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A person who gets stronger the more pain they're in vs. A healer

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 11:11

An average woman with low pain tolerance, who's power is exponentially proportional to the amount of pain she is in. Her raw strength and reflex speed, at her pain peak, is equal to that of Captain America, and greater than what a human at their peak is capable of (Respectively).

With each synapse, her body begins to pump excessive amounts of adrenaline, and does not stop or weaken unlike a normal person. Up to a certain point she begins to benefit from a sharp increase in pain tolerance, and is not crippled as severely from the pain as she should. This effect is immediately cancelled when whatever is causing the pain wears off, or is 100% healed.

She does not enjoy the pain, in fact, she hates her power, and isn't too willing to harm herself for the purpose of boosting her abilities. Her power up is not instant, but a process that can be cut short.

Against her, a 6'4 man at quadruple that of a human male's peak. He has been chosen to kill her because of his incredibly rare ability to heal, almost instantaneously, any wound or sore and cure a person of pain, with no negative reprocautions whatsoever. He is also very experienced in numerous forms of self defense such as karate, judo, mixed martial arts, and sumo wrestling. He also has assassination training and is equipped with a combat knife.

R1: The two fight in a tight basement room.

R2: Same as before, but the woman's body now floods her with dopamine, along with adrenaline. She also has a knife, and I'm pretty sure we know what she'll do with it, being she's now a masochist.

R3: Revert to R1, but the man can no longer heal, and now double his peak. Instead he is an expert marksman/assassin with a plethora of hunting tools such as light tranquilizer darts, weaponized pain killers, normal guns, and an adamantium machete for whatever reason. The fight now takes place in the American wilderness, and the woman is being hunted.

Bonus: Could batman defeat either or both of these fighters in a tight basement at their strongest in which I described?

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7 Fights That Defined Mixed <b>Martial Arts</b>

Martial Arts Google Alert - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 11:03
Mixed Martial Arts has existed in various forms since at least the time of the Ancient Greek Olympics. Then known as pankration, combatants fought ...
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If you're older than 21 and post on gaming and anime subreddits, you're a cuck.

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 10:57

You are the definition of soyboy and numale. You should be doing masculine things like martial arts, climbing, lifting, not acting like a fucking child, posting on places like r/DnD, r/RuneScape and r/Anime.

I'd understand if an Incel had this lifestyle because he has no choice other than NEET and LDAR. But for normans it's pathetic and weak.

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Community sports notebook: Hampton Roads Lady Gators clinch top seed

Martial Arts Google Alert - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 10:52
Members of the Axsom Martial Arts dojo returned from last weekend's Virginia AAU Super Regional tournament in Henrico with a haul of awards, ...
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Ideal Spanish speaking country for a temporary move?

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 10:51

Hi there, Latin America!

I’m an online high school student and Spanish is the class that takes up most of my schedule. I’ve gained an interest in the language, culture, landscape of South America. While Brazil is my passion, it’ll have to wait until after I finish my school. And as mentioned, the entire point is to get immersed in a Hispanic culture. :)

I’d obviously have to decide from my interests in the specific region, but do any of you have any recommendations for an affordable, exciting country that a Scandinavian, 19 year old girl could temporarily reside in? I know SA structures might differ, so I’d like to add that I’ve been living on my own for 2,5 years.

My budget (including food, rent, everything) would be around 740 USD. If I’d be able to land a job somewhere, obviously more.

In case any of the following things might help narrow the search down:

I like: mountains, healthy food, access to gyms and bike lanes, martial arts, libraries, art and culture, clear enunciation, friendliness, forests.

I’m not a big fan of: partying, drinking, rudeness, too much heat, natural disasters, rain showers, violence. And I don’t own a driver’s license.

I’d obviously need somewhere with somewhat reliable internet access and where temporary rental, Airbnb, flat mates, or the like exists, in that I’ll probably be unable to obtain a visa and I won’t be away from home for more than 6 months max.

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PSA / also kinda story: not all neckbeards

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 10:28

I'm a neckbeard. I think fedoras and swords are cool, I unironically trained in a martial art, I'm fat, I'm a slob, I have multiple greasy hair-matted chins, I'm young, I'm autistic, I'm cringy, I play computer games, I drink energy drinks, I think I have a high IQ, and I watched that one pony show once and think it has some nice writing and morals (but grating music).

I treat people of all races and genders with respect and common decency as a matter of personal principle. I do not expect anything in return such as sex (which is an absolutely disgusting reason to be nice to someone) and if anyone, no matter how attractive, wanted to have sex with me (lol as if) then I would turn them down, because I hate my body, for good reasons, and don't feel comfortable sharing it with anyone. I am not a white nationalist or right wing extremist. In fact I'm a liberal and a feminist. I don't flip my shit on anyone and I don't get in anyone's way. I just quietly do my own thing in life. I'm a little sad I have very few friends, but I'm well aware that's my own fault and I can fix it by being less gross, which is something I'm working toward daily.

I have a friend who is also a neckbeard. He is also a feminist. Sometimes, in between leveling our characters, we level with each other about the importance of gender equality and women's rights, what a sick joke our current president is, and "can't we all just get along." We grew apart because we're both very depressed. He kept trying to get back in touch with me, and it should make me happy, but really it only fills me with dread. I guess I just can't handle what it means to have a pal. I'm destined to be alone because I'm just too broken. I know our relationship was very important to him. It was always a little less important to me and I was always deeply ashamed of that. I hope he can find it in himself to forgive me for this and get on with his life.

It makes me feel sick to know I share my more innocuous shortcomings (e.g terrible fashion sense and taste in hobbies, obesity) with people like those showcased in this and similar subs. But I just want to remind everyone those flaws themselves are not the problem. The problem is irrational, generalized, racially and sexually motivated ideologies of hate, such as modern social Darwinism, as well as a lack of compassion that leads to the ability to see people as unequal for superficial reasons. Where do these come from? Maybe a sense of entitlement. Something I just can't share, because unlike them, I actually know what a joke my life is.

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MessiahMorris's Financial Commitment

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 10:23

I feel that some fans have been too harsh of MessiahMorris, the Chairman and sole owner of DCFC*. For example, some say that he should sell up the club already, if he's no longer making funds available for the club to rebuild.

Well, I for one disagree. Even though MessiahMorris is not going to provide any additional funds to strengthen the squad (because he decided to burn up all the money he is willing to make available for this purpose, in one single year which is his first year at the helm), he still has to put in a lot of his personal funds (in the form of personal loan, which he could recall, or write off, tomorrow if he wants) for operation. Below are some of the expenses:

  1. Judo Dojo. One of the main project right now is a dojo, a room for players to learn and practice Judo. Judo was created as a physical, mental and moral pedagogy in Japan, in 1882, by Jigoro Kano (嘉納治五郎). It is generally categorized as a modern martial art, along side Chinese Kung Fu and Thai boxing. And it's not exactly cheap to build one.

But what does Judo has to do with football, you say? Well, as you might know, Zidane, the only player who has won the World Cup and Euro consecutively, is so good because of Judo. MessiahMorris's plan is to improve DCFC players by getting them to learn and practice Judo, just like Zidane did.

  1. Pitches. Remember DCFC signs a multi-million pound deal to install the UK's most technologically advanced pitch not too long ago? In 2016, Derby County have installed the new SISGrass pitch at the iPro Stadium. Club have also upgraded the pitches at their Moor Farm Training complex . The club is the first to install the next generation of football surface!

What's so special about this pitch, you say? Well, Paul Clement, the former Real Madrid and Munich coach, wants to play football on the ground. And he wants everything to be perfect. He decided that that type of grass is the best for the type of football (aka The Derby Way) he wants to play, so the club committed to a multi-million pound deal for that. And not just for the iPro (or Pride Park)! Because players should train on the same surface, so the same type of grass was done at the Moor Farm Training complex.

But if there is already a contract in place, why is there a need now to spend more on it? Well, for one thing, the current manager Gary Rowett does not exactly play football the same way (to put it mildly), so those new SISGrass pitches are actually working against him and his team (and favor opponents like Fulham). So things have to change.

And secondly, someone at the club has this ingenious idea: Since we have nine pitches at Moor Farm, and half of the games DCFC play are away games, and obviously other clubs have different types of pitches and grasses, why don't we put in different types of grasses at Moor Farm! This way, we could get players to train in the type of grass that is similar to the opponent club's pitch, so we will improve the odds of winning!! We have some many pitches lying around at Moor Farm anyway, so why not do just that!

  1. The £5.5 million per year that is needed to run the academy alone. An average academy costs around £2m per year to run. A class 1 academy costs around £3m per year to run.

But DCFC academy costs £5.5+ million per year to run.

What!? Well, first of all, Moor Farm is not your Joe Average academy. There is a total of nine pitches. Even the Rolls-Royce class academy of Manchester City has only just 13, and DCFC has 9.

Obviously, with so many pitches, you need a huge operational expenses. Also, there's a land cost because you are forgoing the income you could generate to use those lands in more productive ways.

But let me assure you, MessiahMorris makes sure that he puts all those 9 pitches to their full uses! Well, there is only one first team (although the squad is big), a U23 team, and some kids teams, but still they cannot use 9 pitches (and MessiahMorris was planning to expand Moor Farm further and probably reame it Morris Farm). So what to do? He decided to open Moor Farm for Derby Lady's team to use. Derby Lady's team has no relation whatsoever to Derby County Football Club. But, it's still local, and there are pitches lying around idle, so MessiahMorris generously shares!

  1. RamsTV. There are people who argue that RamsTV is pointless, because the same thing could be done, free of any investment, by using the iFollow platform provided by the Football League. And all the investment made on RamsTV is going to be pointless anyway, when (not if) DCFC achieve promotion to the Premier League.

But MessiahMorris disagree. Indeed, he increased the investment on RamsTV even more, by hiring a new executive-grade person just to spearhead the initiative. His vision is that to use RamsTV to share not just first team football, but make it an entertainment channel, covering local activities like music festival and art fairs. He also thinks that many people will like watching U23 team game live, so much so that they will probably pay for the service. And of course, don't forget all those extra programs such as Preview Shows, Review shows, AskARam, PlayerMastermind, RamsTV Meets, Remember the days (or something like that). So many hours of content per week!

And in all, you could argue that MessiahMorris is trigger happy, but IMO it's harsh to say that he is clueless (because he clearly has so many new ideas) and stingy (because he clearly is still making funds available -- albeit in the form of loan -- to fund all these initiatives like Judo Dojo and another new pitch project).

*I said "sole" because, although, on paper, Sam Rush has 5% share of DCFC, Mel Morris, CBE has managed to take away the former's share somehow unilaterally so he's literally the sole owner of DCFC now according to himself at the very least.

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Dragon Ball - the real reason Goku is so strong.

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 10:15

In Dragon Ball, Goku is a unique saiyan warrior. He's not unique because he's pure-hearted (because guys like Tarble are similarly pure-hearted), but because he was born as a low-caste nobody but eventually ascended to surpass even saiyan royalty.

Now, you could argue that he does this because he's totally committed to bettering himself. But that honestly doesn't hold up with what we see on-screen. Vegeta is absolutely obsessed with getting stronger than Goku, and despite his obsession, try as he might, he can't surpass Goku.

Today, I would like to offer a more detailed explanation. Goku is actually the product of a very unique set of circumstances that probably makes him a rather unique and unprecedented case among saiyans.

First of all, we know that Goku started off evil, but he turned good after hitting his head. But let's remember back to the scene where this backstory of Goku's was first revealed. It was when the Z-Fighters were meeting Raditz for the frist time. Raditz asked Goku if he hit his head as a kid. That was Raditz's first guess as to why Goku was friends with the earthlings he was supposed to destroy, and lo and behold, his first guess ended up being the correct one.

This suggests that this whole “infant concussion amnesia” thing is actually a well-documented phenomenon of saiyan biology. Why else would Raditz immediately turn to such a theory when he had literally nothing else to go on?

If this phenomenon is so well-documented, then that opens up the possibility that there might be other saiyans out there who hit their heads as babies and thus turned good.

So if there are so many others out there, then why haven't we heard about them? Why don't they ever join up with Goku and the other Z-Fighters in the everlasting war against evil?

My theory is that they never became as strong as Goku. See, if you really think about it, Dragon Ball's earth is kind of a weird anomoly, and not just because they have Dragon Balls. As we see in the frist 200 or so chapters of the manga, martial arts is a huge part of this planet's cultural identity. There are numerous martial arts tournaments (although the Strongest Under the Heavens is the most prominent), countless martial arts dojos, and several legends that survive on the wind's breath of mystical substances (such as Korin's sacred water or the ultra divine water) that can increase your strength artificially.

And yet, Dragon Ball's earth really has no business having such a huge martial arts subculture. They honestly aren't really cut out for fighting. After all, the whole reason Goku was chosen for the mission of destroying Earth despite being a baby at the time was because Earth had relatively weak inhabitants compared to the rest of the universe.

So this puts earth in a unique spot of having a lot of martial arts culture despite really sucking at martial arts. I would theorize that the majority of planets who have a strong martial arts culture would have similarly strong inhabitants. Thus, saiyans would send adults to conquer them. These adults would have physically matured to the point where they would no longer suffer amnesia if they were concussed. Meanwhile, babies – who are vulnerable to concussion amnesia – would be sent to weak planets who have pacifist cultures to match their relative strengths.

This is the main reason why these other saiyans are never heard from. Because the planets they are sent to do not afford them many opportunities to increase their strength, when the adult warriors come to check on them, they may try to fight back but are completely ill-equipped to do so.

Earth, meanwhile, is the only planet that has yet to be marked by Frieza's forces for conquest that not only would call for an amnesia-susceptible saiyan to handle the mission but still provide that saiyan baby with the means of reaching their full potential after suffering said amnesia.

This would explain why Goku is so unique.

So what do you guys think?

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My sunday p.2

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 09:24

Hi guys! Last sunday I went to a confirmation of Matilda, a friend of my family. Or better I went to the restaurant in order to wish her, because the mass was at 17.30, when I was in Milan to learn about what I will do during the exam for get the black belt, and it finished at 19.30 when I returned home. I didn't know Matilda very well because we rarely see each other, but I discovered that when she was a child she used to do karate and her brother does this wonderful martial art. What a beautiful coincidence! At the restaurant there weren't many people, but only her parents and grandparents, her brother, a friend of her with her family and my family. The dinner was too slow, but good. After eating antipasti, they served a delicious rice with seafood and after a lot of time a big quantity of fish. I'm a girl of a few words and the other guys aren't so talkative, so there were a lot of moment of silence, but it wasn't too boring. In my opinion the cake was the best plate because I love fruit and it was a tart with grapes, strawberries and peaches. The most amusing moment was when Matilda unwrapped the presents. There were two big boxes. When she opened the first she saw green and orange paper and she should have looked for the real present for a long time, untill she found a little bag where there was a silvery necklace. In the second box there was red and yellow paper and under it Matilda found... a pair of fluorescent shoes that she wanted to have. It was a good evening and it wasn't rainy. As soon as we returned home I asked my brother if it was fun and he answered: "The dinner was nice and a lot fun especially when Matilda unwrapped the presents, but the mass was too long! I stayed in the church two hours!". I can understand him because he is a child who always wants to play and moved. He hate being seated, but it's normal. I remember when I was a child and I love being in the open air and I run evrywhere. Do you remember when you were a child? Were you an hyperactive or calm child?

Bye Bea ;-)

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Hung Ga or Tai Chi i can't choose

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 09:19

So I am looking to start martial arts classes and have always wanted too since I was a kid, I am now 40 years old and totally over weight and unhealthy.

The two I have narrowed it down to is Gung Ha or Tai Chi, I really like them both and can’t decide what to take.

Anyone tried both or able to give me a good understanding of the differences?

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New Research Study on Mixed <b>Martial Arts</b> Equipments Market 2018 to 2025

Martial Arts Google Alert - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 08:16
The global Mixed Martial Arts Equipments Market was valued at USD XXX in 2017 and is projected to reach USD XXX by 2025, growing at a CAGR of ...
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AES Students Step Outside The Classroom For Enrichment Day

Martial Arts Google Alert - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 08:15
More specifically, students got the opportunity to pet penguins in the gym, learn about insects in the cafeteria, and practice mixed martial arts in the ...
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Work out Like a Champ with zone·tv&#39;s Touchfit TV by Georges St-Pierre, Now on Xfinity X1

Martial Arts Google Alert - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 08:15
Touchfit TV on X1 features more than 125 instructional workouts containing intense combinations from former Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts World ...
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The Bandit Queen's Social Reforms

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 08:07

Alááfin Zùlema was nicknamed "Oba Aghake", the Bandit Queen, from her past as thief. No one dared utter that name in her presence, but even higher nobility referred to her that way in passing and informal situations. The name gained a new meaning as she stole power from the military nobility, developing the basis of a new caste system at the same time.

Described from the lowest to the highest, the castes are:

  • Òve: slaves.
  • Kó-aje: commoners (literally group-less).
  • Sírí-aje: public servants (literally service group).
  • Amàrì-uyó: bard nobility (literally music nobles).
  • Ela-aje: clergy (literally divine group).
  • Yako-uyó: military nobility (literally soldier nobles).


Òve are slaves. They are bound to their owner, who may be part of any caste. Òve have few rights, mostly limited to protection against arbitrary killing, but even then it is easy for an owner to cite any half-hearted reason as a way for a murder to not be arbitrary. Òve can own property, but not land, and they can sign legally binding documents with their owners protecting their property. This way, a slave can also negotiate and usually purchase their freedom with permitting owners.

Ovè are active in a great variety of sectors, but most of them are put to work in mines and on farms. Consequently, the state owns the greatest number of òve. There are literate òve, tutor òve, accountant òve, but they can also work as soldiers in the Orange Banner army and as rowers on riverine galleys.


Literally called "group-less", kó-aje is the name for the commoners of Tozàn. Free people, not of nobility and not involved with the clergy or the government. They are active in all sectors and the majority of Tozàn is part of the kó-aje. Their place at the middle offers a great deal of variety as both the poorest and wealthiest people are found among them. They are farmers, artisans and soldiers during wartime, but the most influential kó-aje are the etòkì, the merchants of Tozàn.

Unlike any other group, the kó-aje have no social obligations and the fewest rules to follow. This leaves them unoccupied to pursue wealth in trade, making all the wealthiest merchant families and groups parts of the kó-aje. On the other side of things, they also bear the brunt of taxation, as most taxed government revenue is collected over trade and over harvests. Additionally, some of the kó-aje may have the wealth of a king, they can never have the status of a noble or another higher caste.

However, the kó-aje are not without social mobility. Any and all kó-aje can join the ela-aje by becoming a tazu or religious disciple and starting a religious career, although money is usually required for the education needed to become a mtataza. Through taking part in the state examinations, kó-aje can also become sírí-aje, which is where most sírí-aje come from.


Sírí-aje are the public servants of Tozàn and make up the bureaucracy. Although someone can be born a sírí-aje if their mother is one, it is more common to become a sírí-aje through taking the state examinations. The examinations can be taken by anyone from the kó-aje or born sírí-aje. In the examinations, held yearly throughout Tozàn, participants are tested in their knowledge of literature and history and the scores are used to determine who gets appointed to an office. Once appointed, a person becomes a sírí-aje, enjoying the benefits that come with it.

There are two types of sírí-aje, higher and lower. Higher sírí-aje are eunuchs if male and forbidden from having children or any sort of romantic or sexual relationships. A pregnant higher sírí-aje is immediately demoted to kó-aje as a result. The higher sírí-aje are in charge of state policy and advising rulers at the highest levels. They head each branch of government, overseeing lower sírí-aje at the central government and at the highest devolved levels of government. They are high judges, lawmakers and ministers.

Lower sírí-aje are more abundant and allowed to marry and have children, although any children of a female sírí-aje must still take the state examinations and pass to ever be awarded an office. Once a lower sírí-aje is appointed, they never lose their status and either stay at the same job or receive promotions, possibly becoming higher sírí-aje if they can fulfill the extreme requirements. They are both judge and attorney at lower levels of government, overseeing the law in towns and villages. They work in the government for higher sírí-aje and maintain the food stores and quotas in their districts. Sírí-aje are exempt from paying any taxes, but are subject to some general restrictions. They cannot make more than their income as sírí-aje, meaning they are not very rich and if they are suspiciously wealthy they are usually corrupt. Corruption and most other crimes will mean immediate banishment from the corps of sírí-aje. However, they enjoy a high status and they are well-respected among the general populace.


Amàrì-uyó are the bards of Tozàn society, the musicians and the storytellers. They work in an old craft, valuing their traditions. As members of the nobility, they are not involved in government and politics, instead focusing entirely on their craft. They operate theatres or a travelling show telling the illiterate commoners histories, performing tísínòlìsì storytelling or playing music, usually an akonting or a harp accompanied by rythmic support like drums.

While it is not the privilege of amàrì-uyó to play instruments or tell stories, it is their privilege to be paid doing it. As a result, amateurs of other castes have no incentive no pursue the art professionally and amateurs are limited to small villages or as part of religious celebrations. An amàrì-uyó can enjoy the fame of a rockstar, but it is by no means an easy life for all of them because they experience a lot of social pressure to fit in the few different types of amàrì-uyó that exist. They lack social mobility, unable to join any other caste except the ela-aje through the same method as kó-aje. Nevertheless, the amàrì-uyó show how important music is in Tozàn. They are exempt from taxation and military service, so while they have a lot of obligations towards family and art, they are mostly unbothered by the state.


Ela-aje are the clergy of Tozàn. Within the land's two main faiths, Kayaism and Wúgism, every lowest tazu and wùgazu to the Katazu and the Agawùgana are part of the ela-aje. They dedicate their lives to theology and to spreading the word of God, as most ela-aje end up the equivalent of a priest or preacher with their own church. Seen as well-read and wise, ela-aje are often a village or town's de facto elder or representative, mainly because the distance between the people and the sírí-aje is far greater than the distance between the people and the ela-aje.

All ela-aje start out as a simple tazu or disciple of the faith. After studying at a university or serving under a higher-up they can become mtataza or wùgazu and make career from there. Wúgism has a more complicated hierarchy, but in the end they too elect the leader of their faith in some way, just like in Kayaism, where all female mtataza get a vote.

Ela-aje can marry kó-aje and the caste of the mother determines the caste of the child. Children born as an ela-aje are considered tazu immediately and can dedicate their entire life to faith. Some schools exist accepting students from as young as three years old, where only those born ela-aje are accepted to live detached from their family and the rest of the world in pursuit of wisdom and love of God. ​ Yako-Uyó

Yako-uyó are divided into two distinct sub-castes: the nséyako-uyó and the keghako-uyó, the greater military nobility and the lesser military nobility. Yako-uyó are at the top of society, rule the country and lead the military. Titles such as oba, ofòkù, orògò, sagwo and sháná are limited to yako-uyó too.

Keghako-uyó are the lesser military nobility. They are families who bear the title of uyó or are related to sháná and sagwo. They serve as full-time soldiers and as officers in the army, doing work that in peace time is most similar to police work. They practise martial arts and train commoners in using weapons, often owning a bit of land with slaves working on it. Keghako-uyó make an income from various sources with a majority of them working in law enforcement during peace time and others owning small enterprises. Their military duties are paramount and limit them in what they can do.

As the lesser part of the yako-uyó, keghako-uyó enjoy the same amount of respect as amàrì-uyó and higher ela-aje, but they enjoy more privileges. They are exempt from taxation and have a right of audience meaning that any higher up yako-uyó cannot deny them a meeting, including the Alááfin. As such, they have a way of making their grievances heard that is not available to the other castes. While at war, they have the privilege of thirds which enables them to take up to one third of their spoils in battle for themselves. With all that said, they are still bound to the law and can be caught as well as convicted for any normal crime by the sírí-aje.

Nséyako-uyó are the greater military nobility. They are limited to a small number of families related to ofòkù and orògò and those who grow too far apart from those titles within the family or adopt a different name will be considered keghako-uyó. Being related to an oba does not make one nséyako-uyó, but rather any that oba is appointed is from among the nséyako-uyó. They rule the main divisions of Tozàn, overseeing the higher sírí-aje bureaucrats. During wartime, nséyako-uyó are appointed generals. As such, all oba, akávò and also the gànà or commander in chief are always nséyako-uyó.

Besides that many of the families own significant estates, although they do not have the right to rule the land they own and more or less use it as a base of income as it can be quite expensive to be a family of nséyako-uyó. They may receive the most important appointments, they also need to keep up appearances and stay in vogue in Uwára as well as in favour with the Alááfin. Families of nséyako-uyó compete among eachother in prestige, a game that eats up most of their wealth.

Overview of Social Mobility

The following section is to provide an overview of what has already been said and has not beens said about social mobility between the castes of Tozàn. It is in part based on the dominant legal code. Read the following while considering that family names, caste and wealth are inherited by and through females. Also keep in mind that cross-caste marriage and adoption is rare and generally costs the socially higher placed individual a lot of prestige.

  • Òve can become kó-aje if their owner frees them. This is generally done after paying for freedom or upon the death of the owner, included in their will.
  • Kó-aje can become òve by selling themselves. Kó-aje can become sírí-aje through the state examinations. Kó-aje can become ela-aje. Additionally, kó-aje men can marry women from any other caste except òve and kó-aje can be adopted by amàrì-uyó and yako-uyó. Finally, they can be made yako-uyó per the decree of the Alááfin.
  • Sírí-aje can become kó-aje at will or after being expulsed or fired. Additionally, sírí-aje men (if not eunuchs) can marry women from any other caste except òve. Sírí-aje can be adopted by amàrì-uyó and yako-uyó and can be made yako-uyó per the decree of the Alááfin when no longer in active service.
  • Amàrì-uyó can become ela-aje. They can become sírí-aje through the state examinations. Amàrì-uyó men can marry yako-uyó women. They can be adopted by yako-uyó and they can be made yako-uyó per the decree of the Alááfin.
  • Ela-aje can become kó-aje at will. They can also sell themselves into becoming òve.
  • Yako-uyó can become sírí-aje by taking the state examinations. They can also become ela-aje. Keghako-uyó men can marry nséyako-uyó women, but not the other way around. They can be adopted by amàrì-uyó.
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The irrationality of will and capabilities. A experience that reflected my own descent into depresion

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 07:02

While I was at the gym two young girls came by, one of them is my neighbor, she lives right next to me. They are both pretty about 18-20 years old, my sexual desire flared up and I became restless. I wanted to see myself in the mirror to decide whether I look sexy or not and I started roaming the gym so they can notice me. I managed to control myself and escape the self-destructing cycle of self-observance, and great discourse formed within me. As I was going to the bathroom both of them were doing cardio on the bikes, and when I passed near them I didn’t pay any attention to them, would not even dare to peak if they were looking at me, but my mind immediately reflected this endless cycle of denied desires which was the cause for my deep depression. So here I would like to elaborate the destructive tendencies desire could bring if it is disproportionate to someone’s capabilities or their value in society. This particular discourse draws thoughts from deep past experiences, and to be fair is about people who are more emotional towards their decisions, not everyone suffers greatly from their desire, as I have. I would like to quote one of my favorite science fiction writers Phillip K. Dick ‘’Reality denied comes back to haunt.’’

This collection of experiences that I am about to present describe my descent into depression. First and foremost my failure to manifest myself in the martial arts scene, with below average training and a desire that had rather large expectations from myself I created my first failure. I was above average but nothing special yet my desire to acquire skill and manifest myself on the martial scene was absolutely disproportionate. So I failed there and I experienced my first denial of will. The first denial was only followed by many others because at the same time I entered the gym scene and a contest for police. The gym scene represented for me a way to be loved and worshiped but my expectations from having a great body were delusional because beauty has little value to women, but I thought otherwise so time and time again I was denied the chance to be with someone I desired. I have good genetics and great body but I didn’t possess certain skills or other better values to acquire the desired targets. This gym era was also defined by my stupidity on the subject as i would burn the muscles and was in constant paint due to my inability to accept the motto ‘’Knowledge is power.’’ At the same time I enrolled in police academy contest, I managed to finish all the exams except the interview, where I was deemed unworthy, my desires were yet again delusional to how things go in this country. The fact that I though investment in excellence was going to prevail and I was going to be chosen only further elaborates about my wrong investment in values and the disproportion of my values to those values that decide who is going to be chosen. From here It was a downslide, but not an immediate one, I stopped going to the gym and just wasted time with friends, I did nothing special or worthy. My desire flared up again and I started doing street workouts and this eternal cycle of disproportionate desire and the reality of what I would achieve got me again, in short the Ouroboros ate me again. Due to my genetics I was able to build a body from street workout but the immense volume of exercises and the pain that came with it broke me again, so I stopped, again my investment was not on balance to how much value it holds. I didn't learn my lesson.

I found someone I like and started to flirt with her, I felt really great about this girl, I really liked her, after a while I noticed a pattern of behavior in her, she did this to all men, seduced them and gave them hope in return for attention, still I pursued her, because love was alien to me. I didn’t even get the chance to kiss her. That was the last straw, I broke and vanished. I went from 73kg to 97kg, I didn’t leave my room for 4 months. I struggled for nearly 4 years with this mood, the mental pain was exquisite, but I managed to survive. I started to balance my values and my will, I am better today, because I invested myself in knowledge and thus acquired some balance and reasoning. Almost all my life I was convinced I was a reasonable person, but the reality hit me hard. For what is reason if not proportion and accuracy of will and knowledge. But I must confess as I balanced my life the trauma of denied will or desire as I mention it above still haunts me, a sort of reaction I get when desire weighs on me, I become really anxious on my past experiences, they leave a scar on me. Still living in an incredibly corrupt state with little resources and little societal values, but I am stable to some degree. No middle class here only poor and rich, I am still nothing when viewed from the telescope of societal values, but it does not weigh on me emotionally. I have no one to talk to I just wanted to write this, I can feel a catharsis forming up. As you can witness my pain is self-inflicted, I am the perpetrator of my own downfall, my will was great and it manifested it-self in wrong things, I blame mostly myself for the eternal return I entered, I am 26 now.

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Top Insights on the <b>Martial Arts</b> Software Market- Leading key players Involved: MINDBODY, Zen ...

Martial Arts Google Alert - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 06:14
The study of the Martial Arts Software market by HTF MI provides the market size information and market trends along with factors and parameters ...
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Very hot baths

Martial Arts Reddit - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 06:13

I fight amateur Mixed martial arts and I cut about 9 kilos to make my weight category. I have found that in that weight cutting process my psoriasis gets a lot better,

I'm not sure which part of this process makes my psoriasis better since I'm not able to individually test it all but one that definitely makes a difference is super hot Epsom salt baths. Usually during my normal weeks I use warm baths with dead sea salts and although they help getting the lighter scales off I always find that the scales come back pretty much instantly at least in the areas that are thicker and generally look very inflamed. I always read that hot water is bad for psoriasis so I always try and make sure its just warm. The baths in the weight cutting process get to the point just before burning your skin and the idea is that you sweat under the water and lose that water weight and the Epsom salts help with that.

I have found that after multiple baths my psoriasis is skin flat and smooth as ever and also is a nice purple that doesn't look inflamed, another point is that the scales don't come back for a good day or two and they take longer to thicken up again. It helps my confidence so much on fight day because it looks much better than usual. Anyone else here done any experiments with very hot baths or had to cut weight for some sport and can explain to me why this seems to be so effective.

Also just to state that my usual dead sea salt baths do relieve some scales but usually the less thick patches and even on the ones they help the patch still feels raised up and not smooth.

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Expendables star Jet Li sparks concern after &#39;frail&#39; looking picture of him emerges

Martial Arts Google Alert - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 06:00
Fans of martial arts icon and The Expendables star Jet Li were left worrying for the actor's wellbeing after a photo emerged over the weekend of him ...
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