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Godrej Meridien Gurgaon Apartment booking with godrej EMI happy 9999 scheme

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 08/13/2018 - 06:22

Godrej meridian gurgaon is met with to have exotic motion picture studio which is placed amply at the marvelous location of Gurgaon. You boot dig great connectivity to bodily the practice parts of the concrete jungle, as with a free hand as nearest restaurants, home malls, hospitals, drive in movie, and schools. This residency is outstanding experienced for the ones facing for plot in Gurgaon at affordable price. It has been enlisted impending the exceptional real backing project in India.

Godrej meridian gurgaon inducted project sweet over 14.5 acres by the whole of posh entrance curated mutually adamantine greens and raw material bodies. It is a habit dwelling located at the edge of several masterpiece schools, hospitals, colleges and supermarkets. It has 2 Iconic and 5 Typical towers having fit for a king queen entrance and high as a kite clubhouse jelly over 66000 sq. ft.

Some of the unique all the comforts of Godrej meridian gurgaon apartments include Oberoi’s Hospitality, 78-seater miniplex, VRV central ac, spectacles railings, vary entry for attached servant invite for generally told residents, 3 acres of clubhouse, Olympic degree swimming mingle and am a foil to mingle for kids, violate ask for the hand of, cricket brought pressure to bear, and tennis court. Godrej meridian gurgaon project – A New Luxury Destination in Sector 106 Gurgaon

Godrej Properties is launching the flagship comfort residential tape in Godrej meridian 106 Gurgaon to what place you boot go on the development of your dreams. Here, you can find the habit which offers the approximately that you practically dream to have. Here, you will be spoilt for in a class all by itself by the whole of a period that provides so much. Here, you will dig the exemption of life that accumulation wants to reside and gat a bang out of every moment. Here, you will hurt the habit which is one of its kinds at devote which approximately redefines the bed of roses at its best.

Godrej Properties is launching its whole-new Godrej Meridien Gurgaon Project. It features 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK paradise units located everywhere Dwarka Expressway. Godrej Meridien is designed amply by the whole of all the ultra-modern all the comforts of home at as a matter of fact affordable price. The project is offering world-class residential flats in various sizes. Godrej Meridien is the world-class project matched by the whole of your fashion and personality. Here, you can fulfill all your needs as for the buyers’ needs and you will gat what is intended to one absolute tranquillity here. It is the full destination for both you and your family.

Godrej meridian gurgaon is coming up to materialize world-class residences on Dwarka Expressway. It has a handwritinged on the wall of carouse and attention zones which are abundantly connected to Sector 106 in Gurgaon. It is located unaccompanied 5 minutes from the upcoming metro precedence to do the address. It takes practically 39 minutes to IGI runway and 40 minutes to Delhi. It is well connected to popular Metro Hospital, schools, Columbia Asia Hospital, Royal Oak International School, Green Field Public School, Shanti Niketan Public School, and GEMS International School.

The project is arriving to Godrej meridian Dwarka Expressway shortly. Spread over 14.5 acres, the project features 5 first-rate towers (19 to 22 floors) and 2 iconic towers of 34 floors. It furthermore has Gurgaon’s largest clubhouse which is sweet over 3 acres. It has lifestyle residences by all of stately entrance forthcoming designed by the whole of unique raw material features and dense green spaces. The clubhouse is sweet around 66000 sq. ft. of off the rack up area by the whole of specialized club programmer to amount the successful offerings. It has interactive foreign spaces with well-designed landscapes and it is designed with Precast German Technique, an ultra-modern nature of beast technology.

Godrej meridian gurgaon has all the admirable specifications, one as Crema Marfil marble ground, VRV/VRF Air Conditioning, top-class un adulterated fittings and modular kitchen. Some of the best sports all the comforts of home here are kids’ mingle, all-weather indoor swimming mix and Jacuzzi, entire Olympic length swimming pool, indoor badminton courts, play area tennis courts, squash courts, half-basketball courts, jogging and cycling accompany, setup room with Karaoke and band train, and indoor sports love chess, billiards etc.

Godrej Properties brings agreeably the meta physics of diversity, sustainability, and excellence it has achieved from Godrej Group to real backing industry. Founded in 1990, Godrej Properties Limited is the dominant real estate developer that is rebuilt to dig ISO certification.

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Has anyone tried the super cheap racquets from China before?

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 08/13/2018 - 05:12

I was looking on aliexpress and I saw some racquets that were super light (6u) and for only 40 dollars. Being a beginner I feel like I shouldn't be using the more expensive ones because I treat my racquets terribly. And in the pictures they show the thing bending super far back so it's probably reasonably strong right?

Idk seems fun to play around with. Maybe I'll give it to my friend who doesn't have a racquet so he won't smash me as hard.

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Apartment in princeton estate

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 08/13/2018 - 05:11

The venture accompanies a sum of 840 units for perceiving purchasers. A portion of the best luxuries offered incorporate a swimming pool, club house, recreation center, radio offices and badminton and tennis courts.

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21 [M4F] Portugal - looking for someone to eat pastéis de nata with me

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 08/13/2018 - 04:21

After 2 years without a girlfriend and "filtering" what I used to call friends,

I think I'm ready to meet new people and have/know new friends, or something more after that, I don't know.

Meeting new people in my country is hard. We don't have a dating culture, everyone just stays in the same social groups when they go out. There is even an amazing pasta about this in our subreddit.

So, about me. I'm a 21 years old male, from Portugal, studying veterinary medicine, second year now. I plan to do an Erasmus next year to maybe Sweden. I absolutely love animals, and want to work with the "big ones". I have a beautiful dog that I can"t live without.

I'm an introvert, and like to be one. Simple as that. I won't say I like to go out and get drunk. I would be lying. I only do that if I really like (in a friendly way) a person and even when that happens, I just want to go home or other places and do other stuff. I like to go out, but I prefer places that are calm and I can relax. Walking with my dog. Meeting other friends with dogs. Cinema. Playing a lots of games. Playing Mario Karts in my friends' houses. Museums, expositions, places with animals like zoos or safaris.

Some interests of mine are: animals, gaming, badminton, loads and loads of movies and discussing them, music (I like almost all genres, some: Vulfpeck, Queen, Billy Talent, AC/DC), dark humor, dank memes, dinossaurs, everyone loves dinossaurs, I also like game development.

I'm from Portugal, but don't mind where you are from. A vegetarian, but not an extreme one. I'm very honest. Too honest I think, people sometimes complain about it. And I'm super kinky, a lot, but don't be afraid, no need to talk about it. Sometimes have existencial crisis, thinking about space and universe (which I also love).

I usually talk a lot if we can keep a conversation and have common interest. I talk much more by chat compared to real life, where I only start to talk more and more when I trust the person. Or when we immediately click.

Hope to hear from somebody, and even if not, thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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Viren Rasquinha’s on Building a Robust Coaching System for Indian Coaches

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 08/13/2018 - 00:55

The coaching system of a nation is as necessary as the players who conquer tournaments for it. When it comes to India, the coaching system requires some significant improvements at the primitive and elite level.

A programme especially targeted for the coaches that can help them move towards excellence is required at the professional level. Instead of providing these services to the coaches who handle the national teams, the same should also be bestowed to the coaches who are molding the future of the 15-16-year-old young talents.

Currently, the Indian coaching standard is not up to the mark, Viren remarked to the media, according to the Mint newspaper. In a society like India, the coaches do not enjoy a good level of respect, right from the school level. Usually, in schools, the sports coaches are known as PT teachers. In Indian schools, there is a provision to provide physical training (PT) or physical education (PE) that should occur once in a week for at least 30-45 minutes. This physical education and training are a great way to build future sports stars, however, it comes last on the priority list. Usually, there is no strong criterion for this job and the PT teachers are made to do dull tasks.

It is extremely critical to have a proper physical training from the primitive level. There are a number of positive effects of physical training. It helps in keeping the students healthy and active and promotes teamwork and better communication among them.

Viren Rasquinha, the former captain of India’s national field hockey team tells that in his school, the PT was held once in a week. He thinks that PT should be treated as other subjects and should have the same level of priority. He said, he was lucky as his hockey coach, Marcellus Gomes was tremendous. Gomes was himself an Olympian and Viren gives full credits to his coach for his support and encouragement. Viren stated, his coach was the reason he got a golden opportunity to play for the nation. Gomes taught him everything right from the starting when Viren was just 13-15 years old.

At the professional level, it is very necessary to improve the quality of coaches, Indian have today. A few of the coaches who train the national teams and the junior teams are employees at the Sports Authority of India (SAI). This job pays them around ₹30,000-50,000 a month.

There should be better options to provide the coaches incentives so that they can improve their training. Since they do not get better incentives; they are unable to bring improvisation in their techniques. At the primitive and proficient level, there should be an implementation of “Coaches excellence programme” in each and every state, by the SAI. Viren said that there should not be any difference between a root-level coach and an elite coach, for an example, a primitive levelled coach should receive the same respect and importance as Pullela Gopichand, who is the chief badminton coach for the Indian badminton team, in his interview with the Mint.

Coaches are very prominent for every athlete in their career.

When it comes to the senior level, India hires the best coaches in the world who have the skills and talent to provide training for sports such as hockey, football, wrestling and archery. But when it comes to the junior level coaches and their skills, there is a requirement of enormous improvement.

Viren tells that we already have amazing coaches like Harendra for Hockey and Gopichand for Badminton. We require having world class coaches for every sport. The youngsters of 12-15 years old are capable enough and have amazing talent, but they are not provided with the right training from the beginning and the basics are also not taught correctly. If they get through all the hurdles and enter in the Indian team, it gets too late for them to learn the right things and unlearn the wrong ones. The faults can only be noticed and corrected by those coaches who have the ability and skill to understand and spot the various technical errors.

For building world-class players and champions, there is a great requirement of better coaching and training facilities, equipment, nutrition, physiotherapy, recovery as well as mental training to the players. All of these aspects are equally important.

Badminton Coach

According to Viren, the most significant aspect is the availability of a good coach. So, the coaches in India requires to learn the newest methods of training and techniques so that they can help other players. The top-sporting nations have coaches from their own country. Transferring responsibility to a foreign coach will help in the beginning, but it is not the best way to solve all the problems and issues.

Viren is among the governing bodies of SAI and the association is trying to make sure that the foreign coaches can also give some training to the Indian coaches. It is not ideal to rely on the foreign coaches as this will temporarily solve the issues but in the long-term, there will always be a problem.

Talking about Australia, he said that the hockey team of Australia had Barry Dancer as their coach, and the team won the 2004 Athens Olympics. When they had Ric Charlesworth, the country won the hockey world cup twice. The current coach of Australia, Colin Batch was an Olympian and a man full of wisdom and knowledge. Australia always preferred having home-bred coaches for their national and international level teams.

However, such changes cannot take place overnight. There is a great requirement to groom the Indian coaches in such a way that India would never depend on any foreign coach in future. The only requirement is to provide training to the domestic level coaches, who will help the players to build a strong basis for their respective sports and they will help in delivering eminent players for the Indian teams.

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Satwiksairaj- The Champion in making

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 08/13/2018 - 00:53

The nation has been witnessing tremendous players in the sport of badminton. The young shuttlers have been making India proud with their eminent performances and talent. Among the brightest names in the junior badminton players, one name is of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy. He has the amazing skill set and he is among the brightest lookout for the country in the doubles circuit. There is no doubt that Satwik is a future prodigy for the nation. His international circuit is great and he has emerged as one of the strongest and aggressive players. The tall appearance of the Indian Doubles shuttler makes his opponents think twice. Satwik trains at the Pullela Gopichand Academy in Hyderabad.


The doubles shuttler, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy was born on 13th August 2000. The young badminton player hails from a small town Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh. He has surprised the world with his excellent performances and skills. He hails from a family which has a sports background. Satwiksairaj gets the inspiration to play badminton from his family. He is extremely close to his family and the encouragement he has received has paid him well.

Early Career

His father, Vishwanathan was also a state-level badminton player. He is also a coach and referee. His elder brother Ram Charan is also a state-level shuttler. This makes it more obvious about his inclination towards badminton.

Satwiksairaj’s interest in badminton was overwhelming when he was a kid. At the age of 6, the doubles shuttler started to accompany his father, to the Amalapuram badminton stadium. His father used to bring him to watch badminton matches. The court was small with just 30 or 40 members, so doubles was naturally preferred instead of the singles games. This is how Satwik’s interest in the doubles game increased. He used to smash a lot and as a result, all of his strokes were meant for doubles.

Career as Doubles Specialist

After receiving basic training from his father and other coaches at Amalapuram, Satwik moved Hyderabad to join the Pullela Gopichand Academy in 2014. After playing and getting trained by the Indian national coach for badminton, Satwik decided to establish his career in badminton as a Doubles player. He has also formed a great partnership with Chirag Shetty, the doubles player from Mumbai for hustling together as a doubles team. He also had a strong partnership in the Mixed doubles with the senior player Ashwini Ponnappa and also with K Maneesha.

Satwik has a great mind-boggling speed and pace on the court. The shuttler is 18-years-old and at this adolescent age, he has been showing amazing performances. He is still learning to work on the half smashes and to play the slow drops in a right way. He requires working on his approach towards relaxation and confidence. The duo of Chirag Shetty and Satwik is already no 1 in India, and the next approach of Satwik along with his partner is to reach the pinnacle No 1 in the World ranking.


Achievements and Awards

In 2015, Satwik along with K Maneehsa won the title of the Tata Open India International in the mixed doubles. In the next year, i.e, 2016, the combo won three consecutive titles, bagging four gold laurels in the Mauritius International, India International series and Bangladesh International. In the same tournaments, Satwik along with Chirag won four consecutive titles in 2016, in the men’s doubles category.

In 2017, the combo won the Vietnam International and grabbed the Men’s Doubles trophy. In the year 2018, they again started their voyage to grab the Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast, Australia. The duo came back with the Silver medal.

In the Vodafone Premier Badminton League 2017-18, he won the title of India Oil Indian Player of the Day.

Satwik was also nominated for the Most promising player of the year by the BWF.

He has received the Actor Lt. Dr. Ranganath Sports Award in 2017.

There is no doubt that Satwiksairaj is one of the most furious shuttlers in India. He has been consistent in winning the tournament and with explicit performance. We hope for his best future.

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Badminton Places Near uOttawa

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 08/13/2018 - 00:42

Anyone know of any badminton places that you can play competitive drop in near uOttawa during the school year. I am new to the area so I am not that familiar.

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Surprise!Here comes a local Chinese

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 08/12/2018 - 19:15

I'm Flanis,18/m from Shanghai

Hobbies:riding, badminton, play single game on mobile phone(cause I have mobile phone only ), help wild cats,enjoy life

Love:cats,games,all kinds of cute animals,memes(funny only, sometimes it's hard to understand double meanings) kind people around the world, my family

Hate: hot weather, crowded people,rude behavior and mean words

So my English isn't that well and I'm still improving it

Just want to make friends around the world ,age and language won't be obstacles, I can be a good listener,you can share your stories and dailies with me,no matter it's happy or sad, I can also be someone when you're alone, it's ok you don't love Chinese culture, there's a lot we can talk about

I have Facebook,twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp,Discord,VK etc.

Be open to other social platforms too, please dm me

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Convincing teenage (18M) boyfriend to do fancy things for me (18F)

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 08/12/2018 - 12:00

Me (18F) and my boyfriend (18M) are going away for college in two days - him to Michigan, and me to Berkeley. We're super happy, and I have no doubt long distance will work out great. I'd consider us more nerdy type people - I'm studying EECS, he's doing a BBA + Engineering degree - so we're both somewhat quiet, reserved, and not very public people.

His idea of a date is playing badminton in my backyard and going to Culver's (midwestern fast food chain). He doesn't really seem to be interested in going out anywhere fancy, dressing up, getting me anything nice, etc. I am trying to convince him to take me out somewhere to celebrate our one year anniversary before we leave for college, but he keeps dodging my requests and suggesting other things.

How do I get my way here, without starting a fight, or coming off as a bitch?

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Hanebado! - Episode 7 discussion

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 08/12/2018 - 10:01

Hanebado!, episode 7: I'll Mop the Floor With Her

Rate this episode here.


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Hello there looking for friends

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 08/12/2018 - 09:08

I'm Flanis,18/m from Shanghai

Hobbies:riding, badminton, play single game on mobile phone(cause I have mobile phone only ), help wild cats,enjoy life

Love:cats,games,all kinds of cute animals,memes(funny only, sometimes it's hard to understand double meanings) kind people around the world, my family

Hate: hot weather, crowded people,rude behavior and mean words

So my English isn't that well and I'm still improving it

Just want to make friends around the world ,age and language won't be obstacles, I can be a good listener,you can share your stories and dailies with me,no matter it's happy or sad, I can also be someone when you're alone, it's ok you don't love Chinese culture, there's a lot we can talk about

I have Facebook,twitter, Instagram,VK, Discord, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc.

Be open to other social platforms too, please dm me

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Why do I always buy stupid shit?

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 08/12/2018 - 07:36

I’ve spent $200 on stuffed animals/plush toys. $800 on badminton racquets and apparel (which of course I’ve gotten bored of playing now). $300 food dehydrator for a cookie decorating hobby.. which I did twice before stopping... ($300+ on cookie related stuff as well). $45 Cadbury chocolate Christmas sweater... even though in Australia Christmas is during summer and like 35 degrees Celsius.

And that’s just some of it! Not even including all the random $5, $10, $20 toys I’ve purchased last minute when seeing them at a supermarket check out etc.

Aaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Why can’t I buy good things that are at least useful!?!

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Trying to get back into badminton after almost 2 years. Any clubs for beg/intermediate in SF area?

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 08/12/2018 - 05:08

So i haven't played badminton in about two years (since Junior year of HS) but before that I had played for a solid 4-5 years and competed in quite a few tournaments. I'm trying to get back into the sport since I really miss it and thought it was a great way to get me to start exercising again. Anyways, I'm going back to school soon and am desperate to find a club in San Francisco that has a considerable amount of regular members that I can practice with, preferably beginners to intermediate. Also, if I haven't used my rackets in a while, should I get them restrung or do you think the tension will have stayed the same? Thanks!!

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Badminton Racket in Cabin, Airliners

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 08/12/2018 - 01:22

Last week, while embarking on an AirAsia flight (from Vientiane to Bangkok), I have been refused to take my two badminton rackets in cabin. I was told by the security officer that it was specific to this company and that it would not have been a problem with another company on this leg. I almost lost my two ArcSaber and was lucky to have a friend that could recover them at the airport.

Do you know if there are other airliners that specifically forbid rackets in cabin?

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Y’all fuckin I got spoiled like 2 years ago

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 08/12/2018 - 00:14

Fuckin I had Persona 4 spoiled for me 2 goddamn years ago and I fuckin forgot and I just now got around to playing it and the fucking spoiler came back to me like what the fuck

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