane Damage)

Lightning Trapper Shields

Act 2 Combat Mercenary for Prayer Aura

Note: Hire your mercenary in Normal Mode because Normal Mode Mercenaries have higher stat values (You can Hire a normal mode Merc at max level it will match your level)

Weapon: Infinity Runeword in an Eth Thresher or Eth Giant Thresher Base


Chest: Three options one is more affordable than the others:

  • Treachery Runeword (Better than Fort for survivability but less damage)
  • Fortitude Runeword is okay but honestly I think its worse than the other Options and more expensive
  • Super Expensive Option: Corrupted 4 Socket Shaftstop with Attack Speed Jewels if possible with Enhanced Damage or Melee Splash

4.) Skill and Stat Allocation

Lightning Trap Skill Allocation

  • 20 Points Lightning Sentry
  • 20 Points Charged Bolt Sentry
  • 20 Points Shock Web
  • 20 Points Death Sentry
  • 1 Mind Blast
  • 1 Cloak of Shadows
  • 1 Point Fade (Good for casting when you see Conviction)
  • OPTIONAL 1 Shadow Master or Shadow Warrior
  • OPTIONAL 1 Dragon Flight for mobility if you arent using Enigma
  • Dump the rest into Fire Blast

IMPORTANT You will need different Burst of Speed level depening on which weapon you are using

  • With Hoto you want to reach level 11 Burst of Speed unless you have Attack Speed corrupted Magefists if you have them then you want to reach level 6 need Burst of Speed
  • With a random claw you will have to use an Attack Speed Calculator

Fire Trap Skill Allocation

  • 20 Wake of Fire
  • 20 Wake of Inferno
  • 20 Fire Blast
  • 1 Mind Blast
  • 1 Cloak of Shadows
  • 1 Point Fade (Good for casting when you see Conviction)
  • 1 Point Blade Throw for killing Fire Immunes
  • OPTIONAL 1 Shadow Master or Shadow Warrior
  • OPTIONAL 1 Dragon Flight for mobility if you arent using Enigma

IMPORTANT You will need different Burst of Speed level depening on which weapon you are using

  • With Hoto you want to reach level 11 Burst of Speed unless you have Attack Speed corrupted Magefists then you want to reach level 6 need Burst of Speed
  • With Firelizards Claw I would recommend getting level 8 Burst of Speed or level 4 if you get 10% Attack Speed Mage Fists
  • With a Death Berserker Axe you will need to hit level 16 Burst of Speed or if you have 10% Attack Speed Mage fists you will need to hit level 8 Burst of Speed
  • With a random claw you will have to use an Attack Speed Calculator

So What do I do with the rest of my Points in this Fire Trap Setup?

Option A Hoto and Shield Setup

  • 20 Points Death Sentry
  • 20 Points Burst of Speed
  • Dump the rest of your points into anything you want including Mind Blast, Fade or one of the two Summons

Option B Dual Firelizard Trapper Setup

  • 20 Points Claw Block
  • 20 Points Death Sentry

Option C Blade Throw Fire Trapper Hybrid

  • 20 Points in either Blade Throw or Blade Fury (Depends which skill you prefer both are fine)
  • Two Options Here however I prefer the first
  • 20 Points into Venom (My favorite of the two) or 20 Points into Blade Shield

Option D Martial Arts Ember Storm Hybrid

  • 20 Points Emberstorm
  • 20 Points Claw Mastery
  • Rest into Venom

Stat Allocation

Depending on which setup you have chosen you will want to put enough Strength/Dexterity in to wear your gear and then dump the rest into Vitality. If you have chosen to use Storm Shield you can put points into Dexterity until you reach 75% Block however make sure you do this in Hell Mode.

Note: Your character requires more dex to reach 75% block each time he levels so be sure to double check your block % every time you level up.

5.) Corruptions, Charm Setup, Maxing Resists

Enchant Increase Fire Blast Radius

Best In Slot Corruptions

  • Helmet: 2-3 sockets (2 Sockets for Shako and 3 for Griffons)
  • Necklace: +1 All Skills
  • Ring: Physical Damage taken reduced by 5-6%
  • Belt: Any
  • Gloves: Attack Speed
  • Boots: All Resist

Charm Setup

  • 9x Trap Grand Charms
  • 1x Hell fire torch
  • 1x Anni
  • Fill the rest of your inventory with life and resist small charms

How do I max out my resists?

Three Sources

  • A) Small Charms
  • B) Rare Jewelry (Crafted Amulet or Rare Rings.)
  • C) Placing 1-2 Um's in your Helmet or finding a Rare Circlet

6.) Assassin FHR and Trap Laying/Attack Speed Breakpoints

Assassin Faster Hit Recovery Frames

FHR Frames

0% 9

7% 8

15% 7

27% 6

48% 5

86% 4

Trap Laying Frames / Attack Speed Frames (Traps use Attack Speed to place them instead of Faster Cast Rate)

Attack Speed Frames with a Hoto Flail

  • IAS.......attack speed [ticks]......attacks per second
  • 0...............14........................1.78
  • 6...............13........................1.92
  • 16..............12........................2.08
  • 30..............11........................2.27
  • 54..............10........................2.5 <--- Aim for this one atleast
  • 89...............9........................2.77

Attack Speed Frames with a Firelizards Feral Claw

  • IAS..........attack speed [ticks]..........attacks per second
  • 0....................13...........................1.92
  • 5....................12...........................2.08
  • 16...................11...........................2.27
  • 35...................10...........................2.5
  • 63...................9............................2.77 <--- Aim for this one

Attack Speed Frames with a Death Berserker Axe

  • IAS..........attack speed [ticks]..........attacks per second
  • 0.....................15...................................1.66
  • 9.....................14...................................1.78
  • 18...................13...................................1.92
  • 30...................12...................................2.08
  • 48...................11...................................2.27
  • 78...................10...................................2.5 <--- Aim for this one

With a random claw you will have to use an Attack Speed Calculator

7.) Where do I farm? Depending on the Build you can farm different stuff, the Lightning Version can farm anything with Infinity or the Blade Fire Hybrid can farm anything once it gets Death. I always recommend avoiding farming Baal on Hardcore mode as it has a high mortality rate for every class.

With Low end Gear I recommend Farming these spots as Lightning Trapper

With Low end Gear I recommend Farming these spots as Fire Trapper

With High End Gear I recommend Farming these spots:

  • Maps - Kill Hephasto at the Hell Forge to attain a Relic and use it in the Ancient's Temple behind Qual'kehk in the Act 5 town.
  • Chaos Sanctuary
  • Eldritch and found beside the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5
  • Shenk the Overseer found at the bottom of the stairs beside the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5
  • Pindleskin inside of the Red Anya Portal
  • Arcane Sanctuary try to kill the ghosts over the path or they wont drop loot
  • Cows in the Secret Cow Level
  • If you are careful you can also farm Baal but avoid Dolls and Souls they can kill you instantly

Important If you are pure fire build you will be a cow farmer full time

8.) How to level as an Assassin

I personally recommend running Fire Traps until Hell Mode at which point I would swap to Lightning Traps if you do not have the gear to go Blades of Ice.

Fire Traps Setup

The Fire build is done like this and it is recommended to get a Leaf Staff at level 19

and a Lore Helmet

  • 9 Points Fire Blast
  • 1 Point Burst of Speed
  • 1 Point Fade
  • 20 Points Wake of Fire
  • 20 Points Wake of Inferno
  • 1 Point Mind Blast (For Crowd Control)
  • Begin Dumping in Fireblast again

Lightning Traps Setup

Pick up a Spirit Weapon and Shield as soon as possible

  • 20 Points Lightning Sentry
  • 1 Point Burst of Speed
  • 1 Point Mind Blast
  • 1 Point Fade
  • 20 Points Shock Web (added damage while traps are down)
  • 20 Points Charged Bolt Sentry (single targe trap)
  • 20 points Death Sentry

Build by: Daemoth/SenpaiSomething If you enjoyed the build or have questions about it or any other class or build I will be doing more guides in the future and can be found at my stream below if you have more questions! Good Luck this ladder!

Want to request a new guide or want to find all of my guides? Check here

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Are cheep shots / hits to the groin a part of any fighting discipline?

Martial Arts Reddit - 5 hours 39 min ago

I know most disciplines view that as being very unethical but are there any that encourage bringing down a oppenent as fast as possible? (Including really old ones to if relevent)

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Fate Characters in D&D

Martial Arts Reddit - 5 hours 46 min ago

Shout out to TurtsAllTheWayDown for the reformatting.

So Ive recently been enamored with making the fate characters and I've thought to share what I've come up with and see if you guys have any ideas for improvements or just a better build in general. Some builds are lower level as that was the level the campaign I was in at the time


Archer (EMIYA) - No play testing

Race: V.Human

Level: 12

Fighter: 3 (Eldritch Knight) / Warlock: 9 (Hexblade)

E.Knight allows you to bind to 2 scimitars and resummon them as a bonus action for throwing or if they break *Thematically. Also from E.Knight we are able to cast shield twice and you can flavor that as your Rio Ahis. The fighting style from Fighter, I'd take the Archery style even though you will most likely be using your scimitars Archer was and is better with a bow. Warlock gives us some nice things with their invocations, by level 9 we will have 5 invocations

  • Armor of Shadows: Allows you to not need worry about donning or doffing armor as the Spirits are able to do it at will
  • Eldritch Sight: Allowing you to see your target even in the dark (Useful for sniping)
  • Improved Pact Weapon: This is one of the 2 most important invocations you can take, as this will allow you to conjoure a bow as your weapon.
  • Thirsting Blade: Since we wanted to grab more invocations I figured we could grab this instead of pushing fighter
  • Eldritch Smite: Now this in conjuncture with IPW we can emulate broken phantasms shot from the bow using one of our warlock slots for bonus damage.

For feats we will have 3 for this I recommend taking

  • Sharpshooter: Just more damage on our nuke shot
  • Mobile: The extra speed is always nice along with the added effect of not provoking opportunity attack on targets we've hit this turn
  • Dual Wielder: This I feel is pretty thematic as when we are wielding both swords we get a bonus to our ac

So a general turn will be you slashing with your scimitars or throwing them and summoning them back to you, but if the target is proving to much of a challenge. You could attack and then jump back from them thanks to your mobile feat not taking opportunity attacks droping your swords as you go (Free action) Action surge summon your longbow and using the second attack from Thirsting blade you can E.Smite them with sharpshooter to destroy the threat.


Lancer (Cu Cullain) - No play testing

Race: XXX

Level: 5

Fighter: 4 (Undecided) / Monk: 1

Using the spear as our chosen weapon since we can apply the monk martial arts to it. With our feat opportunity from Fighter we will take the spear mastery feat since it is just so good, the +1 to hit and the damage die increase not to mention the other bits it gives to us, . Since to my knowledge he didn't have armor rather a body suit that helped him remain agile. Using dex and wisdom as our primary stats to make our unarmored defense from monk as high as possible. The 1 level monk dip also allows us to use that dex stat for the spear since it isn't a finesse weapon and since we are missing out on level 5 fighter we don't have extra attack but since we are monks we are able to as a bonus action make an unarmed strike which we can flavor as hitting them with the back end of the spear.

For Fighter subclasses I can see arguments for each of them, Champion just more consistent damage and bigger crit range. Battlemaster for the maneuvers that not only add damage but a lot of utility. Eldritch Knight allowing us to summon or banish our spear as a Bonus action (Thematic) and possibly big spells later on you could flavor as your Gae Bolg.


Gilgamesh - Quite fun to play

Race: V.Human

Level: 10

Sorcerer: 8 (Divine Soul) / Warlock: 2 (Hexblade)

As Gilgamesh was 2/3 divine Aasimir may have been a more fitting race for him but I just cant turn down a free feat. Divine soul also fits him. The bread and butter of this build comes from Eldritch blast (flavored as golden energy since we don't have tons of magic items yet.) As that spell at least in my friends group the damage scales off of total level as opposed to Warlock level. Hexblade for your pact with Ea (Gilgamesh strongest weapon) even though as a new adventure you probably wont have a world breaking sword it. For extra damage to this build we get the Hex spell and the Hexblade curse, with both of those cast on the target we get an extra 1d6 + your proficiency bonus. For the 2 Warlock invocations we get I chose

  • Agonizing blast: Just to[o] good to pass up
  • Repelling blast: Thematic of your blasts slamming into the targets pushing them back 10ft NO MATTER THE SIZEand there is no save for it! It just happens!

Sorcerer gives us access to metamagic, for our options here I chose:

  • Subtle Spell: More so for RP situations where we need to cast on the down-low
  • Quickened Spell: This is the second part to the combo, with this we are able to cast E.Blast a second time per turn for only 1 sorcerer point

Feats for Gilgamesh I took:

  • Actor: This one again was for more RP purposes but it did boost my Charisma which is my spell casting stat so it did have some combat bonus. Did lead to some funny moments where as Gilgamesh I was able to mock people in their own voice
  • Spell Sniper: This lets us ignore 1/2 and 3/4 covers for no one can hide from Gilgamesh's anger and on top of that it allows us to DOUBLE our range for Eldritch Blast basically making us the ultimate battle field controller.

That one big enemy enemy thinks he can fight you?! The absurdity of it! As he is charging at you you snap your fingers and send 2 blasts of golden energy at him pushing him back 20 feet, to your shock he is still coming. As quickly as you can you shoot 2 more at the Goliath sending him tumbling back another 20 feet. It is at this point the Goliath realizes that he will never be able to beat the grandeur that is Gilgamesh and sinks to his knees


Saber (Artoria) - No play testing

Race: Human

Level: 20

Fighter: 3 (Champion): Paladin: 17

The core of this build is to just get the paladin spell Holy Weapon to emulate Excalibur. With Fighter 3 for improved crit chance and I thought champion was thematic for her.

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Trump-Putin Transcript II

Martial Arts Reddit - 5 hours 55 min ago

Trump: Got it! I said I got it! God! Who dis?

Putin: You know who it is.

T: Yeah, I know. I was just foolin with you. Breaking the ice. You know, that's business right there: breaking the ice. You know, I broke ice the other night with this hot number from Belize. Long legs, big cans -

P: STOP IT! What the hell are you doing! Did you just blame me for interring in the elections!!!?

T: Look. Gonna stop ya right there. Did I blame you? No. I said the Russians did it. I said you control the Russians. Like I control all the Americans. So, by way of control, you could say you did it. But you didn't do it. I think the people know that. They know that I wouldn't say that about you. You're Putin! The man. My main man! You know, we need a fist bump and a Pepsi. Some people drink beer. I don't. I drink Pepsi. Or Coke. It makes no difference to me. But I don't drink beer. Killed my brother. Not a fan. But don't tell the beer companies that. I'm just foolin. You can tell em.

P: ...

T: You sound mad. I don't want you to be mad with me. I can make it up. Say, maybe we scrap this plan about you Red Dawning us and we just take over China. There's only like a billion of them. If we pool our resources we can skim a dollar for every Chinaman and buy them a house. It's cheap over there. We got all those real estate deals going right now. That thing in Indonesia. I mean, we just buy em. Then we don't have to roll tanks in. Although, I will say I'd love to see a tank roll down Seattle or San Francisco. Maybe we keep a few tanks in action. Maybe just take a couple of states for the good old USSR. Whataya say?

P: I say I will break you.

T: That's funny. That's from that movie with my buddy Sly. You know we double dated once. We went out with our wives and we took turns double penetrating them. Ha. I'm joking. We didn't do that. I'm just cracking wise. I love to do it. They say I could have been a comedian. I'da been blue like that one guy with the leather jacket? Buddy Hacket? No. It was...the guy with the Fairy Tales. I forget his name. But he made me laugh. That was back in the 80s when I had money. Well, money I could use publicly. Now I have to rely on you. You know what's on TV tonight? I was thinking of taking a break from the news with all this crap going on.

P: ...

T: Well, look. I have your number. I'll be in touch. This kinda fell through, but there's no reason to have hard feelings. That's the art of the deal: no hard feelings. You know what really gets me hard? Baywatch. Love it. They still play it. I got it on Hulu or something. Hula? I forget. The broads on that show...magnificent.

P: Mr. Trump. I suggest you get some more lawyers. Because what I have in store for you...

T: I know. Cloak and dagger. Spies and stuff. Pee tapes. I get it. You're mad. I don't want you to be mad. I'll do whatever it takes to make it up to you.

P: Have all your reporters expelled from the country and declare martial law.

T: See, that might be tough. Don't think the old Secretary of Staff is gonna like that one. What if I just bitch about CNN and burn Compton down?

P: Good night, Mr. President.

T: Wait! Don't go! Please! I swear I'll be good! Ah, hell. He hung up on me. I can't believe he hung up on me. Now what am I gonna do?

Sylvester Stallone: Hello.

T: Sly, it's Trump. I've been thinking about doing that James Bond movie.

S: The Expendables?

T: Yeah.

S: Too late.

T: Ah, for Christ' know any lawyers?

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I really miss martial arts.

Martial Arts Reddit - 6 hours 25 min ago

I Will try to make this post as short as possible, about 6 or 7 years ago i was really into TKD, i had a black Belt, i was fit and i loved training. The thing is i had to stop because my knees started hurting. Ive seen some doctors and therapists but long story short i can't walk run or jump much. Ive gained Weight Since then, Ive tried swimming and Weight lifting (surprisingly my knees are ok with that), but i miss martial arts really really bad, lately Ive Been wanting to Join a bjj place, Since most of what they do is on the floor, but they still do some stuff standing, wich im not very sure i can do, and i would be a bit embarassed telling everyone i can't do simple stuff like running or Jumping Jacks. Could bjj be considered low impact or close to low impact? Am i crazy? Should i accept my martial arts days are over? I'm 25 so i'm still very capable of physical activity, i just have shitty knees.

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[CN] Invincible - Chapter 666

Martial Arts Reddit - 6 hours 28 min ago
Invincible 无敌天下 by Shen Jian (神见) Chapter 666


The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.

Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and become a warrior. Huang Xiaolong born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined.

However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy,Harem, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan

More Links

Translated at WuxiaWorld

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[Dragon Ball] The reason why Goku always seems to eclipse Vegeta’s power

Martial Arts Reddit - 8 hours 4 min ago

It basically comes down to proper training. Ever since Gohan found Goku in his pod, Goku has received proper training from multiple martial arts masters, first Gohan, then Roshi, then Kami, and so on and so forth. So Goku has always known how to properly train; it’s not just about working out, but it’s also about eating and sleeping, hence Goku’s comedic tendencies to eat and sleep in ridiculous amounts, much like how he works out in ridiculous amounts. We also get glimpses of his training, and it involves cardio as well as resistance training. We also see Goku taking breaks consistently when needed.

Now compare this to Vegeta. ALL Vegeta does is resistance training. All he does is fight under progressively heavier and heavier gravity until he falls. He doesn’t take breaks. We never see him eat or sleep properly. All he does is beat himself against a wall, heal, then beat himself all over again. We never see Goku injured as a result of his training, but we do see Vegeta with bandages and the like, and a golden rule of working out is that if you’re hurting yourself, you’re doing it completely wrong.

This makes sense with their backstories. Like I mentioned before, Goku has been properly trained his whole life. Proper training is the only thing he’s good at besides fighting. Compare that to Vegeta, who was raised as a Saiyan, a warrior race that only believed in brute strength and power. It’s highly unlikely that any of the Saiyans or anyone in Frieza’s army knew about how to train properly, they just rewarded the strong while punishing the weak. And given Vegeta’s high status and the Saiyan’s caste system being based on power levels, Vegeta is naturally supposed to be very powerful; Goku is not. That’s why Vegeta seemingly easily acquired new transformations after Goku has worked to achieve them. It’s not because Vegeta wasn’t powerful enough, it was because he didn’t know such a thing existed until Goku achieved it.

Goku’s greatest advantage over Vegeta is that he knows what the fuck he’s doing. He knows how to properly train, and he knows how to properly fight. Vegeta doesn’t, and just mostly relies on brute strength and force to win his fights. This has changed over time, obviously, and in Super he’s finally receiving proper training, but up until now, I think that’s why Vegeta has never really been able to overshadow Goku. It’s not that he can’t do it, he just doesn’t know how and is too stubborn to realize that.

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Respect Elektra Natchios (Marvel 616)

Martial Arts Reddit - 8 hours 32 min ago

I am Elektra Natchios. Not even the stars are safe in the sky.

Elektra Natchios has been many things in her lifetime, a member of The Chaste, Leader of The Hand, lover to Daredevil, but most importantly Elektra Natchios is an assassin, and the greatest assassin in the world at that. Elektra has killed for many organizations, ranging from personal contracts for small business owners to large scale political assassinations for S.H.I.E.L.D, Elektra is acknowledged by many as the most dangerous woman in the world and the mere mention of her name is enough to make her targets shiver.

  • You can see the source for all feats presented here by hovering your mouse over the link
Strength Speed Durability

Endurance/Pain tolerance

Mental Resistance


Martial Arts Knowledge

Fights against unnamed opponents

Fights against named characters

Marksmanship Gear Stealth Ninja magic

While she does consistently have this, it is NOT something she's ever used in combat.

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Which martial art/ fighting style suits my specific goals best?

Martial Arts Reddit - 8 hours 48 min ago

Hello ! I’m new to martial arts completely (20 year old male in Florida) and recently decided I want to sign up for some sort of program with a few goals in mind. I’ve looked into different styles and have narrowed it down to the 4 which interest me the most: Boxing, Muay Thai/ Kickboxing, Krav Maga, & Wing Chun King Fu.

Which of these four would you recommend specifically if my goals are:

1) Fitness; I work out multiple times a week but am fairly thin and not very muscular. I would like to get into much better shape and build a lot of muscle/ bulk up.

2) Self defense/fighting; Basically I want to be able to hold my own if I ever am in need of defending myself or someone attempts to fight me.

3) Not a lot of grappling/ being on the ground close to someone: I’m not big into touching people or getting close to someone and would rather focus on sparring & striking and less on grappling.

3) Art of fighting: While this isn’t really a priority (the other 3 are more important to me), I think it would be cool to have other benefits, like a learning style that has cool looking moves or teaches meditative techniques or something. Though if one of the styles checks off everything else, this is definitely a lesser priority.

Thanks in advance !

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Looking for a martial arts style belt motif, know of one?

Martial Arts Reddit - 8 hours 50 min ago

Hey eso peeps! I’m looking for a belt motif. I want one that looks like somthing Ryu or Ken would wear. A tie-up style without a belt buckle. If you know of one similar to this what is it?

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