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Disinterred [CLOSED]

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 11:26

“You are awake?” the voice asked. It sounded deep, firm, but was not overly commanding. It scraped like a plow brushing stones hid in grassroot. He decided the voice was suggestive; in light of that finding room to forgive his rousing. “Should I be?” His own came dry, thin.

“Yes, you should. Sleep is for the dead.” The proclamation dredged up a coldness, the sort that persisted until he started moving. Movement was hampered by several layers of heavy sheets, all woolen, all double folded to instill enough warmth to sweat a bull out - so said the new chamberlain. He’d have to speak with her about her talking, if he saw her again. So far the voice had seen to his every need, including the cold. Even then he caught his fingers trembling from shivers, encased as they were now in clawed onyx, and under those harsh claws the odd feeling leather that quieted the metal but did nothing to warm him. In front of the roaring fireplace he couldn’t feel, his hands looked like beast claws.

“Are you unready?” the voice asked, now reverberating through a dim, arched hall lit by warm, albeit scarce braziers spread through the upper gloom. The rest of the light came from the puddled condensation on the smooth bricks on which he trod. He didn’t remember moving from his chamber. “No.” His answer was too hushed to achieve the same effect as the speaker beside him. He scarcely recalled saying the word despite his tongue continuing to pile more sluggish syllables after the one. “But I’m tired.”

Scenes progressed in lurches. He was still toying around with his next lax rebuttal when he felt his own weight slide sideways, boots splashing into mud. Walking. Tramping through soil. Moving over bricks overgrown with weeds. Coming forward in warm rain. When…?

He kept his head forward. Smaller individuals moved from their wake in less protective dress. Smaller than he and another bedecked in cold ebony. He’d thought his ludicrous plate was black, but the other beside him was blacker still. Their head glanced left at him over an enormous pauldron, showing an obsidian rictus that belied the glow of coals in this other’s eyes. Chastisement lurked in those hollow pits. He shambled forward, too unbothered to return the look. Too haggard.

“To them you appear powerful,” said his skull faced other, reading him through his own enclosing armor. Humidity seeped in through the sockets of his helmet. He blinked once, savoring the heat creeping over his eyes, at the warmth suffusing his numbed face. “I don’t think… That I could trip in these boots if I…” There were no more strangely little men. A gigantic portcullis was grinding open in a slow play of chain. On the other side of the gate stood two more armored figures, their spiked crowns fluttering with struggling candle fire, casting their individual faces of aged lime and tomb granite into eerie grimaces. He supposed he and his other appeared similarly dour. In the other pair’s gauntlets they held high black pennants flapping soundlessly. Crow feathers snagged on the hard breeze, spitting clean beads of water at him. Crow. The word brought something unpleasant to the fore of his mind, but he knew not why, and understood the symbolism here was for another dead matter. Soon the ravens on those banners would be changed to something more suitable, he only had to speak of it.

By now however the gate was open and he and the banner-bearers were striding through the few yards remaining of the vast courtyard. Sat in the basin of a second hill, the courtyard was surrounded by a crown of tiered towers forming the secondary complex of an immense fortress stood bleakley at the far horizon.

Here the courtyard was empty, usually. Decorational. A useless pleasantry here for all the assembled people to… “We are discussing the terms for our inevitable, much delayed commitment to the East,” his other answered. It was then he noticed the griffon settled warily atop the stone, the beast’s neck feathers ruffled by agitation. It took him longer to note the woman standing at what he supposed was a polite distance from he and his mirthless entourage, well away from the saddled beast that peered at the gathered throng of people like a cornered jackal. He paid it no mind, instead letting his sluggish attentions settle gradually on the woman.

Tall, compared to the comically short dwellers. Dressed like the boyish looking males who’d scattered in the wake of his march before the portcullis. Jacketed by tightly clung hide full of straps and rainwater, her outline was made broad by covered plates barely dense enough to stop a basic crossbow bolt. Her hair color was kept snugly hidden under a skullcap of leather, crinkled by an upturned mask straddling her head with bulky glass lenses tinted to fight the glare of the sun - had there been any sun here once.

Her eyes were simply blue, cheeks currently smoothed by youth. Brow furrowing deeper the longer he stared down at her. “She is the captain of the Farhaides sky calvary, speaking as envoy for her city, as common messengers cannot reach our doors,” began the other, still to his right while the banner bearers stood a ways behind in silence.

“In the courtyard of our mausoleum…” he mumbled, his helm rendering his dull response into a brassy rumble. That caused the woman’s blue eyes to harden like ice.

“Previous envoys were ignored. You just marched past her troop before the gate, where they’ve waited. For four hours, I reckon. Seemingly, the need is more dire than their last approach.”

His other noticed his sideways glance. “Five envoys, come along on the sixth day of each penned month. All beseeching us for aid. Each ignored, turned away. Now it seems you must talk to this woman.”

“Why?” he asked, and received two separate answers. The woman’s was angrier, no, outraged more likely. “Pompous gall!” Yes, that was it. “Always one of Sigmar’s bronzed brutes who hold the nerve-” He saw the press of a vein in her droplet beaded forehead, then counted two errant strands of red hair curling wetly down her face. She was riled, becoming loud. Tiring.

His other answered over her, he sensed it was more for the woman’s sake, to distract from the many expletives she was spewing up at his chest. “Six months and a day ago we offered an oath of service to a city, the closest of the neighboring petty fiefdoms this far South. This flyer’s scouts are anticipating the now imminent arrival of an Ogre tribe. Cursed breed, these. Everywhere they walk, cold and death dog their heels.

“We pledged to aid them halt the tide of winter crawling ever closer to their lands by conditions of mutual aid. Thus far two skirmishes and a pre-emptive raid were held to stall the creatures. We attended none.”

“I see,” he answered low. He’d interrupted the captain mid tirade, wrongfooting her into a series of furious stammers. He also realized she couldn’t hear the other man beside him, and had in fact been speaking beneath the buzz of the other’s deeper sepulchral voice. Unwilling to chance another spurt of jabbering, he gave a look to his skull-headed protege in an effort to convey a portion of his drawn weariness.

His other took mercy. “You would not wake. Today was the most success we’ve had penetrating your fugue. There is now some hope the rest of our brethren will rise from torpor.”

With a nod to the other, he attempted to gain some familiarity with where the captain had wandered in her tangent. Deaths of livestock. Generations of displaced peoples. Children devoured by snow monsters. Grave things; he found himself agreeing with the woman’s vexation but was finding no way to interrupt her angry yammering.

Phantom muscles in his back twitched. He felt joints shift in well oiled sockets. He pushed out with a hard flex, then felt a twinge of amusement at how the captain staggered back, face paled by the wan light thrown off by the spread vastness of his shimmering wings.

“I hear your concerns, Captain.” Looking at the hesitancy in her face, he wondered what she saw in he and the others present. A glance at the weirdly still waters of the courtyard’s tiered fountain gave him some insight to the lady’s distress. He saw none of the faces around him crowding the reflected image. Just a woman, worn from a long day’s ride made to stand by necessity in front of four giants towering high in greys and blacks, who bore the visage of devils and tormentors. The lime banner bearer growled silently through a roaring, vaguely lupine muzzle edged by draconic frills, while his granite counterpart stared through the many horned mask of a toothily frowning dream eater.

His own was unpleasantly vicious. A snouted muzzle of flared nares, bristly teeth, twinned horns - They stood still as walking gargoyles with all the menace of titans, surrounded by the presence of countless specters she could not see, and he’d wondered at her unease. He drew in the metallic wings, letting the ghostly rays of light dwindle to nothing while artificial pinions smoothly furled.

“We will give aid, but I must rouse my brethren from sleep. That will take time. Who else has joined you in this… Campaign?” He’d watched in the span of four minutes the woman’s face range from impatience, to fury, to trepidation, now regret. “Others. Like yourself. They… Are enroute.”

This time he felt his question was just. “Why?”

“Because it was requested they arrive with haste and kick down your door.”

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I (F) have wavy hair, and it causes endless frustrations. Could the CG method work for me?

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 10:33

I have thick, heavy, wavy hair (shoulder length). Parts of it are almost curly/very wavy and parts of it fall completely flat. I’ve never tried the CG method. My typical routine involves shampoo/conditioner, applying AG curl activator, and diffusing to dry. Which always results in a half wavy/curly half straight head of hair. I always have to fix the flat pieces with a curling iron to make it look presentable. Can anyone offer some insight?

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[SELL - US] Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, Discontinued Lime Crime Perlees, Hair Tools, Ipsy Bags!

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 09:58

Hello! I've got a few things that have been sitting around not going to use that I want to send to loving homes!

US only, please. Shipping starts at $3.

Paypal via friends and family preferred

I'm not interested in swapping right now, sorry! Trying to clear stuff out.


Face -

  • Prime Time BB Primer-Cream Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 in Light - 80-90% full - $15

Lipsticks -

*Lime Crime Perlees * TAKE BOTH FOR $18 SHIPPED!

  • Gemma - Used 2x - $8

  • Roswell - Swatched 1x - $9

Skincare -

  • ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment - BNIB with sample included - $60

  • Prosacea - Didn't work for me, but if you want to try it, just pay for shipping

Hair -

  • Remington Pro 1-1½” Curling Wand w/ Glove - Used 1x - $12

  • Rhinestone Hair Clip - Never Used - $5

Ipsy Bags - Free with any order or just pay for shipping

  • Lips

  • Wild & Free

  • Sparkly

Feel free to make an offer. Willing to negotiate!

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Привезти из Монреаля в Торонто (by pkrs)

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 08:15

Original lj thread:

Ищу оказию из Монреаля в Торонто/GTA в ближайшие нкделю-полторы. Нужно привезти довольно большую, но не очень тяжёлую вещь (curling broom bag, если конкретно). Влезет в minivan, SUV и даже в обычный седан (но надо будет сложить сиденье). Там привезут, здесь я заберу с приложением материальной благодарности.

Если есть совет по поводу какого-нибудь shipping service, который пришлёт мне это за разумную порцию денег, особенно из личного опыта работы с таким сервисом, то буду тоже очень благодарен. Срочность не так важна, как цена и надёжность.


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Why is heat so bad for your hair, but makes it look so good?

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 07:46

As in, using a hair straightener or curling iron. It makes the hair look sleek and healthy, but how can it do that if it’s so unhealthy?

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[PDF]DREAM by Carly Phillips

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 07:35

[PDF]DREAM by Carly Phillips


Author: Carly Phillips

Release Date: 2018-10-16

Genre: Contemporary

Size: 334.25 KB


An all new STANDALONE second chance romance from New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips.

Best friends.

First loves.

Can they find a second chance?

Andi wanted nothing more to marry prince charming and her best friend Kyle Davenport believed that would be him.

But after losing the girl of his dreams to the town bad boy, Kyle left Rosewood Bay and swore he’d never look back.

They say true love never dies, so when Kyle returns and discovers single mom Andi is in danger, he’ll do anything to break down the walls she’s built to protect her son, and to finally win her heart.

Except that no happily-ever-after is won without a fight—and her ex-husband doesn’t like to lose.

“Carly Phillips is one of my favorite authors for steamy, contemporary romance!” -- Jennifer Probst, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Curling up with a heart-pounding, sexy, wonderfully crafted Carly Phillips novel is always a treat!” - Kristen Proby, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Read Carly Phillips for a guaranteed hot, sexy, sizzling chemistry, a book full of emotional impact and characters you’ll love.” -- Jill Shalvis, New York Times Bestselling Author

[Read Online]DREAM by Carly Phillips

[Download]DREAM by Carly Phillips

[PDF]DREAM by Carly Phillips

(Works on PC, iPad, Android, iOS, Tablet, MAC)

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A bombing raid in some kind of academy (in the future?)

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 05:25

Now I've always known about past life regressions, but is there such a thing as a (hypothetical) "future life progression?" The dream I had was something along those lines.

So I was in some kind of academy, particularly as a male student with long, frizzy blond hair, blue eyes and a small beard (checked a mirror). I don't remember my name unfortunately. Think of the academy as a mixture of one of those indoor trampoline parks, an air force academy, and a large campus of a university.

I remember seeing jets being deployed in pairs, but they were very quiet in compared to real jets. I heard from a friend (who I've never seen before) that the jets are deployed by sexuality, i.e. the pilots were straight, gay, bi, etc. I've never seen it before. I remember the jets swooping past us and remembering what that they were: Super Hornets. Each jet had a flag representing the sexuality that they were.

Anyway, the academy was rounded, I remember the windows being gigantic (I'd say about 15 feet tall and about 8 feet wide) and with a slight golden tint. I saw people I had never seen before in my life having fun, studying, jumping around on trampolines, even some performing tricks in wind tunnels like somersaults and flips. I remember briefly diverging from our group and walking around outside for a second for some fresh air (the academy was a bit dusty).

I saw a bird skeleton on the ground and some old woman. She smiled at me as she was bundling flowers in a white ribbon. I walked outside to see the city itself, and needless to say, it was very futuristic. Floating roads spanning miles, curling around tall buildings, but also flora dotting the sidewalks. Surprisingly uninterested, I walked back into the academy and caught up with my group. An explanation was given until a loud explosion caught all of our ears.

I immediately shut my eyes, ducked down and closed my ears, feeling heavy booms throughout the academy. It was a bombing raid by an enemy.

After debris from the roof slams into me, I see blurry figures running away from the academy, some even jumping out of the broken windows. I remember someone running after me before blacking out. I woke up with all sorts of pain coming from my arm and back. I gazed up at (who I assume was) a doctor who said, "Hey, you okay, buddy? We almost lost you there! But your hand unfortunately..." He gave a worried look. I looked at my hand and saw it completely melted.

Nothing more than a bloodied stub with something of a thumb. Phantom pains ran throughout my body and I'm sitting here thinking, "I can still feel my hand! I can still feel my hand!" The air was filled with smoke and I could hear people screaming and crying until I eventually woke up.

So is there something like a "future life progression", or a life you live in the future?

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Some serious puppy blues

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 05:15

Let me start off by saying, I’m the person people go to when they need help with their dogs. I’ve bell trained 3 different dogs and taught one of them a full basic obedience course. So imagine my frustration when I find out I can’t train my own dog. Let me also add that I know she’s still young but this is just my frustration.

She’s a 4 month old beagle and she’s so so smart but,

-I can’t leave her out in her play den because every time I do, she finds a new way to escape so she has to be crated anytime I can’t watch her (at this point I don’t even know how she’s doing it, it’s not like she’s jumping it, she’s only 3.7 pounds. I’ve fixed so many things yet she still finds a way)

-I can’t seem to get through to her that books are not for chewing when she has soooo many chew toys

-While I have successfully socialized her and got her used to me playing with her food while she eats, I feel like I failed because I didn’t play with her paws enough and now anytime I try, she snaps and bites me while curling up her lip to show her teeth (This is the biggest problem. I now work on it everyday because if she was bigger, she could do some damage and it’s just bad manners)

-Potty training. Oh my goodness. I’ve had dogs trained in 45 minutes yet she refuses. The bell didn’t work out because my daughter goes and shakes it every time she sees it’s down so I still take her out every 30 minutes. But even after pottying outside, if we come back in and I go to do something out of her reach where she doesn’t feel included, she goes and pees on the carpet. (Example: came inside and picked up my daughter to do her hair in the high chair, not even a minute later, dog has peed on the carpet)

-She can sit and wait and lay down but only for treats and if I’m sitting next to her

-Teaching bite inhibition using Simpawtico’s methods but she seems to be regressing and constantly biting now even though she was doing so well.

Again, I know she is still little and she’ll get better, but I’m just frustrated and a little let down because people look to me to do this and how can I help them if I can’t even help my own dog? Also, will be talking to a vet to see if something on her paws is causing her pain before I rule it as just aggression.

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Hadnt had an anxiety attack for the past 3 months until just now

Curling News - Mon, 10/22/2018 - 02:27

I knew it was coming so I tried to prep for it before it happens. Idk, drinking lots of water, breathing exercises, try to not think of negative things/being paranoid over nothing... etc. I guess it only helped a little bit as I try to force shut down myself (curling up in a ball on the floor— dont feel bad for me, it’s just how I cope with it). Now I’m feeling a little better, it feels like you know when you wake up from s nightmare? You know it was just a bad dream, you wake up and then all that dream seems so distant? Honestly I dont know where is this going but I’m glad it’s over and I’m still alive.

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24 [F4M] [Success] #Lansing Michigan - Birthday Shenanigans

Curling News - Sun, 10/21/2018 - 22:22

Again, thanks to all who responded! Thank you to the few of you who actually fulfilled all of my requests, and sent a thoughtful message! Of those messages one was exceptionally creative and stood out from the rest right from the get go. What stool out is his concerns about me and what I wanted. He never made it about him. (Also of note, I’m a sucker for guys with beards!) After messaging some small talk beck and forth, he seemed to live up to the persona he created in the first message.

We set up to meet Friday night at a local bar. Unfortunately getting all ready took a bit longer than I thought and got there a little late. He was there sitting at the bar with a smile on his face when we arrived (my friends were worried I would get kidnapped). I’m sorry but pictures did not do him justice. He pulled out my chair and bought us drinks. Not just for me, but my two friends as well! After a while, my friends must have approved, and they moved off elsewhere. We got to dancing and that’s where things started to heat up. Our bodies pressed against each other out on the dance floor really got me feeling horny so I asked him if we leave. He eagerly approved the plan and we headed back to my hotel.

While on the way I held his hand in my lap. He started to rub my leg and slid his hand up my thigh and under my short dress. At this point I could feel my pussy getting wet and guided his hand further up until he was rubbing me through my lacy thong. He looked at me and the car swerved a bit. I then felt him slide my panties aside and split my pussy with his finger. It had been so long since I had a man touching me and it felt amazing. He slowly rubbed back and forth and up and down and before I knew it he was knuckle deep inside of me! I continued to soak his finger until we got to my hotel.

We ran up the back staircase to my room. He started to grab my hips and I could barely concentrate on opening the door. Once inside I backed up against the wall with my hands around his back and he started kissing my neck. I could feel how hard he was as he pressed up against me. I pushed him over to the bed and laid flat on my back with my feet hanging off the bed. I pulled up my dress and he slid off my thong. He continued kissing me, working his way down my body until he got to my hips. I was beyond ready for him to be done teasing me so I grabbed the back of his head and moved it over until I could feel his tongue swirling around my clit.

From there on out was mostly a toe curling blur. A mastery of tongue and fingers deep in me. I only vividly remember my first orgasm of the night. I remember holding the back of his head with one hand while the other had a death grip on the sheets. My toes curled so hard that I got a cramp in my foot. He kissed me and I could feel my juices in his beard. Never had that before but it’s incredibly hot.

He gave me a back rub that ended with him rubbing my pussy again and his head between my legs again. This time I think I came twice in the span of a few minutes. Afterward I was thoroughly exhausted and we parted ways. I felt amazing head to toe and I slept like a baby that night.

The next morning I woke up to a message saying that he’d had a great time and hoped I did too. I felt some internal guilt that I had received all the pleasure so I invited him out to the bar with us again later that night after the football game.

We again met for drinks and one thing lead to another and I was kissing him and stroking his cock through his pants. We left and headed for his car. I leaned over from the passenger seat and unzipped his pants pulling out his hard cock. I could barely wrap my hand around it and I now know that I definitely have a gag reflex! I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and we got in the back seat and pulled off our pants in a chaotic haste. I climbed on top of him and slid down onto his cock. It took a few tries to squeeze him in me as it’s been a while since I’ve had sex and he was bigger than I’ve had in the past. The feeling of him inside me was amazing as I bounced up and down on his lap. It was my first time having awesome sloppy car sex.

After he drove me to my hotel and walked me to my room. Of course in my euphoric state I asked him to stay the night. He fucked me one more time that night and once in the morning before I had to leave. I made the long drive home with the taste of him in my mouth and my pussy throbbing from overuse. It hurt but a good kind of pain. It’ll be a birthday I’ll never forget!

Ps. Thank you! You know who you are ;)

tl;dr: Had a guy eat me out on my birthday and fucked him in his car the next night!

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Seeking advice for bottom eyelashes that curl UP

Curling News - Sun, 10/21/2018 - 21:53

On my left side only, about a year ago, I started noticing a few bottom eyelashes were curling UP instead of down. I didn't make much of it and it was always the same lashes, so I plucked (I know!) the worst ones every few months and that was that.

About a month ago, many of the rest of them, about 50%, followed suit. I need a solution! they don't bother me too much, but they look awful.

I sleep on my left side, always have. No changes in makeup or skincare routine. No major weight changes.

What should I try?

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Scarf not laying flat

Curling News - Sun, 10/21/2018 - 18:28

Hi all, my scarf is curling into itself as I crochet (in the picture, the green is how it lays naturally, the tan is how wide it actually is). The author of the pattern (here) suggested a J hook, which is what I'm using. Her scarf shows the same waves I have but they don't look nearly as severe. Is it a problem with my tension? And is there any way to fix what I already have (I'm 70% done)? I'm using 80% acrylic 20% wool yarn; I've never blocked anything before so I don't know if that's a possibility. Any guidance would be appreciated!

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When others find your trauma arousing...

Curling News - Sun, 10/21/2018 - 17:00

There is no good way to put this.

I'm sure everyone here is aware of rape porn. Well, there is an audio porn sub on here where you can post such things, and normally I scroll right by and try to forget about it.

This time... It was the exact scenario of my own assault, posted on a platform for people to masturbate to. And I have no one else to go to say the things that I feel about it.

I feel... Anxious. Like everyone who might comment or upvote on it is another person I need to look out for, to protect myself from. I am trying not to revisit the post, so that I can't keep a mental tally of how many people I need to watch my back for. It feels like anyone I meet might be one out of that new number, and the number just keeps increasing from one. Now it's at least two, when I thought I only had to watch my back for one person. Now, I realize the number is larger than I could ever imagine, and I feel powerless again.

I feel disgusted. Deep in the pit of my stomach, I feel appalled by all human existence. I feel infinitely horrified that someone could disconnect the fact that rape actually happens, has probably happened to people they are close to, that they can ignore that fact long enough to get off to it. I feel a kind of disgust I can't even put into words, an infinite knot in my stomach that keeps curling over every time I see the tags on that post again, a neverending knot that has no loose ends, can never be untied, just like my past. It can never truly end, or begin, it is simply constant.

I feel happy that they are jerking off to it instead of doing it to someone else...

And I feel a deep loathing for myself that I could find a shred of hope in such an unforgivable thing.

Does it ever go away?

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Finally got the Ulta 20% off coupon in the mail, but wondering what to purchase?

Curling News - Sun, 10/21/2018 - 16:33

Hello all,

I checked my mail and received the Ulta 20% off coupon. I wang to purchase some things, but lost on what’s good to buy right now. I think I have a lot of warm and neutral eyeshadow palettes, including the JH x Morphe and ABH Modern Renaissance. Maybe some purples and pops of colors would be nice to use. I also want to purchase some Mac lipsticks, but not sure what shades would go with NC 20 - NC 25 skin. I currently own the shades Honey Love and Diva. I want to venture into more primers. I have the Benefit Pore-fessional and an Elf primer. My skin is normal/combination at the moment.

Edit: also looking into purchasing a curling iron

What are your recommendations? TIA!

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