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I'll Put Up With A Lot, But Don't You Dare Try to Get On My Poopdeck...

Swimming Reddit - 3 hours 32 min ago

Here's a funny experience I had solo the other day:

Had just turned in a half dozen chests of various values and decided to hit up a shipwreck out of curiosity before logging off for a bite to eat irl. Managed to find a mid value skull in the wreck, but wasn't worth it to go and turn in since my oven timer was going off irl. Saw another sloop, headed towards them, flashing my lamps and playing music. Anchored next to them and they began shooting cannonballs with appalling accuracy. Grabbed my gift skull and swam over to their ship, they continued firing guns at me, again with horrible accuracy, until I climbed on their ship, made eye contact, dropped my gift skull by their helm in front of them and continued playing music and saying "I come in Peace!". I kept playing music while dodging bullets and cutlass swings, finally jumped back in the water after failed attempts at communicating peace. They continued firing bullets while I swam back to my sloop. Hit a couple times, I decided to eat a banana before climbing my ladder back onto my ship, when I notice one of the simpletons swimming after me, not far behind. I climbed my ladder and readied my blunderbuss and when he got to the top of my ladder, I shot him once, center mass and insta-killed him. Lol. Just trying to be friendly on the Sea of Thieves. I will put up with a lot of BS until u try to board my Dirty Little Sloop. That's where I draw the line...hard no to guests on my poop-deck...

10/10 would gift a skull again...

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Healing betta fish after attack

Swimming Reddit - 4 hours 7 min ago

I’m new to this sub, so apologies if this question is asked often, I’m just very worried about my boys.

I have a tank with a divider that is sealed from top to bottom, except for a small hole at the top for feeding with one betta on each side, Mac and Cheese.

Cheese is known to be a jumper and he jumped over the divider before I fixed it to reach the lid a while ago. This morning, he somehow managed to jump over (I have literally no idea how this was physically possible but what’s done is done) and attacked Mac when I wasn’t around. Mac is pretty gnawed up, but is alive and swimming.

I lowered the water level a lot so he wouldn’t have to swim as far to breathe and went to my local pet store and bought some Elive tea tree stuff they recommended to me.

They’re still in the same tank for now but the water level is like 1/3 of what it was so Cheese shouldn’t be able to jump.

Should I keep the water the same so the Elive works or do a water change? Do you have any other tips for helping him get better? Possible infections to look out for?


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Goicoechea looks to go out on a high note

Swimming Google Alert - 4 hours 17 min ago
MADISON, Wis. – After taking the road less traveled to the University of Wisconsin, senior Victor Goicoechea is concluding his career as a Badger by competing at the NCAA Men's Swimming and Diving Championships this weekend in Minneapolis. Goicoechea is in the middle of an especially busy ...
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Trying to overcome thalassophobia

Swimming Reddit - 4 hours 19 min ago

I want to try surfing so bad.

My boyfriend has been willing to teach me, but ive kind of sabatoge the lesson. Or just nor been able to manage my anxiety of deep water.

As a 6 foot woman, I swim pretty well, and can handle water up ro my chest. I can handle deeper, warm and clear water in the Caribbean, but when it comes to VA beach or even California beaches, i cant.

I had an experience where I was taken out by a rip current into cold, deep water. It was a week of red flags at nags head and we finally had a day where the lifeguards felt the current had somewhat calmed. My best friend and i swam to a sandbar and were riding waves in. This one wave sent her to shore while sending me backwards. I knew I needed to stay calm, paddle easy, and swam diagonally to the beach.

Then I kicked something. Something that made me instinctually call out my best friend's name, even though I knew she wasn't with me.

I knew I was alone, I knew I couldn't stand where I was, and I knew I kicked something heavy and fleshy. I never swam so hard in my life. The last thing I remember was looking at shore and seeing a lifeguard standing by the water. I hoped they saw me and would save me if i was to drown or be attacked.

Anywho, I lost my love for freely swimming in open water at that point. Before that, I had swam anywhere, no fear, even in shark tanks during sea camp, but this impacted me. I am growing less and less desire to even go in the water.

Does anyone have any tips for easing back into the water without just being thrown into deep water?

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Tip: Try to listen for players swimming near your ship so you can avoid getting boarded by surprise. This noise is an unique "water-splash" sound, different from the rest.

Swimming Reddit - 4 hours 26 min ago

After playing the beta a lot as well as the final release, I've noticed that if an enemy is swimming around your boat, they will make a really different water-splashing sound, specially when they grab the ladder.

I found this random video (at around 13:33) where you can hear that sound when he grabs the ladder. You can try this with your crewmates and train your ear to it.

I guess knowing this sound is better for the sloop, since it's much smaller and sounds are more obvious.

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Had a three sloop battle and got satisfying pirate revenge in return.

Swimming Reddit - 4 hours 37 min ago

This is for those solo sloops out there:

Got a merchant quest to find a red, Gold, and two black chickens. I found three at my first island with a added bonus of a crate of spices.

Go to another island and start searching for my last black chicken. Find them below the cliff I was on at a beach a bit off from my sloop.

Decide to move my sloop over to the side Since it was a high rock cliff separating the beaches and I needed to grab my coop. I jump down and start swimming around the cliff to my sloop.

Come to see another sloop parked right behind mine and a pirate running around my lower deck. I try to sneak aboard theirs and set sail, end up dying. Scared they ran off with my spices I come back to a hole in my ship and adrift.

Patched the hole and bailed. Don’t have time to check inventory since another sloop is shooting holes in my ship. I return fire and fix damage as the other two sloop engage battle. I notice my chickens and spices are still where I left them. I think to myself I can just go back and get my last chicken.

Then I see it. My empty coop was taken. Flabbergasted. Not the spices but the empty coop?! That does it. I can’t complete my quest without that coop. I join the fight again and get set up with my sloop helm turned port with a slightly raised sail to take tighter turns to start circling the sloops switching sides to fire at both sloops as we circle each other.

I get sunk due to them both turning on me but I jump off and swim to the one that first stole from me. Blunderbusted her in the back at the helm for ruining my peaceful merchant quest and drowning my chickens. I then set sail for the nearest rock. I took her planks and bananas, while wishing I had a way to throw supplies overboard. Killed her about three more times before ramming her sloop into the rock.

Killed her again. Rammed her sloop again since I felt it didn’t have enough holes yet. I had to get both sides you see. When I knew it was a lost cause I typed, “next time don’t kill my chickens!!!” Jumped off so she can be stranded at the rock that sunk her sloop. She was chasing me with a blunderbust but I did what I came to do and took the mermaid.

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Seeing fin rot the 1st day after water change.

Swimming Reddit - 4 hours 40 min ago

I have had my buddy for a week. 1st weeks water change went meh, discovered my siphon dosent pick up debris worth a darn.

Water was conditioned, small amount of plant food added, temp at 75f, and tank cycled, tank tested 0 ammonia, and I did a pre fish water change. He was acting happy swimming around gently, eating whenever fed and all that stuff. He even built a bubble nest!

1st water change and BOOM, next day white shit on the edges of his fins and he is acting spastic.

I am using sand and live plants. I want to start treatment NOW, but I dont wanna stress him harder and make it worse. my 1st fish just cant die.

what do?

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I attempted to make mozzarella the first time. Here's what came out.

Swimming Reddit - 4 hours 51 min ago

I used these recipes:



I used whole milk. Used citric acid and rennet (which I told was the way to use it) which I both dissolved in cups of water, separately. The rennet was like fine grains of sand but it did not dissolve.

I did everything like in the recipe but when I added citric acid and the milk started to curd, it did not become a pudding-like slab of curd, it became like how quarks are, scattered around swimming in the milk with a little bit of "cohesion" in the middle. This time the milk was still white. Then I added the rennet+water mixture, started to stir it and if I remember correctly, this is the time the milk outside the curds started to become a light yellow (whey?) but still not the pudding-like or jelly-like cohesion. Then after 5 minutes I strained it and put it in the microwave. After that and several attempts at heating it again in the microwave (and straining the remaining whey from it) I could not knead it into a dough like consistency. It just all came out between my fingers when I handled it. It was really like quarks.

What went wrong?

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Cleveland Fishing Folks, Where U At??

Swimming Reddit - 4 hours 53 min ago

I got into fishing around 2015 and finally feel like I have made some gains on the learning curve. Hopefully by sharing this info, we can increase interest in fishing and nature alike.

Everybody is going to tell you to go 45 minutes West to Rocky River. Or an hour east to West Branch. Nothing against those two locations, but I don't like driving that much, and I enjoy the inner city atmosphere. That being said, here's my usual fishing spots that I normally hit from May - September after work... Feel free to add to the list!

Harvard Ave Bridge - just East of Cleats Club Seat Grille Old Brooklyn (don't park there tho, they'll tow you, even on Sunday morning). I've caught catfish, bass, sheep head, little baby fish (idk what to call them). On average I probably catch about 1 fish an hour. The train bridge southeast of there has a bunch of bluegill and some bass that live underneath. You can catch fish constantly, so long as you're cool with bluegill and little bass.

Edgewater Park - just East of the swimming beach there are some rocks where little rock bass hang out. Right around sundown in the summer you can catch these constantly.

Whiskey Island - within the breakwall, between the Coast Guard Station and Whiskey Island Marina. You can fish from shore by the marina or the volleyball courts. I usually fish from kayak or paddle board and have some decent success. There's grass/seaweed on the bottom 3ft, so make sure your rig stays above that or is snagless. I caught a huge catfish here once, but more regularly small catfish, panfish, bass and then maybe perch.

Coast Guard Station - right where the Cuyahoga River meets the Lake. The seaweed is nasty, but it also harbors a bunch of bass. They dredge/ harvest a few times a summer which is nice, but then the fish don't hang out any more. I usually use a hook, sinker and worm, but lures tend to work better here.

Merwins Wharf - a restaurant off the Columbus Street Bridge and shares a parking lot with the skate park. The Cuyahoga River is dredged often, so in summer months you can fish for 10-14 inch catfish off the bottom and catch about 3 an hour. There's also fish that jump on the surface close to sundown, which I assume are small mouth bass, but I could very well be wrong.

**I normally fish in summer months, but on a nice Saturday in February, I decided to try out some new cheap lures I got off Amazon. I kid you not, between 3 of us we caught about 25 white perch/white bass in 2 hours on any lure we threw. Absolute best day of fishing. I went back in mid March and didn't get a single bite for 3 hours, and saw a dozen dead white bass. Maybe I was lucky enough to hit the school before and they had moved on??

If you have a spot to add, feel free to comment below. Like I said, I'm still pretty new to fishing so feel free to correct me on any misinformation you find.

Tight lines!

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My [f]irst week at uni. Some [ff] and mild [fm]

Swimming Reddit - 4 hours 58 min ago

*So some background. I'm Gia, a 32 year old happily married woman. I'm about 5'5", pale skin, naturally red hair. My wife (yay for gay marriage!) knows all about my past but lots of it falls well outside of her limits, much less her turn ons. With this in mind she suggested I use reddit to indulge my kinky side. I've decided to start a fresh account for this, largely so I don't rush through typing it out (24 hours until you're allowed to post) as I tend to do without any constraints.

Some of the stories will certainly not appeal to a wide audience but I'm putting them here for my own sake not yours, apologies in advance. Some of the stuff I've done is by my own admission, pretty fucking out there. But we'll get there. As for today's tale, it's a little more traditional.*

My sexual experiences heading into uni were few and lacklustre. 3 boyfriends, 2 boys fucked, 0 orgasms provided. To say I was ready to go would have been somewhat of an understatement. The week I moved in to my house for the year (I didn't get into dorms) was a challenging one. I'm not usually great at the whole being around functioning humans thing so forced interaction with a bunch of new people who by the way, I now have to live with, was my idea of hell.

As luck would have it, my housemates were all largely tolerable. 2 guys, another girl and one TBC as they hadn't arrived yet. On the second night I was there, it was kind of agreed that we would stay in and get drunk together. I was there for the desicion but don't feel like I was really part of it. I hated my tendency to be a pushover and was determined to rectify it while at uni. Alas, plans were made. Booze was purchased and there we all were drinking in the communal living room. We'd quickly established that the only one in a relationship was one of the guys (the cuter one, cheers!) but everyone else was single. Talk took all of about 3 drinks before it turned to sex. We discussed numbers (mine was lowest) and swapped stories (mine was lamest) while drinking the night away. The single guy (Kyle) suggested a game of spin the bottle, trying so hard to sound casual about it that I'm sure he actually hurt himself. The taken guy (Mike) quickly nixed the idea given that he had a girlfriend. We settled on truth or dare (yes, my life is a walking cliche) and dare I say it, I was actually enjoying myself.

Before long I'd kissed Claire and Kyle for a few minutes each, simulated sucking off a wine bottle and we had both done a lap of the garden wearing only hand bras over our boobs. I found this considerably easier than Claire given I had pert b cups and she had a fuller figure and a huge set up top. After sending the boys for a garden lap in their boxers, Claire enquired if I had a thing for either of them. I explained I didn't but noted that "As far as any port in a storm material goes, we could have far worse options." We both laughed and I asked if she was planning on making a move. "I'm not planning on it, but I didn't want to break your heart if I felt the need to....scratch that itch." It was nice that she asked me, sweet even. None of my old friends would have thought twice about it.

When the boys returned they quickly re-dressed. I tried to sneak a glance at their bulges but they were giving nothing away. We carried on drinking and BS'ing when I got a text from Claire. Looking puzzled but knowing not to give anything away I opened it. It read "want to see them really drool? Pick truth and answer me!". A tad confused and intrigued I put my phone down and no-sold the message. When Kyle bought the game back on track I selected truth, to a chorus of boos. Claire grinned and whispered to the boys whose faces both lit up. "Ok Ok, if you had to pick one of us to fuck right now, who would you choose?" Kyle finally asked. My jaw fell open. Claire had somewhat painted me into a corner here. The boys pushed their faces together and each put on a cheesey grin. I don't think either of them suspected what was coming even slightly. "Well if I had to pick....yea no contest, it'd be Claire all the way!" This got the exact desired reaction, namely 2 literal open jaws and some flushed cheeks. Claire had a wry grin and after a few moments simply responded "good to know.." She let her words hang in the air with none of us quite sure what to say next. Now from here on out my timeline gets a little fuzzy. The drinks were flowing and we were all having a good time.

At some point Claire was dared to give me a lap dance. Being straight as an arrow, I figured this would just be kind of silly fun and it started that way with her making over the top moves and twerking in front of me to a chorus of cheering and lewd comments from the boys. Once she turned to face me our eyes met and she had a deadly serious look on her face. She lowered herself into my lap and feeling her ample chest press up against mine sent a shiver down my spine. The feeling of body on body, the smell of her sweet perfume wafting up....I could feel myself actually getting wet between the legs. It was super uncomfortable but at the same time wonderfully exhilarating. A girl was making me wet...I wasn't sure how I felt about that but I was happy to sit back and enjoy the show. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the feeling of her grinding herself while straddling my leg, basically pretending to get herself off using me. She leant in close to my face and whispered in my ear "I guarantee they're both hard as rocks right now." before pulling away and kissing me lightly on the cheek. She pulled me up by the hand, stood behind me and gave me a playful shove towards the guys. "Ok your turn! Pick one and get with the dancing!" I was ordered. Put on the spot I picked Mike, figuring I'd get an easier time with him and I also enjoyed the idea if making him squirm with guilt. The poor guy looked like a dear in headlights. As soon as I got close I noticed the bulge in his jeans. I guess he'd been enjoying the show. As I started to 'dance' (read: grind on his leg) I became aware of 2 things. Firstly, I was noticeably wet in my knickers and grinding like this wasn't going to slow that progress down. Secondly, as his bulge started to strain and move it became clear that he wasn't hard to start with after all, he was just packing some huge weapon under there. He seemed super uncomfortable and despite what his cock was suggesting, didn't seem to be enjoying himself so after a very obvious glance down at his groin, I dismounted. Claire made a comment about enjoying what she'd seen though I think everyone could agree she'd far better at that sort of thing than me. I tossed Mike a cushion and winked and we all shared a laugh as he used it to retain his modesty.

A few more dumb truths and dumber dares followed, though not much worth talking about here. Claire gave Kyle a dance as he was feeling left out though she seemed to make more eye contact with me throughout. I wasn't interested in her, or any if them in that way really, but the attention and sexual energy in the room was enjoyable and did have me all worked up. Running out of ways to escalate without divulging into an orgy, dares started getting creative. Kyle was trying his best to get us naked but I wasn't about to give in so easily and Claire was fighting our corner. When he suggested swapping underwear Claire agreed before I could protest. I gave her my best eyes wide open SOS look that girls know how to read but she either wasn't picking it up or chose to ignore it. She grabbed my hand and led me to the reject room(named as we had all turned it down in favour of the bigger rooms).

As soon as she closed the door behind us she took off her top and quick as a flash unclasped her bra. While I knew the bra would be far too big for me that wasn't my primary concern. I knew there was no way my knickers were going to be in any state to share and was frozen, mortified at the conversation I was going to have to have.

"Claire wait. I can't..." I stopped dead as she casually dropped the baby-blue bra to the floor and let her huge tits breathe. They were surprisingly perky given their size and I got more than a little jealous in the moment. Her nipples, while smaller than mine, were stood out proudly. Has this girl no shame? "I...um. just with all the dancing and fooling around I might not be so..." I gestured to my groin, unable to find the words. "What, yours are soaked too?" She responded. "It'll be our first secret! C'mon don't be dumb!" She said, pinging my waistband. I was truly speechless yet found myself undressing none the less. I awkwardly undid my bra keeping my top on and handed it to Claire. She mock glared in disapproval as she took it and struggled to some how wrap it around her huge globes. She said "Fuck it!" after a few seconds and just pulled her top back on, opting to go commando. After I'd wrapped hers around me it was basically just hanging and felt ridiculous. Quick and brazen as you like, she had dropped her jeans and was tugging down her baby blue thong that had been on display half of the night. She stood there, naked from the waist down with her thong hanging from her finger, offering it to me with a filthy smile and a raised eyebrow. I undid my own jeans as she made no attempt to avert her gaze. I slipped them down and revealed my grey boy shorts, thankful that nothing seemed to be showing through the lining. I turned my back to Claire and did an over the top bum wiggle as I made the reveal. As I turned back to hand them to her she pressed herself into me, pinning our bodies against the door as her lips found mine and her tongue invaded my mouth. Her scent flooded my nose again and the feeling of her stiff nipples pressing through her top was stupidly hot. She pulled away after 5 seconds tops and I must have looked stunned. "I....I'm straight Claire!" I blurted out. "Me too you tit, I'm just playing around!" She replied, unphased as she snatched my knickers. My hands dropped to tug my top down and cover up a little. "These are cute." She remarked, stepping into them and pulling them up. "Damp, but cute. Sorry if mine is a state, you know how thongs get *everywhere *" Hers. Fuck. I'd spent so long panicking about the mess I'd been making I hadnt even contemplated wearing a damp thong. Wasn't that gross? Is it safe? Can I even do this? As Claire started pulling her jeans on I figured I'd kind of have to so I took the now discarded thong and began to untangle it. Thongs aren't usually my go to anyway but this was likely to be uncomfortable in an entirely new way. I pulled it up and it sat loosely enough that it wasn't really touching my now wetter than ever pussy all that much. I carefully pulled on my jeans and went to open the door. As we walked back to the living room Claire reached under my jeans and tugged the back of the thong up as she tossed my surplus to requirements bra at Kyle. This had 2 main effects, it let the boys know we had indeed swapped but it also pulled the soaked material close to me. I tried to act casual but my mind was a swamp of confusion. There was another girls precum pressed everywhere from my pubes to my asshole. Not any girl either, a girl I'd just been making out with half naked.The thong had parted my lips slightly and I'm sure I was leaking into it already. It felt so bizarre yet instead if feeling disgusted, it felt....thrilling. I felt the urge to move it yet made no effort to do so. God this was confusing.

Not long after Mike got a text and went to the door to let his girlfriend in. She came in and introductions were made. She looked down her nose at me and Claire instantly and they went off to his room. The boozing started to wind down and soon we all retired to our beds. I stripped off everything bar the thong and just sort of stood there, horny and confused. I was bought out of my daze by the loud thudding against my walk, interspersed with the odd moan or grunt. It seems Mike and stuck-up-bitch were reconnecting in a very audible way. I contemplated digging through my as yet only half unpacked bags for the little bullet vibe to get myself off when I heard my phone buzz. It was Claire and I smiled unconsciously. "So....these walls are thin then." I laughed, knowing Mike's room was between mine and hers. I jumped into bed and absent mindedly rubbed at my pussy through the thong as I typed. "Seems that way, free audio porn....I know what she's dealing with in there." As I hit send my mind wandered back to his huge bulge straining while I danced for him. I'd almost forgotten that the dampness between my legs wasn't mine alone. I felt dirty smearing the thong against my lips, tugging it a little here and there. My phone went again. "IKR!? I saw that bulge! Renaming my vibrator Mike tonight! I take it my thong isn't getting any dryer? I know your knickers aren't ;)" My jaw literally dropped. I was not prepared for that level of info. Her sheer sexual aggression was stunning. I didn't know how i felt about it yet my hand and pussy seemed to have decided already. My fingers slipped inside Claire's thong and were instantly drenched in the sticky mixture of our fluids. One finger quickly joined by another plunged easily between my lips as I contemplated my response to the backing track of Mr big dick and Miss sour face. After typing and deleting a few replies I got another text. " Sorry, TMI...tonight was fun but I didn't mean to make things awkward. Night" I felt a twinge of sadness, like I was missing an opportunity that might define our friendship. "Its fine. I was knuckle deep and couldn't type ;) " as I hit send I dropped my phone and began upping my pace with the fingers, letting my other hand drop to my clit to join it. I was aware that I'd just sent the crudest text I'd ever typed to a girl whose underwear I was wanking in. In no time at all I got a reply. "Don't take the piss, no need to lie." After second guessing myself about 10 times while teasing my clit, I finally decided what to do. Lining up the shot just right, I snapped a picture quite clearly showing my hand disappearing into my...well Claire's thong. It showed nothing else and there's no way anyone could ever prove it was me. I hit send and resumed going to town on myself. The thong was in the way but I wanted to leave it on now. It was naughty, it was wrong and it was hot. I tensed my legs as I could feel my orgasm approaching. My train of thought flirted through the nights events. Once more my phone buzzed, then quickly buzzed again. I opened the first message and was presented with a picture of a bright pink imitation cock. It's hard to be sure of it's size but I'd ballpark it at around 6 inches. I quickly opened the next message. It took a moment to process what I was looking at. It was Claire's groin and hips, covered by my grey knickers with a huge dark patch surrounding where her pussy would have been. But there was also a bit of a bulge. I concluded she must have that cock inside her and the thought sent a shiver to my core. I was straight, but the thought of her fucking herself in my knickers was so exhilarating. There was a message with the picture. "SO HOT!! Cum together? When the clock hits 1?" My eyes flicked to the top of the screen long enough to register it was 00:56. I didn't even think before responding with nothing more than "done!" and resumed teasing my clit. I must have edged myself 3 times as the clock basically stood still. It was agonising and electrifying all at once. I stared at the number 00:59 for what seemed like an eternity, barely able to touch myself for fear of exploding. As I stared and teased with the lightest touch My phone vibed and almost scared me to death. I opened the message with a sense of life or death urgency. "Our pussys taste fantastic together by the way.....Go!" And go I did. I attacked my clit and found myself pumping myself with all my might, even forcing a third finger in which was new in itself. I came almost right away and felt more fluid flood against the thong. I grabbed the waistband and yanked it up, pressing the material against my pussy and feeling it cut into my ass a little. I held it up tight with one hand and used the other to masturbate my clit through the material until I came again, far harder this time. As I regained my senses and unclenched my body I was hit with a wave of....I don't know...unidentifiable emotion.

As mind mind cleared a little that familiar buzz sounded again. "Omg!!Did you cum? Did you taste!?" I thought about lying and saying I did both but then saw no reason to lie. "I came hard, twice. No tasting for me, I told you I'm straight ;)" I hit send and let my hand drift lazily over my chest. I'd been sorely neglecting my nipples (a usual integral part of my me time) and started just tweaking them and tugging gently. "Of course you are hun, me too! But if you wanted to come get these back, my door is unlocked..." the message was attached to a picture of the inside of my now black boy shorts, stained with an ungodly amount of fluid. I genuinely contemplated it for a minute or two but again, I was straight....right!? "Maybe some other time... ;) " was what I sent back then a moment later followed with a picture of my own. I slipped a hand down to cover my pussy and wedged the thong open with the phone. With the flash on I snapped an up close picture of the slightly gooey mess I'd made of her underwear and sent it with the caption "sweet dreams x" then went back to fiddling with my nipples. I knew I was straight but....well just but. Unclear of anything anymore I realised the fucking next door had stopped and I hadn't even noticed. I lazily tugged at my nipples and was drifting off when the last message arrived. "Uummmf! Yum! Night hun x" And I drifted off to sleep, head swimming with the filthiest, most confusing thoughts imaginable, still wearing another girls cummy thong.

and that ladies and gents, is the most interesting night of my life up until that point. I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry (not sorry) it's so long. Any feedback is welcome as are PMs, pics and all that good stuff. Ta-ta for now xx

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Sea of Thieves Shouldn’t Be Compared With No Man’s Sky

Swimming Reddit - 5 hours 1 min ago

The problem with the whole ‘Sea of Thieves’ and ‘No Man’s Sky’ comparisons are having me scratch my head a bit.

After a few nights of playing this game, I can certainly understand why some people are disappointed. There’s three distinct types of quests you can take and they vary little, so performing these tasks can get repetitious. However, for me, a lot of the fun comes from sailing the seas and screwing around with friends and the encounters we face with other pirates out there. That won’t hold everyone over, and that’s fine.

However, the difference here is that Sea of Thieves didn’t show us all this content that was going to be in-game and then pull it away. Sea of Thieves didn’t have their project lead on late night television lying to the world’s face about what the game was going to be capable of us. Those are things that No Man’s Sky did, so expectations were boosted as a result. Hell, we were even seeing things, plenty of things, that never made into the final game.

That’s not the journey Sea of Thieves is taking.

So, I don’t really see much reason to compare Sea of Thieves to No Man’s Sky. I understand that people like to compare one lackluster exclusive from one console to another exclusive on another console that’s also seemingly lackluster based on word of mouth and certain reviews… but they’re very, very different beasts.

Last night, for example, a friend and I teamed up with two other capable crew mates. We were merely hunting chickens, but saw a slooper in the distance and decided to test our cannons out. We eventually pulled up next to it and unleashed. Immediately, we saw a couple of sloop mates run from the middle of the island to their ship. One was slaughtered before he made it back to the ship… he was carrying a chest, which then became our chest. The other one went inside the slooper to try and fix it up, but we had probably unloaded 16 cannonballs into its hull. The captain went down with his ship… but I went underwater and caught him swimming away with another chest. One of my crew members spotted a third chest in their wreckage and took it, while I swam after the other guy… eventually he perished and his chest was mine, too.

We went to another island. We found chickens, but it was a decent sized island with a cove running underneath it… so when we heard cannons we got a little concerned and bolted back to our Galleon. A slooper was circling our ship and making it difficult for us to get back aboard. They did some damage, but they weren’t great shots while moving, so it worked in our favor. We were mostly out of cannonballs, so we climbed aboard and started to work together as a team. A couple went below deck to start emptying out water and working on repairs. One manned the anchor and sails. I steered the ship. We knew we could beat them on the high seas, so we just decided to try and outrun them. There were a couple of nailbiting moments because we had to make some turns that allowed them to gain on us a bit, but we eventually found a nice, lengthy straight-away and after a full in-game day and night, we lost them entirely. Not sure if we just got that far ahead or they gave up, but we went and turned in all our loot… and it felt great.

That’s something No Man’s Sky could never aspire to do. It can’t replicate that sense of adventure or those feelings.

Can we stop making these comparisons?

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Love <b>swimming</b> in summers? Check for alligators on the pool floor before diving in

Swimming Google Alert - 5 hours 2 min ago
It isn't uncommon for people in Florida to find alligators and crocodiles in their surroundings, however, no matter how prepared one is, imagine the shock of actually finding one in the swimming pool! Only last year, during the summer months, a family in Florida dragged a gigantic alligator off from their ...
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Tips for dashing at night?

Swimming Reddit - 5 hours 4 min ago

Even with Google gps I find it difficult to locate some buildings and apartments. The ones with the confusing complexes. Like building G apartment #201. I might start using a flashlight because it's hard to find some of these places. Last night I delivered to a really really secluded area in Saratoga. It was like a giant mansion hidden in the forest or back road. I was like wow do you own apple or something lol this mansion was freaking huge and it was in the middle of no where. Full sized basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool and everything man it was crazy

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Untapped - Part 3

Swimming Reddit - 5 hours 11 min ago

Max was standing on the plateau again. He stood at the very edge of the rock platform, relishing the dry, warm breeze on his bare skin. As far as his eyes could see, from his perch at least a kilometer off the ground, there was only clear blue sky and endless, flat desert.


The voice came from behind him. Max turned around to find it, marveling how a sound so familiar, so reassuring, could simultaneously be so alien.

Then again it had been years since he'd heard that voice.

Near the center of the platform, that damn mole rat still peeked his bow-tied head out of its hole, its eyeless, minutely tentacled face nonetheless watching Max's every move.

"When you wake up in the middle of a dream, you can't ever return to it Max, no matter how badly you want to. Remember that."

Max didn't understand. Was this the dream? Was the interview? The lab? Max had no idea, but all at once his head throbbed, like a nail gun had been fired into his skull.

Max awoke standing up straight, his head stuck to something, his arms pinned behind his back. Reality came back online like an old desktop computer, system by system.

Pain came first, and it didn't pull any punches. Everything from the chest up was a raging bender of hurt. Max's brain felt like the grape in the center of a Jello mold that had just been tossed off the roof of a building and impacted on the street.

Sound was next, someone saying his full name, "Maxwell." Only his grandmother called him Maxwell. Was that his grandmother? Why was her voice so tinny?

Sight was hesitant to come to the party at all, and Max could hardly blame it. Even through his eyelids, the light was painfully bright. Resentfully, Max's left eye peeked open, causing Max's brain to go on furlough.

When he awoke a second time, the voice urging him again, things went a little better. Max managed to get both eyes open for a few seconds, revealing the same concrete room he'd been interviewed in, with the two way mirror in front of him, a black spot marring the glass.

"Morning, you prick."

A woman's voice came over the loudspeaker system - definitely not Max's grandmother.

Max tried to speak through the ultra-hangover, but all he could manage was an infantile gurgle.

"What's that, you crazy fuck?" The voice was different from the man who interviewed him, its hostility coming through loud and clear over the metallic filter of the loudspeaker.

Max opened his mouth and let out a small warbling noise. It slowly coalesced into a barely comprehensible string of words. "Where am I?"

It was strange to be talked at by a disembodied voice - it felt like the Room itself was speaking. The Room answered him with palpable sarcasm, "you're at C&C Enterprises. Remember, you came for the job interview."

Job interview. Max was having a hard time making sense of those words in this context. He looked at the shiny mirror and noticed the black dot was actually a black, scuffed and dented object, implanted halfway into the thick glass.

The room must have seen Max notice the broken mirror. "You made quite the first impression. The doc pissed himself, and now he won't stop talking about you."

Max's brain started percolating. The old woman from the temp agency, a job interview, a cabinet with numbers on it.

"What did you do to me?" He spoke through a drunken slur.

The room scoffed, "What did we do to you? You tried to choke me out with your mind, asshole!"

This struck Max as altogether unlikely. "You need to let me go, people know where I am," Max paused, bracing himself against an internal tidal wave of pain. He closed his eyes and it subsided somewhat.

There was a brief moment of silence, then the Room could be heard sucking its front teeth - a very un-room like mannerism. "'Fraid not Max. Looks like you got frustrated and went AWOL for awhile."

Max didn't understand at all, even a little bit. He forced more words out of his mouth, keeping his eyes closed. "My parents will call the police."

"I don't think so Max." The Room continued. "You told them yourself, 'I need a break from this rat race. I'm taking a trip to South America with a couple of friends. Love you both!' You even put a cute little 'P.S.', like a... a tiny school girl, and promised to send postcards."

Max was becoming frustrated, which increased his blood pressure, in turn increasing the pain in his head. He spoke through it, "What are you talking about?"

"I don't know Max, you sent them the email, not me." The Room went quiet, relishing the little game.

Max opened his eyes again. "What email?"

The reflection of Max's own broken face took on a malevolent energy, as though Max was taunting himself. The room's speaker system clicked on again, and the woman's voice spoke with immense satisfaction.

"This email, the one you sent to your friends and family yesterday, at 3:24PM, soon after you bombed your, what, twentieth interview in a month? I'm reading it from your phone Max."

Max felt panic tugging at his guts, adrenaline overriding pain. "You're crazy - they'll check with the airline."

"And the airline," the room stepped in over the end of Max's sentence, "will confirm that Maxwell Dighton, 27, from Madison Wisconsin, social security number 918-77-2253, boarded a one way flight to Santiago, Chile, yesterday at 8PM."

Max panicked, his mind swimming in circles, treading water, trying to stay afloat and failing. He managed to eek out a final question, as darkness crowded the edges of his vision.

"Who are you people?"

If the voice responded, Max didn't hear it. He was too busy spiraling down the drain toward unconsciousness, the room spinning, everything spinning to the left, the walls of blackness closing in on Max's sight, until only a pinpoint remained - Max's blood encrusted face, framed by shadow, looking back at Max from the mirror, and spinning and spinning and spinning.

Part 1 Part 2

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I had the most fun last night!

Swimming Reddit - 5 hours 20 min ago

So was with my crew we had a voyage to go to crooked island. As we got there we noticed a gallon coming towards us from the back of the ship. So I told my crew just go slowly around the island I'll hop off and figure the riddle out. We assumed they were just coming towards us to fight. But no they wernt.

So they started coming onto the island I ran by one but he must of thought I was on of his crew. So I jumped into the water, swam towards their ship underwater and as I was coming up the side not facing the island, the guy who just dropped off a chest happened to jump into the water. He didn't notice me.

I panicked figured they must have saw me so I scurry around the ship trying to find something to steal I find a golden chicken.

I yell to my crew that I got their chicken! I hop into the water, as my crew dropped anchor. I started swimming towards my ship only to almost get there and get killed by 3 sharks and one of the rival gallons crew mates swinging a sword at my underwater.

By the time I spawn it my crews already raised anchor and angled the sails. We lay some cannon fire into their ship. Did another pass and prolly land 10-15 more cannon shots into their ship.

Suffice to say the sunk. As we were sailings away sad the effort we went for and lost the chicken. We spot the golden chicken floating in the water! I jumped into the water snagged it up and got it back to merchant and sold it. None of my crew has don't the merchant missions so we had no idea how much it was gonna be worth.

I felt like a real pirate!

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Swimming Reddit - 5 hours 20 min ago

This happened last summer, and was probably the hottest experience of my 20 year old life.

My Dad's boss and wife were going to France for 3 weeks, and had asked me to housesit and take care of their two 3-year old knucklehead Golden Retrievers; Barney and Matilda. The house was about twenty minutes from mine, and if I didn't have any plans, I just stayed the night. We got into a good routine; let the nutcases out at 7:00, feed them, throw the ball about a million times in the back yard. Take them to the dog park late morning, come back relax, take a swim if the weather was good, throw the ball another million times, feed them, and then chill in front of the mammoth flat screen.

The house was huge, and sat on 3 secluded acres. Since the pool was not visible, I didn't bother with any swim wear. I loved swimming naked. My junk floating free in the lukewarm pool water. It was the first Saturday morning, and unbearably hot. After the knuckleheads had tired of the tennis ball, they both leapt into the pool to cool off. I peeled off my shorts (the only piece of clothing I was wearing), and joined them. I was rewarded with two wet tongues lapping my face. They left the pool and I just floated, thinking about going back to college in a few weeks. I was pretty much out at school, but not at home. Just didn't want to deal with the drama of 2 overly conservative parents.

As I daydreamed about getting back in the groove of sex with the fuckbuddies I had on campus after a dry summer, I was pulled back to reality by the barking. I opened my eyes to a guy bent over and giving belly rubs to the two ecstatic goofballs. He looked up at me with a big smile, and said "Griffin, right?" He looked familiar, and then it hit me. He was the Taylor's son. I didn't remember his name, as I hadn't seen him since the company picnic years ago.

I was hugging the pool edge, with my junk against the side wall as he approached me. He apologized for surprising me, thankfully reminded me his name was Reilly, told me he lived in the City, but had to get out of the heat for the weekend. He glanced over at my shorts laying on the apron. I told him I didn't bother with trunks as I didn't expect anyone. He pulled off his t-shirt, quickly dropped his shorts, and dove in over my head. In the few seconds I actually saw him bare-ass, there was much to admire. His hair was more brown, but with a slight copper tint. When he raised his shirt off, his pit hair and treasure trail were true ginger. His pubes were trimmed and the same sexy tint. His soft cock was cut, nice size, and his sack was hairless, full, and the skin an opaque white.

He swam a few short laps, and his pale ass was smooth and glistened above the water. Damn I wanted it. He turned and swam toward me. As he reached the shallow end, he stood and walked forward. His chest was nicely defined. His pecs were smooth, and a narrow trail of ginger bisected them, and his pinkish nipples were hard from the water contact. He leaned up against the pool edge and talked about how great the pool felt.

I managed to contain my cock somewhat, but when I emerged from the pool it was definitely larger than its' normal flaccid state. I'm more of a shower than a grower, so I was sporting a pretty good size semi. I dried off, and quickly slid my loose shorts back on, and tossed him the towel. He plopped down on the chaise, still naked, and remarked how he hated clothes. I blurted out if I had a body like his, I wouldn't want to wear clothes either. He opened his eyes and turned to me with a wry smile. "Nothing wrong with your body, Griff. Besides, with that horse dick, don't think anyone would see anything else when you're butt-naked."

That took me a little by surprise. The only guys that have ever commented on my cock were about to suck it. I'd gotten looks in locker rooms over the years, but no comments from straight guys. I told him I was a shower not a grower, and he told me to show him. Didn't ask, just told me. When I didn't react, he sat up, smiled, and said "I think we both know were this headed." He placed his palm on my bare stomach, and then slid it under the elastic top. My semi was already at full mast when his hand ran down my shaft and around the base of my shaft.

He slowly fisted me, and said we should move to the grass. When he stood, his cock was hard and pointing up to his face. I stroked a few times before he walked over and laid on the grass. I slipped out of my shorts and laid next to him. He slowly stroked me, and told me I had a great cock. He leaned over and began to work my nipple with his tongue, as he jacked me. I shivered when he rubbed his day-old stubble against my hardened sensitive nip. He worked his mouth down my chest, and paused inches from my plum-head. "Don't cum Wanna make this last". His tongue began to flick around my cock, over the frenulum, down my shaft, over my nuts, and back up. I looked over and Matilda was staring at us with that goofy golden smile. Reilly was the best cocksucker I'd ever had, and within 5 minutes I was getting close. I switched with him, and began to bathe his perfect cock.

I buried my nose in his short ginger pubes, and inhaled a mixture of man-musk and chlorine. The head of his cock had prominent a prominent flared ridge, that glowed a shade of rose against the milky white skin of his cock. A small clear pearl appeared on his slit, and I greedily savored it sweet and salty tang. Reilly started talking filth to me, and it turned me on to no end. Telling me how he was gonna fuck me later, and how much he wanted to feel by big dick in his ass. He told me he was too close, and to eat his ass. I gnawed down his taint tube and spread his smooth white orbs. His perfect tight hairless puckered hole was pink. He tasted clean and of chlorine, and I flicked my tongue over and into it. I slickened my finger with spit, and entered his warm tight fuck tunnel. I grazed his hard walnut sized pleasure button, and he moaned audibly. I shivered thinking about riding his tight ass later.

We shifted again, and continued our pleasure until we couldn't take any longer. We ended with a 69, swallowing each other's big loads within moments of each other. We both glistened in sweat as we heaved for air on the grass. As our sated cocks shrank, we finally slipped back into the pool to cool down. Reilly pulled me into his hard chest and kissed me for the first time. He grabbed my ass, as his stubble ran across my cheek. He whispered "gonna need to get some condoms and lube."

We took the dogs to the dog park, and while I worked them, Reilly went to the CVS for the essentials. As soon as he returned, I cut the dogs' outing short, and we headed back to his parents' house. He was massaging my hard cock through my shorts, and telling me how much he wanted it in his ass.

We were naked and writhing on his bed in seconds after the front door shut. I worked his sweet pink nubs as I fingered him roughly. I heard the foil pouch rip in his mouth, and I scooted around and felt it roll down my straining shaft. Reilly flipped over and stuck his ass out for me. I lubed up my cock, and a last dollop into his winking greasy hole, as he pulled his cheeks wide apart for me. I pressed firmly against his hole, and felt it begin to relent to my pressure. The head popped in with a slight gasp from Reilly. I waited, and felt that familiar throb of his ring grip and release my shaft just below the head. As it subsided, I began my journey to the depths of his bowel. Fuck, I loved how ass felt on my cock. It had been months since I'd had any. I gripped his small waist and began to fuck him. Reilly began to coo as I fucked him. He rose up and pressed his back into my chest. I nibbled on his neck and ear, played his hard nips, and ran my hand down to his hard cock. The entire head glistened in leaking pre-cum my cock had milked from his prostate. His head flung back onto my shoulder, and he stiffened as he groaned. I felt his ring grip my base hard. as the first volley of cum flew out and splattered his headboard. Clench after clench repeated as more shots of cum emptied onto the sheets, until he sighed and slumped back down onto the pillow. I piledrove my last few thrusts into his ass. As the pleasure rose, I froze with my cock as deep as I could get. I was surprised at how strong my orgasm was having shot a load down Reilly's mouth only a few hours before.

Despite the A/C, we were both dripping in sweat. We ran out in the humid air, and dove into the pool once again. Reilly and I had a long soft and sensuous kiss and embrace in the pool. He made me promise to stay naked all afternoon, so that when he was ready to fuck me, we wouldn't have to bother undressing.

I laid against his bare chest on the couch, and we talked about our lives. It amazed me how good it felt to feel skin, and to have my skin touched and caressed in a non-sexual moment. I fell into a deep sleep; naked and in his arms. I awoke to a kiss on my neck, and his hand circling my nipple. I turned my head and our tongues danced. His hand moved down and squeezed my softened cock, and I could feel him harden against me. He broke his kiss and inserted his fingers into my mouth, and I sucked them hungrily. He wiggled out from beneath me, pushed my thighs back and apart, and began to finger my ass. He stared greedily, then dropped his face into my crack and ate me with a vengeance. When his slick finger penetrated me, I gasped. My ass hadn't been invaded since early May. I begged him to go get the lube.

He came back with the lube and condoms, his wagging cock leading the way. I stared at it, it's powerful wide flaring head, his smooth white ball sack swaying with his pace, and imagined them slapping against my ass as he fucked me. He spread a towel over the rug, and I moved to the floor. I pulled my legs back and apart and offered my ass to him. He worked my hole like a pro, and I told him I wanted him to fuck the shit outta me. That is exactly what he did. I loved watching his face as he slammed into me with unrelenting force. His fair cheeks and chest reddened the longer he fucked me. The noise from his thighs slamming my ass was the staccato background to the animal sex noises we were making. Pre-cum oozed onto my stomach and down the side of my waist. He fucked me long and hard for a good 20 minutes straight when it happened. I felt it slowly build deep inside of me. A light tingle that began to spread from it's origin through my abs, up my chest, and down into my groin. The sensation began to expand exponentially, until the cum began to erupt from cock. It felt like an explosion of euphoria inside of me that spread to every part of my body.

I had never cum that hard in my entire life. Cum was everywhere; my hair, my chin, my shoulder, across my nipples, and a small pool in my navel. Just as I receded, Reilly huffed with a deep stab, then shuddered at the pleasure my ass was giving him. He collapsed onto my cum covered chest, panting heavily in my air, and instinctually slightly thrusting in an attempt to milk the last seeds into my ass. He stayed inside of me until he went soft and slipped out.

I don't know how many times we came that weekend, but it was no doubt the most I'd ever cum in a 36 hour window, and my ass ached for days. It was back to normal by the next Friday though, and I made sure the condoms and lube were ready when Reilly's car pulled into the driveway.

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Amateur & Pro Sports

Pros and Cons of Pet or animal Sports

What are the Pros and Cons of Pet or animal Sports
Pros and cons of Pet Sports, Cute dog playing soccer Pet Sports examples include pet soccer, horse racing, greyhound racing, rodeos, dog agility events, bull fighting, etc... Two of the most common animals involved in Pet Sports are dogs and horses. There are many types of animal sporting events, with varying levels of participation from humans. Some pet sport events are solely between the animals while others use the animals in a lesser role.

How to get into Football or soccer?

Let's explore How to get into Football or soccer? Football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. How to get into Football or soccer To get into football or soccer, start at an early age to get the fundamentals. You can register your son or daughter as soon as they are 4 years old in Minor Soccer Associations in your city. I currently coach my own son's team at SWU Soccer club in Calgary and it is a delight.

What are the top 5 hobbies that make you smarter? Top Hobbies that make you smarter
  1. Exercising ( Play team sports, running, gym, bike , swim) will increase your stamina, make you physically strong , agile, athletic, fit and smarter.
  2. Reading ( anything from books, news, pamphlets, online, offline, tons of free book at your local library or e-book at Amazon, read whatever, etc.). Just read man!

Redefining Team Sports - Playing a game with 3 teams

What are the pros and cons of Playing a game with 3 teams? Playing a game with 3 teamsThe conventional wisdom tells us that a team sport's game requires 2 teams playing against each other in a certain amount of time. This has been going on for years  and it is the obvious way of playing and determining a winner for a game. In amateur sport, playing a game with only 2 teams  has a lot of flaws: