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Sumehr stars for KG-C

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Otters Club, National Sports Club of India, Cricket Club of India-A, Juhu Vileparle Gymkhana Club, Chembur Gymkhana, Jindal Squash Academy, ...
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Abbas, Haris into World Junior <b>Squash</b> third round

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KARACHI: Pakistan's Abbas Zeb and Haris Qasim reached the third round of the World Junior Individual Squash Championship in Chennai on ...
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Asim, Tayyab crash out of Malaysian Open

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KARACHI: Pakistan's top squash players Asim Khan and Tayyab Aslam crashed out of the $35,000 Malaysian Open at Bukit Jalil National Squash ...
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Grandpa the gardener

Squash Reddit - 3 hours 53 min ago

A friend of the family asked me to come over and check out her house because she would come home to items moved from their regular places. I’m the go-to ghost whisperer in the family.

After visiting the house and asking questions, I figured out it was her grandpa, who had built the house and a lot of the furniture. We went downstairs, which was mostly full of boxes, and I got the impression of an older man tinkering at a workbench. She said that is where her grandpa would plant seeds in the spring— he always had a large vegetable garden. She was not a green thumb type person. As I turned to leave, I stumbled over the concrete base of a support pole, because I’m a total klutz.

She didn’t want to ask him to leave, so I told her to be firm about asking him not to move her stuff, and left.

A couple of months later she saw me at a family party and said, “Two days after you were at my house, I went into the basement and there was a seed laying on the concrete block where you stumbled. I didn’t even know what kind of seed it was, but I looked it up and it is a squash seed. Grandpa was always so proud of his squash. It’s like he was confirming everything you said.”

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My squash plants are flowering, but no fruit is growing.

Squash Reddit - 3 hours 55 min ago

I tried manually pollinating but it obviously hasn’t worked. Any ideas?

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Muhd Amir struggles to get past Calvert in second round

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... Nicholas Calvert before he advanced into the third round of the boys' individual event at the World Junior Squash Championships in Chennai, India.
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Omneya counting on her son to bring her luck

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4 Omneya Abdel Kawy of Egypt brought along her 10-month-old son to watch her play in the women's Malaysian Open squash championships.
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<b>Squash</b>: Whangārei&#39;s Abbie Palmer in NZ senior team for worlds

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Waipū 20-year-old Abbie Palmer has been named in the NZ women's squash team heading to the world championships in China in September.
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Zimbabwe&#39;s money crunch taking a toll on sporting culture

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“Though we have a Zimbabwe Squash Association, there is no funding and all kids are here on their own money. All our players come from well-off ...
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Tayyab, Asim crash out of Malaysian Open <b>Squash</b>

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It is a matter of grave concern for Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF), as both Asim and Tayyab are the members of Pakistan squash team, which will ...
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17 British Foods That Seem Normal To Us, But Are Super Weird To The Rest Of The World

Squash Reddit - 5 hours 2 sec ago
  1. Mince pies
  2. Cola with lemon
  3. Spotted Dick
  4. Black pudding
  5. Mushy peas
  6. Brown sauce
  7. Salad cream
  8. Chips with vinegar
  9. Crisps in a roll
  10. Squash
  11. Sausage rolls
  12. Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese
  13. Scotch eggs
  14. Chip butties
  15. Yorkshire puddings
  16. Beans on toast
  17. Digestive biscuits

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TH19-SQUASH-KEEGT54CMULL2jpgjpg. July 19, 2018 03:36 IST. Updated: July 19, 2018 04:14 IST. Share Article; PRINT; A A A. Fighting it out: ...
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Has anyone tried to support zucchini or summer squash plants so they grow vertically?

Squash Reddit - 5 hours 21 min ago

My plants, this year, have been decimated by squash bugs. I started pulling said plants up to the next level of netting; also growing cucumbers and winter squash in the same bed; to make it easier to spread DE and check for egg clusters and the bugs themselves. I am wondering if anyone has purposefully grown them vertically? If so, how did you do it? Any suggestions you care to give? Here is one of my crookneck summer squash growing vertically.

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Amid offseason of rumors, Karl-Anthony Towns sidesteps instead of <b>squashes</b>

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It's been an offseason filled with rumors and reports about Timberwolves star center Karl-Anthony Towns, so Wednesday seemed like the perfect ...
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I love my customers and my team.

Squash Reddit - 5 hours 35 min ago

It sounds really cheesey but my favorite part about this job is the customers. At my last job it was the absolute worst part. No one saw your face so you weren't a person to them, you were an opponent from the moment you picked up the phone.

But at a grocery store everyone is so very friendly. I swear, for every one customer I get that's rude or otherwise just inconsiderate I get at least five that give me a reason to smile.

I get to help people, they try really hard not to get in the way when I'm carrying huge pallets of produce, they crack jokes, i crack jokes, lots of people will just strike up conversation while they're shopping about whatever is on their mind. I actually feel appreciated by not just my customers but by my team and managers too and that's pretty awesome.

Today, I was breaking down boxes on my cart when I see this lady across the section in one of the scooters trying to reach the squash so I went over there and asked her if she would like some help reaching anything. I acted like her hands for just like 5 minutes picking out the best looking ones, she needed big squash so she could slice em thick cuz her son and his family were coming over for dinner and she wanted everything to be perfect. She was just so sweet and I got to help make her family get together go smoothly.

My team actually feels like a team. Things don't always go smoothly but everyone really does seem to have each other's back at my store. Even people in different sections will lend a hand any time they see someone needs it! Management has never made me feel lesser for a mistake and they're always expressing gratitude for the effort I put into working at Walmart. I honestly wish I could express my own gratitude back to them but that would just make me sound like some disingenuous brown-noser. But, I wanted to share with someone how happy I am to work at my store. I wish everyone could be so fortunate.

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