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So...I witnessed a player slip, fall, crack their head and end up in the ER with a concussion this weekend while Curling. Made me wonder why people don't wear helmets in this sport...seems to make as much sense as it does for a sport like Bicycling where almost everyone wears a helmet?

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Stellarim Dawn

Curling News - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 07:49

Vadik slowly walks across the rooftops of the city, a solitary figure in the cold dawn.. She looks around her at all the bright lights of the city, breathing in the cold crisp air. She needed to get away from the school for a bit, being cramped up in there was starting to affect her a bit. She walks to an edge of a building and sits down slowly, looking at all the close by windows around her.

Families sleeping, enjoying the calm quiet morning without a care in the world.. Vadik sighs and looks away, not being able to escape the reason she came out here. She looks upwards, towards the colorful morning sky above her, to the few stars she still can see past the city’s lights. Coming to the world has been quite an experience. A new body, many friends, this is a life she could never have had back from where she is from. But, as something she soon learned, nothing good lasts forever.

One month prior, she had lost a very valuable friend and soldier of her army. Natasha the jumping spider sacrificed herself to save Vadik from someone shooting her in the back. This really put her whole experience in a new light. She had friends, family, but...she was missing someone important. Irina, a person she fell for, was called back home for unknown reasons. It has been nearly two months since she had seen or heard anything from her. During that time, she had been doing her best to stay strong. But she recently got a letter after all this time…

Vadik looks down and slowly takes out a letter from between her breasts, something she seen others do around the school. And since Vadik did not wear any clothes, her carapace essentially doubling as armor and clothing, she found it works. She stares down at the letter before her, slowly opening it up. She knew it by heart by now, but the pain did not go away. Her eyes blankly stared at the words before her, the words that broke her heart.

She slowly refolds the paper and puts it away, her body shaking as tears form in her eyes. She tries to take her mind off of the letter, trying to calm herself down. Why are emotions so tough to handle? Maybe she should get rid of them, they have only been so much trouble lately. Vadik begins to slowly curl up, resting her head on her knees. She felt more alone now than she did when she arrived here. Taking a shuddering breath, she began to sing, she found the hobby to be calming.

Her voice did it’s best to carry over the sounds of the city, trying to convey her feelings an action she had a tough time doing. Her voice, once cold and strong, now weak and pathetic. She felt empty inside, like she needed to do something. But she couldn’t put her finger on it. Maybe it was the fact that she is borderline infertile and sterile? And begin around so many people who were having kids affecting her, that so many marriages seem to be happening around her. She didn’t know anymore-


A powerful shockwave rocks her to her senses, causing her to jump up and look around. Her hairtenna shaking a bit as she begins to pick up some information. The sound came from two blocks over, to her right. She quickly turns and rushes to find the source of the explosion, quickly flying over the gaps between the buildings. She could sense a powerful presence with in the area, the presence itself distress? Something with in Vadik’s mind began to yell at her, crying for help. She stops for a second and holds her head.

“What is this?” Vadik mutters before continuing on towards the area.

When she got to the edge of the building, she leaned over to look. Below her, ten men in suits fill the small alleyway, in the middle a snow-white haired girl stood shaking as she looks between the two groups of men. Vadik’s eyes widen as she sees the scene, her fists slowly balling up. The girl though, quickly raises her hand-


A bullet flies and hits the girl in the shoulder, causing her to tumble down onto her rear. Vadik’s eyes widen as she sees the men quickly rush to the girl. Time itself felt like it slowed down as the girl looks up and the two see each other. Time coming to standstill as the two lock eyes, the girl’s shining briefly.

”Help….me….” Comes a soft, Russian voice in the back of Vadik’s head. “Please…” And suddenly, Vadik felt something change, a need slowly growing with in her.

Time slowly goes back to normal just as one of the men knocks the girl out with the back end of his pistol. Vadik slowly growls and jumps to the ground. Two of the men managed to pick the girl up before Vadik landed behind them, shrouded in the darkness. The clicking of guns could be heard as eight barrels trained on the shadowy figure.

“Kto tam? Kto ty?” One of the men shouted.

Vadik slowly stands up, her glowing yellow eyes peering from the darkness. Her scorpion tail slowly growing behind her, her claws razor sharp. She forgot her sword back at home, but she didn’t care, tonight another side is being unleashed.

“Kto ty?! Otvet'te nam!” The man shouted again. “Otvet'te nam, ili my-” The man says before being brutally cut off. A large scorpion tail launches out of the shadows, spearing him through the abdomen and yanking him into the darkness.

A sickening crunching sound rings out in the now quite alleyway before the upper half of the man is flung back at them. Vadik slowly steps out of the shadows, holding the lower half of the man….and slurping the intestines like spaghetti. The others cry in fear, shaking at the sight of the monster before them. Gun fire ringing out as they try to back away. Vadik doesn’t flinch as the bullets hit her carapace and bounce off. She swings her tail around and impales another guard, curling the spike with in him and ripping out his organs. Vadik tosses the lower half of the old guard away.

“Do not touch her.” She growls before launching at the guards.

The two men carrying the girl drop her and high tail it out of there. Vadik grabbing a man and pulling him close, biting down onto his neck and ripping most of his throat out. She turns her attention the nearest suit, quickly raising her wrist and spraying his face with webbing. The man begins to try and rip the webbing off as his air supply slowly runs out. Two more of the men quickly turn and run, leaving just Vadik and three scared men. They continue to shoot at her, hoping the low caliber bullets would do something.

Vadik rushes at the farthest one this time, pulling her hand back. She thrusts hard into the man’s chest, cutting right through it and grabbing his heart. Ripping it out of him, she begins to munch hungrily on it, making her appearance all the more bloodier. The last two men turn to run, but a very unlucky one would feel a barb though his leg. Looking back, Vadik would be dragging the suit back to her, a blood thirsty look on her eyes.

She slowly dangles the man in front of her, lifting her hand slowly. She drags a sharp finger down his stomach, slicing him open like hunted prey. The man slowly dies a painful death as he watches his innards fall out in front of him and munched on by the alien. Soon, she discards the empty sack of skin and bones, looking to the girl. Walking over, she would see the girl is badly bleeding but still alive. Vadik slowly picks her up, cradling her like a baby. Turning, she flies out and heads back to the school.

Vadik slowly lands at the gates of the school, briskly running towards the doors. The shoulder of the girl she is carrying was roughly patched up with webbing, but even that was turning red. Does anyone see the sight of the two?

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Walk the Ash (Story/Origin)

Curling News - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 07:04

Istvaan V


Captain Natul N’Kai opened his eyes, and for a moment, he saw nothing. His vision was spiderwebbed with hair-thin cracks that fragmented reality into slivers of eerily reflective glass, and the only light he sensed came filtering through them in a hellish red glow. For a moment, N’Kai was confused, disoriented by the strange lack of true vision. Then the pain struck, and the Astartes gave an involuntary gasp. It felt like he had been struck in the chest by a forgehammer, and as N’Kai sucked in a gasp of air he felt his lungs groan in protest. The sound of breath rasping into and out of his throat sounded as loud as an artillery shell detonating in his ear. He lay there for a moment later, blind and deaf to the world, simply breathing in hot, stale air and letting its touch rejuvenate his system. It was as though his world was confined to his skull, with only the dull ache of pain reminding him that there was a body attached to his disoriented mind. Then, without really meaning to, the Captain clenched his fist, and he suddenly remembered who he was. The Fireborn never surrendered, never gave in to pain, and he was as much a Son of Nocturne as any warrior of the XVIII Legion. With methodical care, N’Kai reached up to his throat and found the clasps there. A moment later, the helmet was coming off, its surface flaking away like ancient lacquer, and the Captain was cast from his confined, agonized world into the mouth of hell.

The sky above him was on fire. Layer upon layer of combat took place in the trackless void above as thousands of warships fought each other in an internecine struggle that left the darkness of space as red and flame-wreathed as the depths of a volcanic crater. Atmospheric craft fought vicious, whirling duels in the smoke-darkened skies, their fury unleashed upon each other in a catastrophic bloodletting of the sort undreamt of by even the grimmest of seers. A flight of Fire Raptors in the brushed steel of the Iron Warriors streaked overheard, their autocannons and bolter emplacements flensing the ground around N’Kai with merciless thoroughness. N’Kai was suddenly aware of the figures around him as warriors in the dark green of the Salamanders were cut to pieces by the brutal barrage, and the Captain gave a howl of rage at the insanity of it all. A pair of missiles streaked down from the ash-clouds above to pierce two of the Fire Raptors, and N’Kai clenched his fist in savage exultation as he saw the slender shape of a black-painted Xiphon Interceptor slip away into cloud cover once again. The Ravens still stood, then. N’Kai took some comfort in that, for all the madness of this terrible day.

Around him, hundreds of thousands of Astartes in the armor of eleven different legions clashed. The noise of it was astounded, the sound of battle amplified a thousand times by the blackstone mountains that wrapped around the killing fields. Screams and bolterfire mingled with the bass thump of detonating artillery shells and the roaring buzz of active chainblades. The air was choked with smoke and dust, and the vox was a maelstrom of warnings, curses, and threats as the interlinked vox nets of friend and foe overlapped. It was carnage, raw and absolute, and N’Kai saw glimpses of a hundred different terrors as the smoke whirled and parted around him. Any mortal warrior might have panicked, dropping to the ground to hide from the army-crushing forces at work, but these were not mortals. These were Astartes, and not a one of them would surrender while blood still ran in their veins and they still had the power to harm their enemies.

The Captain pushed himself up from the pile of black rock upon which he had been hurled, grunting as he felt his injuries protest against the movement. He had been caught up in the first few shots of the betrayal, his body hurled a hundred meters by a flash of light that felt like it had turned the world inside out. A nuclear warhead, he realized, with a jolt of disgust. He looked up at the ridge above, where the Iron phalanxes of the IV Legion still rained their merciless fire down on their trapped foes. N’Kai bared his teeth in a snarl, the expression shockingly bright against his coal-dark skin. So typical of the Iron Warriors to seek the easiest solution, so callous of them to not only turn upon their enemies, but to slaughter them in the most impersonal, most efficient way. Still, N’Kai knew he had been lucky. He had been caught at the outside of the detonation, his artificer-crafted Mk III warplate protecting him from the worst of the detonation and shielding him from the flash of radiation that had swept out. He could still feel the aftermath of the radioactive weapon against his bare scalp, but he paid it no mind. He was a Salamander, and the people of Nocturne were used to being exposed to far worse conditions that those. If he had been at the center of the detonation, it would have been another matter. Nothing could have survived-

N’Kai suddenly felt a sickening sense of horror in his gut. The feeling was unfamiliar to him, completely so, for he was an Astartes and he had lost his fear long ago. He had thought it would never plague him again, but suddenly it was there, coiled like a serpent in his gut, sinking its needle teeth into his heart. Vulkan… Vulkan had been at the center of the detonation. The Father of the Legion, N’Kai’s father, had been at the very heart of Perturabo’s cruel nuclear firestorm. The Primarchs were mighty, each of them a demigod of battle and a lord of war, and N’Kai had never heard of one dying. He and his brothers had long wondered if such a thing were possible and scoffed at the idea around their forges. Now, though… N’Kai forced himself to look at the point of detonation. It was a graveyard of shattered armor, once green but now scorched to black, punctuated by the twisted shapes of armored vehicles. Nothing stirred at the center, nothing moved to give even the hint of survival. Captain N’Kai felt his horror grow cold in his stomach, curling in upon itself as he realized the terrible reality. Vulkan was dead. The horror burst into rage, and N’Kai suddenly felt the lava in his blood flow hot with a terrible fatalism. He would have vengeance, by Mount Deathfire itself.

N’Kai was broken from his reverie by the sound of bolterfire, and he turned to face it with fury glowing in his magma-red eyes. Hundreds of warriors were spilling down the lip of the ridge towards where the remnants of the Salamanders struggled to regroup and understand the horror of what had befallen their legion. The attackers were clad in midnight blue, their armor covered in bright slashes of artificial lightning and their vox-speakers broadcasting the screams of a thousand times a thousand victims. Night Lords. N’Kai sneered at their paltry terror tactics. If they truly thought their theatricality and crass brutality would intimidate the XVIII Legion, they were gravely mistaken, and Captain N’Kai determined to make them pay for their arrogance. The Captain’s storm shield was still secured to his left forearm, his thunder hammer still held tight in his right hand. He raised the hammer high over his head, lifting the storm shield to protect his unhelmed head. Bolt rounds and pieces of shrapnel whined from the sparking force field, but the Captain paid it no mind. Instead, he roared out to the Salamanders around him. “Sons of Vulkan, to me!”

They came, scores of green-armored warriors taking up position behind a low ridge where they might find cover from the incoming fire of the Night Lords. The ammunition of the Salamanders was exhausted after hours of battle against the unyielding warriors of the Death Guard, and N’Kai knew full well that to engage in a gunfight with the foe was to doom the men around him. Instead, he waited, knowing that the Night Lords would have to come closer if they desired to finish off the Nocturnians. Sure enough, the Sons of a Sunless world had been given instructions to slay the remnants of the XVIII Legion forces, and their advance brought them ever nearer to the ragged line of Salamanders. N’Kai’s eyes narrowed as he saw that many of the Night Lords already carried grisly trophies taken from the dead of three legions, and he wondered at the madness that seemed to have claimed the traitors. He put the thought aside. There would be time enough to question later. Now was the time for survival, and vengeance.

“Unto the Anvil of War!”

With the roared battlecry, N’Kai hurled himself up over the low ridge and towards the Night Lords before him. He heard the roar echoed by the men behind him and to either side, and felt the passage of bolt rounds as the Salamanders with him emptied the last of their ammunition into the Night Lords. Fountains of promethium reached out to engulf Night Lords in pillars of flame even as bolt rounds hammered them from their feet. For all their cruelty, the Night Lords were no less Astartes, and they replied in kind. Dozens of Salamanders went down to snap fire from the Sons of Curze, and the ragged charge grew smaller still. Then the two sides met, and all was carnage. N’Kai swiped his shield to the side, bludgeoning a Night Lord from his feet with the crushing power of the in-built energy field. He had designed and built the device himself, and he knew full well that even armored Astartes struggled to stand before it. The hammer came down in a looping blow that smashed apart the helmet and skull of another Night Lord, sending the body crashing back into two more of its former brothers. All the pain was forgotten as N’Kai’s system was flooded with combat stimms and adrenaline, and he felt as mighty as one of the firedrakes of his home as he hammered a path into the foe. He sent a thrust aimed at his throat awry with the edge of his shield before crushing the attacker’s knee with his hammer’s head and driving the haft of the weapon into another foes faceplate on the backswing.

Around him, green and midnight blue clashed with the crunch of ceramite against ceramite. The Salamanders drove a path into the ranks of the Night Lords, driven by the anguish and fury of betrayal. Scores of the Sons of Curze were slain in the first few moments of the charge as the normally-reserved warriors of Nocturne vented their rage upon them in a storm of controlled brutality. The Salamanders were like a dormant volcano come to life in one earth-shattering detonation, consuming everything before them in a wall of unstoppable ferocity. At their head, N’Kai continued to bull-rush his way into the heart of the enemy, utilizing the skills he had built in a thousand battles against the enemies of the Imperium against the warriors who he had once called cousins. Yet for all their ferocity, the Salamanders were gravely outnumbered, and the weight of the Night Lords began to tell. The Nostramans were masters of murder, and they cut apart isolated Salamanders by twos and threes, slowly dissolving the edges of the formation until a solid core of Salamanders fought alone, surrounded by ranks of midnight blue.

Then, without warning, he came. A draconic figure, a monster of iron and ceramite, his body wrought from the stuff of legend and his weapons crafted by the finest smith in the galaxy. He towered above even the mightiest of Astartes, and his armor was scarred by the impacts of weapons that would have gutted a land raider in a single strike. He had once been called Cassian Vaughn, and he had once walked the battlefield in a body of flesh and blood, as N’Kai had. Then, he had died, and he had been reborn as something greater. The years since his death had seen him gain many names; The Fallen Master, Dracos Revenant, The Iron Dragon. Each heroic deed had built on his mighty reputation and added more to his legend. To the Salamanders, though, he was Cassian Dracos, and his presence on the field was second only to that of the Primarch.

He slammed into the Night Lords like a hammerblow, the bulk of his iron form crushing armored Astartes to pulp where they stood. One of his arms swept out, bathing rank upon rank of Night Lords with the touch of a heavy flamer wrought by Vulkan himself. His other arm punched forward, annihilating Night Lords wherever it landed and sending others flying with seismic impacts. A meltagun was fired point-blank at his frontal carapace armor and dissipated harmlessly, leaving no sign of impact save for a slightly glowing patch on the sarcophagus. At the presence of Dracos, the Salamanders who had followed N’Kai fought all the harder, and it was not long before the Night Lords were retreating, falling back to the safety of their own lines in hopes of avoiding the ire of the Iron Revenant and the Sons of Vulkan. N’Kai bowed his head before the bulky shape of the Dreadnought, offering respect to the former master of the legion. Around him, the remaining Salamanders began to secure the ammunition of the dead, reloading bolters with magazine claimed from fallen Night Lords.

“You have my thanks, Lord Dracos. Without your aid, today would have claimed even more sons of Vulkan.”

The Dreadnought’s voice seemed to come from far away, a depth of grief and fury evident even in his artificial tones.

+++ We are betrayed… The Legion must survive. +++

N’Kai looked questioningly up at the shape of the Dreadnought. “A withdrawal, then? If we fight our way to the landing site, or make it to the Iron Hands or the Raven Guard, we may have a chance to get to orbit…”

The conversation was cut short as Cassian Dracos straightened and looked up at the ridge where the Iron Warriors continued their merciless bombardment. N’Kai followed his gaze, and his mouth fell open in awe. A massive figure in scorched green armor and a ragged, scaled cloak was silhouetted against the ridgeline. Even from so far away, the fiery glow of his eyes was clear, shining across the battlefield like the light of a furnace, and a crackling thunder hammer was clutched tight in his fist. Fire swathed him and weapons bombarded him, but he walked through them like a man advancing through a hailstorm, taking their impacts on his wondrous armor and closing the distance with every step. A Predator tank desperately tried to traverse its turret, bringing the plasma annihilator mounted there around with the grinding noise of overworked gears. It was too slow. The huge figure caught the track of the machine with his left hand and, without any apparent effort, flipped the tons of metal over with a smooth movement. It crashed back into the rest of its formation before detonating in a sun-hot storm of malfunctioning plasma. A kill team of Iron Warriors charged him, their weapons held high, but the green-armored warrior swept out his hammer and a half dozen Astartes disappeared, their bodies reduced to red vapor by the crushing impact. The backswing slew more, and then the figure was lost, disappearing over the ridge with only a trail of detonations and dismembered bodies to mark his wake.

Cassian Dracos was the first to speak, his machine voice failing to hide the awe that he felt.

+++ Vulkan… Lives +++

N’Kai was already calling to his men, ordering them to form up and advance to their Primarch. His heart was filled with hope and joy, even as he wondered at the impossibility of it. Perhaps the Primarchs really were immortal? The thought gave him heart, even as he recognized that it meant the traitorous sons of the Emperor might be equally gifted. Still, there was nothing for it but to rally to Vulkan and die at his side. N’Kai was about to give the order when Dracos’ voice rumbled out once again.

+++ No, N’Kai. Withdraw to the dropships and escape to orbit. The Legion must survive. Do you hear me? The Legion must survive. That is an order, Captain. +++

N’Kai wanted to argue, to rage at the injustice of being stopped from fighting alongside Vulkan, but he was a Space Marine, and to disobey a warrior as skilled and honored as Cassian Dracos was anathema to him. Around him, the other Astartes looked equally infuriated, but none dared gainsay the Fallen Master, and all simply stood in sullen silence. N’Kai finally responded, though his voice was heavy with barely controlled frustration. “Sir, I must request that you revoke this order. The Primarch needs…” Dracos cut him off.

+++ You will die before you are a hundred meters up that ridge. Preserve the Legion, Brother. Gather what gene seed and warriors you can, then retreat. Regroup. And Kill. Them. All. +++

N’Kai saluted in the old way, fist to chest, and his men did the same. Dracos did not wait for further confirmation. He was already moving, surging towards the ridge and his Primarch. The last sight N’Kai had of the Fallen Master was of the Dreadnought advancing into a maelstrom of fire, his sarcophagus alight and smoking with impacts as he slammed into the Iron Warriors. Then he was gone, obscured by smoke, and N’Kai and his warriors were alone. A Sergeant stepped forward, his armor a ruin of impact craters. “We should be up there, sir.”

N’Kai nodded in agreement, but he had his orders, and he would not disobey them. “You heard the Fallen Master, Sergeant. Gather the men and make for the dropsite. With any luck we can find some transport there and make it to orbit. Collect any fallen and wounded you see along the way.” He turned to the rest of the men.

“Dracos has given us a great responsibility this day, men. We have been betrayed and we have suffered gravely. Our legion flickers at the edge of existence, and if we stay and die here it will travel even closer to the precipice. It is our task to keep the light alive, and we must not fail. Even when the last embers of our Legion go out, we will still walk the ashes.”

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Skull Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Brewers are heart shirt

Curling News - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 06:17

Today we are pleased to welcome Milwaukee Bucks first-round pick DJ Wilson! Still won’t forget he played for Skull Milwaukee Bucks and Skull Milwaukee Brewers are heart shirt! Large selection of Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks bobbleheads. See attached list of bobbleheads available with prices. The bucks will be a great team in a year or two. So I doubt it. So disappointed with Sportsnet, only showing 1 game today and Friday 1ith curling champions cup.what is the problem do you know how many fans will so disappointed though you station was more in tune with what the people want, we want to curl.

Buy this shirt: Skull Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Brewers are heart shirt


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Why is my 0.1mm so awful?

Curling News - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 06:04

Just finished my round of upgrades for my P3Steel, had a minor hurdle with a broken Mega I posted about here but I cleared that. Now, however, I'm just dealing with print quality.

My printer is a P3Steel with the Prusa i3 MK2 X gantry, including the extruder assembly (clone E3D with teflon, though). Z axis is handled by two TR8x8 leadscrews. It's running off of a RAMPS 1.4 with A4988 drivers, with 200 steps/rev motors. Everything is tightened down quite well and belts are decently tensioned.

I'm using Slic3r with the Prusa profiles, with the only modification I've made being that I commented out the auto leveling line since my printer doesn't have a probe.

This is a benchy at 0.2mm. It's not perfect but it's well within my standards, with just a bit of ghosting near the upper lips - whether from microstepping or vibration, I don't know. Also a bit of curling near the back corner, but that's a fault of the single sided part cooling fan.

This is an abandoned 0.1mm benchy printed right after that 0.2mm benchy, and it's awful. There are massive ripples and bumps all over the side, with no even, aligned extrusion to speak of. Since the mechanics of the printer seem to be solid at 0.2mm, it almost seems like the extruder simply isn't precise enough.

What is happening here? Is it the extruder like I suspect? As far as I can tell, the Original Prusa i3 mk2 uses the exact same extruder setup (though no doubt built to a higher standard), and the Ultimaker 2 uses a theoretically less precise extruder because of its 3mm filament, so why is it that both of those printers can handle 0.05mm fine and I can't do 0.1mm?

And if there's any way I could improve my 0.1mm performance, please let me know too.

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New Stuff and Interesting Finds

Curling News - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 03:17

New Stuff

Apieu: has a a new mascara that comes on two versions Skinny Daily Mascara Curling/Long Lash, a new lip color Cushion Lip Mousse and their Hamamelis Line has some new products.

Missha: has a new eye color Eye Painting Shadow.

Labelyoung: has some new skincare: Body Serum Mist and Herb Washoff Pack.

Etude House: has some out with some new stuff: Bang Hair Fixer, LE Wonder Porefresher Dual Solution Set, Beauty point X Lang Lu Cushion Puff.

Innisfree: has come out with a new makeup collection 2018 Jeju Color Picker.

Enprani: has a new skincare line Camelia Energy, the Esthe AloeCa Line has a new face(pg 1 is new packaging, pg 2 is old packaging,I don't know if they also tweed the formula so if you are using anything from the line def look up the ingredients again), the Le Premier Lipstick has three new shades and they have a new AIO Essence For Men.

Nature Repulic: has some new skincare: Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Sheet Mask, Natural Peptide Premium V Patch and Aloe Vera Ice Soothing Gel.

TCFS: has some new stuff: Egg Remedy Hair Oil, Check Kissy Tinted Stick, Check Jelly Eyes, Coconut Hand&Nail Treatment, Glam Rock Double Proof Brow and Glam Rock Slim Chic Brow.

TonyMoly: the Vital Vita 12 has a new product Mango Boosting Pack, they Green Tea Line has a Kit and they have a new snail mask Intense Care 24k Gold Snail Hydro Gel Mask.

Guerisson: has a renewed moisturizer Stemcera Renew Cream.

Special Mentions

Abib has an interesting sheet mask Low Acidic ph Sheet Mask Aqua Fit/Honey Fit.

Chifure has a Washable Cold Cream.I've seen that some people use cold cream to remove their makeup so having a washable version would probably make things easier.Also they will be renewing their UV Liquid Foundation and their Loose Face Powder and the new versions will be coming out on the 1st of september.

Twany will be launching their Seasonal Essence and Lara Bouquet 1st Anniversary Collection on 16.08 and their new 2019 Milano Collection will be out on 16.12.

Anna Sui's 2018 Summer Collection is very pretty and can be seen here, here and for anyone interested in how they look irl here.

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Hair stylist just told me my hair isn't frizzy, but rather I have a lot of very short hairs at the top of my head. She thought it was unusual.

Curling News - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 00:31

During my haircut today the stylist was shocked when I said I don't use a flat iron or curling iron, as I have a lot of short hairs towards my scalp. She seemed to think it wasn't a normal growth pattern, and even asked me if I had given birth recently (no) as new mothers often have hair like this. Her comment made me think I was lacking a vitamin or had some underlying cause for why my hair wouldn't be growing as it should. I just started blow drying it, but for the past 6 or so years I've just let it be natural (no styling at all). Has anyone heard of something that would cause this, or a way to fix it? Thanks in advance.

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Hair stylist just told me my hair isn't frizzy, but rather I have a lot of very short hairs at the top of my head. She thought it was unusual.

Curling News - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 23:26

During my haircut today the stylist was shocked when I said I don't use a flat iron or curling iron, as I have a lot of short hairs towards my scalp. She seemed to think it wasn't a normal growth pattern, and even asked me if I had given birth recently (no) as new mothers often have hair like this. Her comment made me think I was lacking a vitamin or had some underlying cause for why my hair wouldn't be growing as it should. I just started blow drying it, but for the past 6 or so years I've just let it be natural (no styling at all). Has anyone heard of something that would cause this, or a way to fix it? Thanks in advance.

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#100Waffles- Diath- Miasma (Fanfic)

Curling News - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 13:23

Title: Miasma

Fandom: Dice Camera Action

Characters: Diath Woodrow, Strix Skizzicks(mentioned)

Ships: [Diath Woodrow/Strix (hinted)]

Rating: E

Summary: Diath wanders the miasma. He's been dead before. This isn't the same. (VERY loose form poetry) #100Waffles

AN: I really wanted to do something introspective for Diath's #100Waffles, and so here is this. It's another word prompt and I think it worked out all right. When I saw this prompt I immediately thought of the Crew's time in Borovia. Please give me feedback! Comments greatly appreciated! I write fanfiction for fun, if you have a problem with that, file a complaint with Larry (the void outside my window).

Miasma: n 1: a vaporous exhalation or emanation 2: an atmosphere that depletes, corrupts, or obscures

It was easier at first. He'd been dead before. Floating in inexistence. Choked away from life. Losing air and hope in equal measure. But here.

Here was different.

Gray shapes drifted through fog. The colorless sky pressed down on his mind, a heavy weight of discomfort. He didn't see the others. Only vague forms that quelled in him intense fear. Curling in his chest like some sort of feral beast, heavy and wild.

Diath couldn't struggle against that weight.

He was alone. Vastly, inexplicably, (perhaps only mentally), alone. His thoughts drifted in and out occupying the emptiness with joy and fear. With hatred. So much hatred.

He was a ghoul, eyes sunken and devoid. Another gray being in the miasma.

Even Gutter's dark voice is silent here. The only echoing pleas Diath heard were the voices of children and slaves, charred and burnt after he released the demon. Those were there when he was alive though. The same small voices calling out for help.

Here was different from last time. Strahd made sure of it.


He didn't know how much time had passed. He barely fathomed his surroundings now. The fog stiff and gray. The air stagnant and unmoving.

Sometimes, when he could remember, he missed the cool ocean breeze of Waterdeep. Cool sea swept air tousling his locks, hissing through the streets filled with vendors and adventurers alike. The harbors. The taverns. The back alleys where he met...


She was his tether. A constant thought in the endless white. He couldn't always remember what she looked like. Didn't always see her rare smile in his head. But when he did. Then he remembered it all.

When they met: dank alleyways and trash bins. Pies left out in the rain every day. Her dark robes and small horns nestled in a bird's nest of hair.

His trust. He realized he trusted her. Every minute. Every second since he met her. Didn't matter how many times she ran away, screaming in infernal. No matter how many times she threw fireballs and the heat swept over him, warming him but not scalding him.


she would never let that happen

She protected him. Saved him from the dark recesses of his own mind.

Who was there to save him now?

Who was there in the fog?

Diath lets out a sigh, white hot breathe blending with the ever-present cloud. With it. The memories.

He goes back to wandering.


It's quiet here.

It's loud here.

Pressure buzzing against his skull, the lack of life.

He wonders if the clouds will clear.

He wonders when the sun will shine.

It's too dark.

But too white and he's lost in the maze of miasma.

And he can't tell if he's muttering aloud or only thinking,

or whether there's a difference since there's no one around to hear his repetitive pleas.

No one except the shadows.

Moving with him. S

tanding and shuffling and muttering.

The buzzing is too loud.

It's too quiet.

He wants out.

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Amnesia haze auto, day 5, first grow

Curling News - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 12:01

Hey, my first grow is at day 5 ..

Hows she looking?

My main concerns so far is whether the top soil looks too dry (although I did see tiny amount of white mold spots/powder on it earlier which I moved around) and whether the tips on leaves look as if they're curling up.

Tools so far ..

- biobuzz all mix soil

- 250 hps light

- oscilating fan 30w

- water, thats been sat out for 24 hours before use

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Why do my curls fall out after a day?

Curling News - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 11:56


Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo and conditioner. Shea Moisture coconut oil detangler spray Shea Moisture curling gel soufflé

I detangle with conditioner in the shower then shampoo my scalp. Rinse. squish to condish. Spray coconut oil detangler. Squish in gel. Air dry 10 mins to let my curl pattern set. Plop for one hour. Sleep to scrunch out crunch.

New to all of this.

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Herstyler Complete Flat Iron and Curling Iron Set, Dual Voltage, Platinum Zebra

Curling News - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 11:37

Herstyler Complete Flat Iron and Curling Iron Set, Dual Voltage, Platinum Zebra

Price: 50.99 USD

How to Order:


Artistic Inspiration

As an artist, you're constantly on the lookout for inspiration, and we think the tools you use make up a big part of that inspiration. We designed our Flat Iron and Curling Iron Complete Sets in bold prints to remind you of your individuality, so every time you style, you can do it with passion.

Our flat irons have floating plates, so you can create almost any look, and our curling iron lets you go wild with curls of all sizes. Best of all, you can always count on these hair tools to keep things under control, so you can pursue your wildest dreams, while we work on keeping your hair frizz free and healthy.

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Anxiety in a relationship

Curling News - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 10:22

I [21M] have been in a relationship with my girl friend [21] for almost 18 months now. The first 10 months she was a happy person overall, I would say happier than the average. However the past 8 months she hasn't been the same. She finished uni while my uni schedule became 3 times busier and this has had an affect on her mental health. Her psychologist recently told her that her subconscious way of dealing with anxiety shes had her whole life was focussing on school/uni, which explains why she has felt that way since she finished. Her anxiety was most likely caused by her neglectful and abusive mother in her childhood (who has recently started harassing her in her adult life - making her cry everytime her mum tries to contact her). Since her anxiety got bad about 8 months ago, any arguments we have get blown way out of proportion. She has these episodes where she suddenly breaks down and spirals out of control, curling up into a ball crying uncontrollably. She's said she was going to kill herself 4 times now following arguments we've had. I'll note that sometimes it doesn't need to be an argument to bring on her episodes. It could be something as simple as me not being able to come over when she wants me to (she was sad and I had guests over). Anyway every time she has one of her episodes, I get really frustrated which prevents me from being able to genuinely empathise for her. I get frustrated because it happens too often, it's getting in the way of our relationship and my happiness in the relationship. I feel awful for not having more patients with it, but it's becoming too much for me and affecting my mental health. It's at a point where she has an episode every week. She loves me so much words can't describe it. I loved her to bits before all this, but it's at a point now where I don't love the person that she's become. Part of me is saying to break up with her and I'll be happier without her, while the other part is saying to wait it out and she will get better which will improve the relationship. There are so many aspects of her personality that I admire and I have so much respect for her, and I just don't know if it's worth the anxiety that comes with it.

TLDR: My girlfriends anxiety is getting in the way of our relationship, and I don't know whether I should end it or wait it out to see if things get better.

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Drugstore Mascara Recommendations? - Separating, Multiplying, and Curling

Curling News - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 08:51

Hey everyone =) I'm interested in buying a new mascara and would love to hear your recommendations. I'm looking for a mascara that will separate the lashes, give the illusion of having more lashes, and will help my lashes curl. Overall the look I want to achieve is soft and feathery lashes. My natural lashes are straight, thin, but long. They are not very sparse but also not very dense. I'd prefer if it was from the drugstore. Thanks in advance!

Note: A bonus is if the wand has rubber/silicone or plastic bristles instead of the nylon ones, but this isn't a must have.

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Match Thread: Germany vs Mexico [2018 FIFA World Cup]

Curling News - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 08:36
Germany vs Mexico Score: 0 - 1

Match Information

  • Kickoff: 18:00 MSK

  • Competition: 2018 FIFA World Cup - Group F

  • Venue: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

  • Referee: Alireza Faghani


  • Starting XIs:
Germany Mexico Manuel Neuer Guillermo Ochoa Marvin Plattenhardt Jesús Gallardo Mats Hummels Héctor Moreno Jérôme Boateng Hugo Ayala Joshua Kimmich Carlos Salcedo Toni Kroos Héctor Herrera Sami Khedira Andrés Guardado Julian Draxler Miguel Layún Mesut Özil Hirving Lozano Thomas Müller Javier Hernández Timo Werner Carlos Vela
  • Substitutes:
Germany Mexico Marc-André ter Stegen José Corona Kevin Trapp Alfredo Talavera Matthias Ginter Diego Antonio Reyes İlkay Gündoğan Edson Álvarez Antonio Rüdiger Jesús Manuel Corona Niklas Süle Giovani Dos Santos Julian Brandt Jonathan Dos Santos Mario Gómez Marco Fabián Leon Goretzka Rafael Márquez Marco Reus Javier Aquino Sebastian Rudy Oribe Peralta Jonas Hector (injured) Raúl Jiménez
  • Managers:
Germany Mexico Joachim Löw Juan Carlos Osorio

Group G Standings

Team Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points Germany 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mexico 0 0 0 0 0 0 Sweden 0 0 0 0 0 0 South Korea 0 0 0 0 0 0

Match Events

1' - The referee whistles for the start Mexico gets the game underway.

2' - Vela plays in Lozano and he darts into the six-yard box. He's free and looks certain to score, but Boateng gets across and makes a sensational sliding tackle.

3' - Werner now showing his pace in the final third from Germany, latching onto Kimmich's through ball but dragging a shot wide of the far post.

9' - Free-kick to Mexico in a dangerous central position, which Layun is lurking over. However, his effort is way over Neuer's bar.

15' - A brilliant delivery causes panic in the German defense as Moreno challenges for the header. It bounces off Hummels towards goal and Neuer has to dive and save.

20' - Werner swivels inside the area and shoots, but it's low and straight at Ochoa. Draxler was screaming for a pass from that position and isn't happy with his team-mate.

25' - Mexico are winning a number of free-kicks in the attacking third but are yet to truly test Neuer or the Germany defense.

28' - Golden opportunity for Mexico on the break as Vela charges forward into acres of room but his attempt to cut a ball into the middle is blocked.

35' - GOOOOL! Hirving Lozano! Lozano has been all over the Germany defense in the opening half hour and he's finally got his reward. Hernandez leads the charge and feeds the PSV ace on the left, who cuts inside and fires into the bottom left-hand corner. (0-[1])

39' - It's a brilliant, curling, right-footed effort by Kroos and Ochoa gets a touch to push it onto the bar.

40' - Hector Moreno picks up the game's first yellow card for timewasting.

45' - Vela is at the heart of things again, exchanging passes with Guardado before shooting just wide from the edge of the area.

Halftime - Germany 0-1 Mexico

46' - Germany get us back underway and need to improve significantly in the second period.

52' - Mexico are keeping the ball really well now, with their fans cheering every touch. Germany haven't exactly seized the initiative early in the second half.

55' - Ozil opens his body and finds the run of Draxler to his left, but his shot is deflected out for a corner. The short set-piece routine quickly breaks down.

57' - It's two on two as Hernandez runs at two German defenders, but when he finally releases the ball for Vela it's just ahead of Vela and Germany survive.

58' - The excellent Carlos Vela is taken off and replaced by the midfielder Edson Alvarez .

60' - Bah gawd, that's Reus's music! Sami Khedira is replaced by Marco Reus , who enters the frame.

65' - Kimmich latches onto Boateng's cross and tries an acrobatic overhead kick, which loops over the head of Ochoa and lands on the roof of the net.

66' - Second change for Mexico as goalscorer Hirving Lozano is taken off, replaced by new Wolves signing Raul Jimenez .

74' - Third and final change for Mexico, as Andres Guardado makes way for Rafael Marquez to make an appearance in his fifth World Cup.

76' - Kroos shoot brilliantly from the edge of the area, trying to guide a first-time shot into the bottom corner, but just sending it wide.

78' - Layun hits on the counter and has to do it all on his own, trying to beat Neuer from distance but his attempt isn't good enough.

80' - Second change for Germany as Marvin Plattenhardt is replaced by Mario Gomez .

83' - Thomas Muller is booked for bringing down Herrera as he attempts to launch a counter-attack.

85' - A desperate Mats Hummels dives in late on Alvarez.

86' - Third and final change for Germany, Timo Werner is replaced by Julian Brandt .

90' - Hector Herrera goes into the book for Mexico. His side are dead on their feet.

Fulltime - Germany 0-1 Mexico

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