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Badminton Racket tension and string

Badminton News Reddit - Sat, 09/22/2018 - 02:29

i'm interested in JETSPEED S 12 4U, but i'm not sure which string and the strength of tension i should use.

How to determine it? Thank you

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Admission Chances for SE + CS

Badminton News Reddit - Sat, 09/22/2018 - 02:04

Hi guys, I'm a Gr. 12 from BC applying this year to SE and CS at Waterloo. OUAC just opened today, and I'm nervous af about this. Can you guys give me an idea about my admission chances based on these infos? Btw, I dont have the marks for Gr. 12 yet, but I think it's going to be similar or slightly higher.

Grade 11 marks (all IB btw):

- Physics HL: 100% (7)- Chem HL: 100% (7)- Math HL: 96% (7)- Psych SL: 99% (7)- Mandarin SL: 90% (6)- English SL: 90% (6)

Average: 95.8%


77 in Euclid, 30 in CCC Sr. (yikes), won Hack the North this year (woo-hoo!), worked last summer as an intern in health-related mobile app dev company, worked this year as a junior developer at VR game dev company, head mentor & founder at my school's robotics club, president at local non-profit, IT manager at province-wide non-profit, heavily involved in choir, did cross country and badminton (not sure if they help...)

Honestly, I feel like I have pretty decent ECs, but at the same time, it only counts for MAXIMUM of 5 marks (for engineering), which really doesn't feel like that much of a boost, and my mark is definitely below the cut-off mark people usually talk about... So even if I can get a good mark from my AIF, I feel like I wouldn't stand a chance against other people. What do you guys think?

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Chance a Dreaming International

Badminton News Reddit - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 23:31

Asian (International) Male for CS --> Spent over half my life outside Home Country

IB Diploma Candidate: Predicted 41/45 - 7 7 6 in HL Math, Physics and Lang Lit A, 7 7 5 in SL Business, Chinese B, Chem (lol), 2/3 for Core (TOK/EE)

UW GPA: 3.60 (Uptrend, Poor freshman year because of transferring), School has deflated GPA system (highest GPA in school history was 3.97 cumulative. Valedictorian usually has about a 3.9) Our school says a 7 is a 4.0, a 6 is a 3.5, a 5 is a 3.0 (rip). Also school doesn't weight GPA even though we do the full IB (and MYP)

SAT: 1490 (710 RW, 780 Math)

Subjects: 800 Math 2, Physics in October


- Student Council (2 Years)

- School String Ensemble (3 Years, leader for 2 years)

- School Publications Team (3 Years)

- Debate (4 Years, 7 if including middle school)

- Badminton Varsity (4 Years)

- Cross Country (2 Years)

- Service (2 Years) --> Teaching an instrument for children in poverty

Schools (only allowed to apply to a maximum of 8): UC Berkeley, UCLA, U Michigan, University of Washington, Stanford, SUNY Stony Brook, UCSD, Cornell

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HS student wondering about scholarships and admission at U of A.

Badminton News Reddit - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 21:53

Hey. I am a highschool junior who is starting to think about university. Some of the schools Im planning on applying to include UBC, U of A, UVIC and UofC. I finished grade 10 with a 95% average, and im planning on doing the same this year and next year. I was wondering about scholarships at UofA. How are entrance scholarships, and what grades do you need to get certain amounts of money? Are there any other scholarships which I could try for? Im involved in cross country running, volleyball scorekeeping, intramural soccer, track and field, and badminton. Are my exta curriculars and grades decent enough for me to get a good scholarship? Or atleast a guaranteed entrance scholarship?

Is UofC a better school? Is it cheaper, and are scholarships easier to get?

In case you were wondering, the reason Im leaning towards UofA in comparison to UBC is due to pricing, If anyone could give me a few tips on what schools are the best, and any tips for admissions, that would be helpful.


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25 [M4F] Atlanta - Seeking a Little Less "Alone," a Little More "Together," and All of the In Between

Badminton News Reddit - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 20:42

Hello again! Or hello for the first time, if this is the first time you’ve ever seen a post from me! Should we speak, may I be the first to say it’s a pleasure to meet you (but I’ll inevitably repeat that point in some form once we start a conversation)! It’s that time again, where one redditor writes something here, seeking another redditor, because anyone I have anything at all in common with would be here… Right? And it also seems like it’s that time where you’re reading my post, meaning there’s a good chance that, much like I am, you’re looking for something too. So if you’ve got the time to spare, why not keep reading, and maybe you can help me help you!

This post will probably sound a lot like my previous posts. After all, it’s not like my past has changed at all. It’s just fun to rewrite it from scratch from time to time, in an effort to see how my current mood affects the tone and how that’s perceived, by both myself when re-reading it, and by others. I do admit it may not be the most interesting read – after all, my writing skills lie mostly on the technical side, as instilled by my education and mandated by various functions of my job. It’s seldom necessary for me to write something interesting. Nonetheless, I think it’d be ideal for someone who I might develop an involvement with to get some idea of who I am, and maybe something brought up in the process of explaining that will help spark a conversation! At least, I’ve always found that the more I know about someone from the get-go, the easier it is to find some common ground to talk about. This is why I’ve always loathed Tinder and the numerous variations of the swipe left/swipe right dating experience it’s spawned, a trend I’ve come to refer to as “Tinderization.”

To elaborate on this last point, I’ve always seen my approach to dating as the “anti-Tinder” of sorts. To be completely honest, it’s saddening that modern dating has been reduced to a menu of photos, almost like some kind of demented shopping experience, but for people instead of food, clothing, or gadgets. The average Tinder profile seems to be a handful of random photos, the first of which, as a rule, is a group shot in which it’s impossible to even pick out the individual the photo belongs to, and then possibly a short text section composed of nothing more than a list of airports (can someone explain why this is a thing?) and possibly some emoji. What’s outright depressing is that my generation is the one that did this. They ruined dating. I can’t single-handedly undo what they’ve done, but I can at least do better.

My history with relationships is (relatively) short, but shockingly complex for its brevity. I feel like it’s much like the rest of my life experiences thus far – I feel like I’ve lived more in just a few short years than most people have their entire lives. It’s tough to give a TL;DR summary of it, really, and I’ve honestly tried and failed numerous times in the past. It’s probably best that I just tell my story the best I can in chronological order, and hopefully someone who it resonates with will find it. If not, at the very least, I do find catharsis in writing these.

I was born in a medium-sized town in southwestern Louisiana, in early 1993. It’s changed a lot over time (which I’ll talk about later), but at the time, it still had quite a few unnamed dirt roads, much like the one my parents lived on at the time. Behind their backyard? Cows. Quite different from the urban environment I find myself in nowadays. Regardless, I don’t remember the first few years of my life very well (who does, anyway?), beyond what I’ve been told by my parents and others. The only worthwhile thing I supposedly was able to do at this point was read at a college level when I was four years old, a fact that my teacher in preschool became aware of when I took an interest in her college mythology textbook she’d just so happened to have left around.

Onward to elementary school. It’s worthy of note at this point that I actually went to the same school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I think this has shaped who I am today, to quite a large extent, and not necessarily in a good way. It was a private Christian school, with maybe a hundred students across the whole of it. My kindergarten class had six of those. No particular class had more than maybe ten people, and the smallest I was in counted only three, in the third grade. This formed the backdrop of my formative years.

Beyond the fact that I was kept from having the highest grades in the class by my notoriously-awful penmanship (which has only gotten worse by the day since then!), nothing important really happened in kindergarten (does it ever?), or in most of the rest of my time in elementary school. I had this weird crush on this one girl, made awkward later on by the fact that she stayed at the school until we graduated. Oh, and I guess it was also the only time in school when I ever had to deal with someone who could be considered a bully. I don’t remember the circumstances well, but I believe it owed largely to his displeasure with my crush on the aforementioned girl.

My middle school years were honestly even more uneventful than those spent in elementary school. Free of the burden of penmanship as a class with grades, my average improved by quite a bit. That was cool, I guess. I also look fondly back to this time, as it was a time when I would have actually been considered good at math (more or less, this held up until I took calculus, which I have no affinity for whatsoever to this very day). This might also be worthy of mention that starting around this time, as well as for much of the time until about the first grade, I didn’t get to see my dad often. When I told people this at the time, they would always make the assumption that my parents were divorced, since they essentially didn’t live together. It was not so – it just so happens that the skills my dad specialized in were more marketable outside my hometown than they were within it, and my mom had absolutely no interest in ever moving away from the area. In retrospect, this alone, as well as a possible few other reasons, made my parents fairly incompatible, realistically speaking.

I feel like my life, and who I am as a person today, really began to take shape when I was in high school, whether for better or for worse. For starters, I lost my dad in the week before my fifteenth birthday. To this day, this is by far the most traumatizing experience I’ve been through. It’s the middle of the night, and I’m awakened by a commotion – my mom is clearly quite upset over something. As it turns out, my dad was asleep and would not wake up. She calls an emergency dispatcher. The ambulance arrives, and they haul him out on a stretcher. This is the last I would ever see of him. It was all so sudden too. He was in the hospital previously for dehydration, but he was discharged earlier that day.

High school was also my first experience with rejection. Worse still was that the whole ordeal was preventable. To paraphrase Mitch Hedburg, I used to be a fool. I still am, but I used to be too. It’s the beginning of a normal Wednesday morning, or so I thought. I remember this because it was the day of one of those pointless, mandatory chapel services we had every week. I go into the kitchen to put my lunch box away. Anyway, enter this one girl I’d had a crush on for a year or so (not the one from kindergarten). “How do I look?” she asks, as she twirls about. Having never faced this kind of situation before, I barely manage to utter the words, “Okay… I guess.” Months later, I send her a text (using my flip phone – those were the days… but not really though), “What I meant that day was that you looked stunning.” She then informs me that it’s too late – she’s spoken for. The rest of high school would remain a dark time for me, largely due to this. The good news is that subsequent rejections would always hurt less than this one. And honestly, at this point? Each is nothing more than a statistic.

This takes us to my graduation day. I graduated at the top of my class, but is that really an accomplishment when graduating in a class of four? As valedictorian, I had to prepare a speech. As an Apple fanboy and a self-professed “crazy one” (I even have this on a shirt I got from Apple HQ!), the whole thing was inspired by a piece of marketing literature, heavily quoting the “Think Different campaign.” You know… “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the round pegs in the square holes…” Shockingly, as told by my uncle, the whole thing was all right. According to him, everyone else’s (which was actually everyone else – do you really think they told the three people at the bottom of the class that they couldn’t have a speech?) just sounded like an acceptance speech.

Each of us also had a slideshow with assorted photos from times of our youth on display, each set to music. I had originally chosen Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy,” because let’s face it, the song sums me up pretty well (or maybe not, as you’ll find out toward the end of all this – I’m such an oddity that I can’t even fit the nerd stereotype correctly!). Hell, I even talked to one of my great-aunt’s neighbors to borrow their Segway to get some photos on it. Unfortunately, my song choice was nixed by the acting principal at the time (the school’s principal up until this time was out of commission due to a heart attack, and the temp for the few weeks before this was let go for his questionable involvement with the school’s money), a guy in his seventies who said something along the lines of it being a solemn occasion, and “rap” was not appropriate. I consulted a good friend of mine, one of the few people that, to this day, I trust to advise me on all my major life decisions. He recommends “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. Even better, the song references Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” which just so happens to have been the song of my mom’s graduating class. Strange how that worked out, huh?

So… After my tumultuous high school career, I suppose that puts me in college, huh? Due largely to financial reasons, I remain in town and attend McNeese. Never heard of it? I’m not surprised. 99% of the time I think I see their logo, it’s actually the Michigan one, since they stole the McNeese logo (both use a stylized “M” and the same colors). The one time I was happily mistaken was when I ran into a McNeese student at Six Flags back in July, who I informed of how surprising I found the occasion to be. I don’t know why everyone portrays college to be a fun time filled with parties and whatnot. My life mostly went on as usual, with the one major change being that I actually had to study once in awhile, especially in some of the higher math courses. I’m one of the few, the proud… the programmers who loathe math. Fortunately, I’ve never once needed calculus outside a college course.

Regardless, as a result of my lack of a social life caused by having graduated in a class of four and knowing no one, my college experience suffered greatly from that whole “total lack of connections” thing. Which I’m sure also comes as a surprise to no one. As a matter of fact, I’d only ever experienced alcohol twice before turning twenty-one. Enter junior year. So I do what anyone with a romantic life that had been completely absent up until this point would do – I turn to reddit. And I meet someone! She lived not too far outside Atlanta (Gee – I wonder why I wound up moving to this place I had no other connections to whatsoever).

Anyway, I travel back and forth to visit a few times over the next couple of years while I wrap up college and look for a job. And I find one! It’s massively underpaying, but… it’s a job, I guess. Once I have that in the bag, I move over here. So, you’d think this means I’d get to spend more time with the supposed woman-of-my-dreams, right? Wrong! Turns out she has psycho, overprotective parents and a serious case of Stockholm syndrome. As a result, despite the fact that she’s twenty years old at this point, she’s not “allowed” to date. Over time, she has fewer and fewer opportunities to skip school so that we can see each other, coupled with the fact that I’m now working full-time. As a result, we see each other even less after I moved seven hundred miles closer than before. As would any reasonable person, I deliver an ultimatum – something must be done about her parents. Either she needs to talk to them, or I’d be willing to do it. Not willing to rock the boat on this, she asks me not to. A year after moving here, for her, I do what I have to. This is clearly not a healthy relationship, and I have to end it. She didn’t take that particularly well, and I’m not particularly proud of that fact, but in order for a relationship to work out, both parties involved need to be willing to give one hundred percent, and quite clearly, she wasn’t exactly up for that.

The next month or so was a new and valuable experience for me – I am single by choice. Assorted people in my life from my mom to my best friend to some rando that was crashing on my couch were to thank for advising me on that, as it wasn’t a decision that was made lightly. I don’t remember what I did with this time, but honestly, I don’t think it was anything meaningful. More of the same, minus the dead weight of a relationship that was going nowhere.

Things are going great, right? I did what I had known for almost a year to be inevitable, and all is right with the world. But the grass is always greener on the other side, I suppose, and I once again feel the desire for companionship. And this time, I find it in the most unlikely of places – Craigslist (back in the day when they had sections for things beyond what garbage people had put out on their lawns). Of course, I say that now, and you see the writing on the wall that I was so blind to in the moment – this has “bad idea” written all over it.

At the time, I thought everything was perfect. For a month and a half in total, I have someone in my life who I actually get to see on a regular basis! As in, we actually live our lives, together! I finally believe I’ve found what I’ve been seeking for years without success. Until that one fateful day, when she leaves to never return. Turns out she’d left me for someone without a job, without a car, and who lived with his parents. Under normal circumstances, this would lead one to wonder what the hell is wrong with me, to be left for someone who’s contributed a whole lot of nothing to society. Fortunately, there was a logical explanation – she had a drug problem, as did he. Easy come, easy go, I suppose.

For the next year, I take it easy. 2017 wasn’t my year, and toward the end of the year, I had a car accident and the resulting fallout of being without a car for a month to deal with. I mean, there’s always 2018, right?

And 2018 there was! After posting on reddit, in a fashion much like I had about four years prior, and much like I am right now, I meet someone with whom I would experience the next several weeks. However short-lived, she would raise the bar in terms of just what level of connection I felt I could experience with another human being. She was cynical. She was sarcastic. In other words, she was beautiful inside and out. We spent as much time disagreeing and debating as we did in agreement. And I loved every second of it. Someone who I both had much in common with, and also differed from by a fair amount. It was a perfect balance – someone who I could both relate to and be challenged by. Unfortunately, she was a bit challenged in the “being even so much as a decent human being” department. The last night I saw her, she informed me that she wasn’t over her ex. We would still text after that for the next couple of weeks, but it quickly became obvious that she was becoming outright… Unhinged. The last I heard from her, she and her ex are back together.

At the end of the day, all of my past relationships were mistakes, almost by definition of their being past relationships. But I’d like to think I’ve learned something from them. Namely that people are rarely ever what they seem. They’re great at putting on a front – only showing you the positives, with all of the dealbreakers slowly coming to light over time. You know what they say – “When you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” To say I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life would be an understatement. Mistakes most people have had the luck to avoid. And these people would probably say I’m fairly unfortunate to have fallen victim to all these mistakes. I fall into that mindset once in awhile. However, I’m faced with a choice. I can walk around saying, “Woe is me,” as much as I want, or I can acknowledge the fact that having made as many mistakes as I have in the short twenty-five years I’ve been on this planet means that I’ve experienced in such a brief period of time what most others will take a lifetime to experience. Yes, I’ve made an incredible number of mistakes in a brief period of time, but that means I have an ample body of knowledge and experience to build upon, and I think I’m a wiser person now for it.

And for all practical purposes, this concludes my tale. In the time since then, I’ve focused on learning a few new skills and watching a few new shows. You know, same old, same old. That being said, I’ve told my life’s story, but I feel like someone reading all that still doesn’t really know me. It’s one thing to tell a narrative. It’s a whole other animal to know what someone is really like. This isn’t to say that a summary of one’s life experiences isn’t an element – it’s more so that the two should go hand in hand. Let’s see if I can add that missing second element.

What defines me? What do I like? What do I dislike (aside from pineapple on pizza)? Damn… that’s a tough question. Where do you even start when trying to answer something like that? May as well pick something arbitrary, right? How about TV shows? One of the eccentricities that’s somewhat unique to me is that I’m a grown man, who watches a vast array of cartoons. It’s my niche. I don’t know why, but it just is. How does anyone fall into their particular set of interests? Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, and BoJack Horseman are a few favorites. Star vs. the Forces of Evil is another, that isn’t nearly as well-known as it should be. If you’re unfamiliar with it, imagine if Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Sailor Moon had a baby. SvTFoE would be the result. Unfortunately, it’s more or less been confirmed that the next season, that won’t start for almost another year, will be the last. In the mean time, I’ve picked up a few new shows. Disenchantment is pretty good, and is more or less what you’d expect given what’s on the tin – a medieval version of Futurama. Upon a recommendation from a (now former) coworker, I’ve also started watching Paradise PD. It’s done an amazing job of what South Park used to be good at – scathing social satire without taking itself too seriously. On that note, I’ve seen the first dozen and a half seasons of South Park, then kinda stopped watching. Unpopular opinion: It isn’t a show that’s suited to continuity in any way, shape, or form, and when they tried introducing these season-long plotlines, it went downhill, fast.

What’s an easy segue from TV shows? Oh, right! Movies. I won’t have much to speak of here – I’m infamous around the office for not having seen many. Hell, I haven’t seen Star Wars. If I had to name a favorite? Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I probably rewatch it on a monthly basis, and it somehow never gets old. I didn’t even like it the first time I watched it, but the second time, it was somehow the best thing I’d ever seen. I dunno… that awkward kid who can also kinda be a bit of an asshole sometimes – I find that oddly relatable somehow. Other favorites include Kill Bill (my mother was less impressed – she described it as “too violent and far-fetched”), Kingsman (controversial opinion: the sequel wasn’t that bad), and UHF (you know, the one with Weird Al in it).

This is probably a good time to mention what I do for a living. I’m an AV programmer. As such, all of the aforementioned movies and shows (acquired legally, of course – how dare you suggest otherwise?!?) are neatly-packaged onto my Plex server, and browsable from a touchscreen of minimalist design perched upon my coffee table. It’s probably worthy of mention that while I like the industry I currently find myself in, I definitely see myself moving around between disciplines in the future. I’ve done plenty of web and mobile development in the past, and wouldn’t mind returning to such things. Or maybe, I could even go in a totally different direction, to a more industrial side of things. My dad programmed PLC’s for a living, so I’m no stranger to those either.

I’m also a cat person. Very, very much so a cat person. In all other aspects of my life, I primarily take after my dad. But he hated cats. My mom, not so much. Her mom before her had several at a time. Due to my dad, my mom never had any when I was growing up. But in the brief period of my adult life before I left, she got one. That cat’s name is Iggy, and in a sense, she was my first cat. She was a mere three months old at the time my mom adopted her, and she fit comfortably in the palm of my hand. Unfortunately, when I moved out, my mom wouldn’t let me take Iggy with me. Shortly after moving here, I would find my own feline friend. Her name is Roxy. She’s a bit temperamental, but sweet as can be, at least, when she feels like it. She does well on road trips, and when I make the ten-hour drive home, she enjoys Iggy’s company while she’s there. I’ve had some difficult times emotionally since moving here, and it’s always seemed that Roxy could tell when I was and would stay a bit closer by my side during these times.

I’ll say right now that sports aren’t my thing. Unless chess counts. And I did go fishing one time, and a bird got caught on my line while I was casting it, so I do hold the accomplishment of catching a bird while fishing I suppose (for those wondering, the bird is okay – we managed to disentangle it from the line). I also won’t say no to a game of volleyball, badminton, or tennis. In general, I suppose sports in which the objective is to hit a ball over a net are all right with me. On the flip side, I’m not a fan of the sports that people tend to work themselves into a tribalistic rage over – American football (more appropriately called “handegg” if you ask me), soccer (which the rest of the world correctly identifies as football), basketball, baseball, and the like.

Now let’s talk about the controversial bits – religion and politics. After all, I’m not looking for the shallow kind of relationship in which we never talk about possibly-contentious subject matter. Even if we disagree on things, I’m hoping that no subject would be off-limits. I was raised in a religious household, and I largely think this was to my detriment. You know, the sort that taught that “the gays” will cause God to bring judgment, I’m going to go to hell for drinking, the world is six thousand years old, and all that kind of nonsense. What am I, religiously speaking? It’s hard to say. I don’t consider myself to be religious, though. I do think the world would be a better place if “Christians” focused on the actual teachings of Jesus like loving one’s neighbor and treating others as they wished to be treated though, and dropped all the fire and brimstone Old Testament stuff, and trying at every opportunity to shoehorn their own personal prejudices into it. As to why I no longer consider myself to be practicing? I think Gandhi put it best: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Also, “Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!”

Politically, I consider myself a libertarian. I also view myself as pretty moderate though. Or, rather, I have strong opinions on some issues (ending the war on drugs, legalizing prostitution, 2A defining an individual right to bear arms, having far less military involvement in the rest of the world, etc…) but don’t manage to work myself into a froth on others (somehow religious nuts being “forced” to perform the function of their business and bake a cake for a couple that just so happens to be gay doesn’t seem like a problem to me). And in case it needs to be said, since some people just love to muddy the waters on this – Donald Trump is not a libertarian. As a matter of fact, he’s an authoritarian, which is the polar opposite.

Still here? Awesome. Everyone talks about games at one point or another in these posts, as that seems to be a fairly common interest amongst the reddit collective. What may or may not disappoint you, dear reader, is that I’m not much of a gamer. I do like the Touhou series, Cuphead, and assorted drawing-type games (mainly because I’m good at the guessing part; less so the drawing bits). Back in the day, I spent an insane amount of time playing Glitch as well. Unfortunately, the world was not ready for such an unconventional concept, and all the fearmongering and security theater surrounding the technology behind it, namely Flash, certainly didn’t help.

I also identify as childfree. That is, I do not have kids, do not feel a need for them, and do not want them. There are numerous reasons for this. The first and most obvious are the financial ones. It costs a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child to adulthood, and that’s a lot of money better spent elsewhere. Case in point – my dad. Before he had kids, he had nice things. Afterward, not so much. The second is environmental concerns. The single worst thing you can do for the planet is putting another human on it. The place is already overpopulated as it is. I see no reason to exacerbate the problem. And finally is the time aspect. As far as I can tell, once you have kids, there goes almost all your free time. Wanna go to a movie? You have one legitimate choice: Hire a sitter. Otherwise, you have to haul a screaming brat with you, and everyone else in the theater will rightfully hate you.

I nearly forgot – food! I’ll eat almost anything, but Korean BBQ, Mexican, and Cajun are a few favorites (although y’all seriously do not know what a good po boy is, apparently). I also wish good pizza was easier to find around here than it is. Beer is bread, and therefore a food, right? I love a good IPA, but I find that all of the best are brewed west of the Mississippi, and in fairly-short supply here. It’s also worthy of note at this point that I can’t do shots at all (no, really, if I do, I will have a very bad time), but I have quite a thing for mixed drinks, and have also been told I’m amazing at making them. But I could always use a second, third, and fourth opinion on that!

At this point, you’ve seen the Cliff’s Notes version of my life’s story, as well as my likes and dislikes. What else can I do to help paint a clear picture of who I am? I suppose a walkthrough of “a day in the life” might help. I can’t say my average day is all that thrilling, but any bit of insight is insight all the same.

My weekday alarm is set at six thirty AM. I normally manage to get completely ready for work, and get five miles down the road, in thirty minutes, to arrive by seven. I’ll wake up fifteen minutes earlier if I need to get to a client location downtown, the frequency of these occasions varying with the time of year. From about seven to three or four in the afternoon, I’ll be at work, with maybe half my time on an average day spent working, and the other half spent mindlessly scrolling reddit. I then proceed to go home, while cursing loudly at the terrible drivers that fill this place, wishing they could actually hear me telling them how they shouldn’t even have a license.

Upon arriving home from work, I’ll grab a drink and in no particular order, watch some TV or a movie, browse reddit, read up on a programming language or some other skill, and/or work on a personal project. Around eleven in the evening, I’ll get ready for bed, with the intent of being asleep by midnight. Weekends are largely the same, but replace most of the time I’d spend working with “sleeping in”, and the earlier half of “sleeping” with “doing more of the stuff I normally do outside work.” Exciting, huh?

I wish I could get out more, and sometimes I’ll get out and do stuff, but I’d probably be more inspired to do so if I had someone to actually go out and do stuff with. I like going to open mic and karaoke nights (but not to sing – you really don’t want to hear me do that; I’m just there to watch), as well as museums.

If given the money and a more cooperative job, I would also love to travel more, both within and outside the US. My dream is to road trip around forty-nine states in an RV (and if that whole “bridge to Hawaii” thing ever happens, make that fifty). Eventually, I’d like to find a one hundred percent remote job in order to make this a reality.

At this point, I feel like I’ve given about as comprehensive a perspective of myself as possible, without an actual conversation taking place. Furthermore, I’m hoping at least something in this mess of words will serve as a decent jumping-off point for such a conversation. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve always had trouble responding to one to two paragraph posts – after all, what could possibly be said in such a short space to give a good idea of what someone is like and how to approach that person? I could certainly use more conversations in my life right about now, especially if the qualities I’m about to discuss sound like you’d match them.

As implied just a moment ago, all has been said about me that could possibly be said. Let’s talk about you! I haven’t met you yet, but perhaps you’re out there. And perhaps if I attempt to define you, I’ll find you? At least, you know what they say: You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.

I think it’s a given, at least based on the post title, that I am seeking a female. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this too much – it’s fairly self-explanatory. People post here looking for companionship in all forms, although in particular, I would like to find a girlfriend. But not just a girlfriend, if that makes any sense (also, I’m not looking for multiple people). I’ve had a relationship that lacked any real depth – one where there was intimacy, but no real connection. No meaningful conversation, no common interests, and so on. At the time, I thought it was okay. It was different from the relationship before it, without that particular set of problems, so I pretended everything was fine.

Narrator: It wasn’t.

In consideration of this, I’m hoping to find someone with whom the dynamic feels both like a girlfriend and like a best friend. Someone I can talk to about anything and everything, even if you’re the one I need to talk about. It’s a delicate balance, and a tough one to find. I’ve had three relationships of note, the first of which felt too much like “just” a best friend most of the time (as in, the romantic aspect was only ever really able to play a role on the rare occasion we would see each other in person), the second too much like “just” a girlfriend, and the third, however brief, being the closest experience I’ve had thus far to the balance I would aspire to find.

Ideally, you would also live within a few hours of Atlanta at the very most. I’ve experienced firsthand how the inability to see someone in person on a regular basis kills a relationship. I know that there are a handful of exceptions, but in general, long-distance doesn’t work. Or possibly, it depends on the individual, and long-distance relationships don’t work for me. I should mention that I have no ties to this area, beyond my job at which I have a reasonable degree of seniority, and the advantages that come with it. I don’t have a pressing reason to stay here forever, so I’d be more than open to moving somewhere else, but I’ve learned that moving somewhere for someone can be a tragic mistake, since when your residence outlives your relationship, it leaves you with a sense of wondering why you’re still there. Honestly, my hometown has grown to be a much better place since I’ve left, and it’s a place I would be open to returning to. It’s become less redneck, and more… I dunno how to describe it. Hipster-ish, maybe? Mostly in that it’s become less of a Bud Light place and more of a craft brewery place.

I used to ask that anyone who responds be at least twenty-one, but I’ve since dropped that, since I received an irate reply from one individual who felt left out by this criterion, who I honestly wish I would’ve had the chance to converse with, but I have since been unable to reach out and apologize to. The main basis was that I would ideally find someone who would be able to go out and drink with me, but then I remembered I do the majority of my drinking at home, so that’s less of an issue.

I’d say it’s also important that you don’t have kids, and consider yourself to be of a childfree mindset or at least have pondered the merits of it. Fur babies are cool. Loud, bratty, smelly human babies? Not so much.

Oh, also, you should be single! I nearly forgot to mention this, and that would’ve been to my detriment. Given the context, it would seem obvious, but you might be surprised that I’ve had no fewer than three replies to posts of this nature that weren’t on the same page about this. Two of those were upfront about it. The third only brought it up after I paid for her dinner – there are a lot of great people on reddit, but a handful of scummy ones too.

I’ve said a lot about who I am and what I’m looking for. But it’s certainly not intended as a be-all, end-all. Far from it, in fact! The opposite, even. I hope that this post here is just a beginning. Of what? Let’s find out! A conversation? A date? A lifetime?

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Why I'm on Keto for Life

Badminton News Reddit - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 19:11

I decided to be on the ketogenic diet as my new lifestyle. The keto diet mandates that you cut out all sugar and carbs, and replace it with healthy fats to train your body to burn fat instead of carbs. I tried it for a month before I was traveling, and the effects ultimately changed my life. So here’s my personal anecdotal story of why this all happened. Some of this might be TMI but I think it’s important to understand what I was going through to understand how much of an impact keto had on me.

I discovered I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) when I was in high school, and recently learned that it’s something you’re born with. The tell-tale sign was that I had really irregular periods. I went to check with a doctor when I had a little scare where my period didn’t stop for six weeks straight. The symptoms I experienced which I didn’t associate with the syndrome for so long were fatigue, extreme bloating, cravings out of this world, and weight gain. Let me explain more.

I was always tired. I did a test one summer in high school where I would intentionally sleep without waking up with an alarm for two weeks. At first it was about 12 hours a day (or more), and when my body had enough sleep from a years worth of school, it tapered off to 9.5 hours a night. When I got to college where my schedule was more flexible, I still needed 9 hours of sleep or I would feel completely dead and exhausted. I would feel nauseous and my body had that rusty, achy feeling as if I had only slept 3 hours. Being on my period also instantly adds two hours of sleep at night, and may require naps. But this was normal, my every day. I asked doctors frequently and they told me that some people just need more sleep and that’s normal.

The bloating was a bit odd. Some days I would have it and other days not. On particularly bad days, my stomach would bloat so much that it’d hurt. This was also inconvenient for buying pants, because in the morning I would have a skinny tummy and at night I’d have expanded by two pant sizes.

I have always had intense cravings for sweets. Like the worse they are for you, the more I like them. Krispy Kreme donuts, Thai iced tea, Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes, any cupcakes, any chocolate cake, apple pie (ohhh yesss), chocolate chip cookies, ice cream…you name it. Oh and boba, I love boba so much my license plate is literally LF❤️BOBA. Honk twice if you see me.

After graduating, all of a sudden, I no longer had rigorous practices from swim team. Most people would gradually gain weight but this wasn’t the case for me. I gained 20 pounds in a short amount of time. It makes sense because I stopped working out but it’s especially easy for my body to gain weight; my body can fluctuate 4–5 pounds a day.

Thankfully, unlike most women with PCOS, I don’t experience pain with my periods (I heard some womens’ menstrual pain feels like getting their arm torn off), and I didn’t experience unwanted hair growth. However, I will say my periods were shockingly irregular, and I always had a bro-ish personality.

So yeah, there’s no cure to PCOS.

To make things worse, I also learned that my family has a history of diabetes, and having PCOS is a multiplier in my risk for diabetes. Unlucky.

But I was on reddit one day and there was a side tangent to the main topic, and these women were talking about how they have PCOS but that the keto diet “magically cured” them of their symptoms. Like, haha, nice joke. But I was reading through and there were several women who vouched for the same results, a lot of them explaining symptoms that I had never even correlated to PCOS like energy levels. I happened to be looking to lose weight so I thought, heck, why not, let’s just try and see what happens.

I bought food from keto meal prep delivery companies so that I wouldn’t have to think about my macros. About a week in I started feeling really energized. Luckily for me I didn’t get the keto flu. Suddenly, I could sleep at 2 AM and wake up at 7 AM naturally. I didn’t need an alarm to wake up to go to work for the entire month. I would go to bed, not because I was physically tired, but because I told myself, “Yeah it’s getting late I should probably sleep now.” At work I wouldn’t get hit by the mid-afternoon holy-shit-I-need-a-nap bomb. I’ll never forget the moment, when I woke up at 7 AM, and couldn’t sleep anymore, so I went around doing various errands, and waited at 9 AM by the bank for them to open so I could change the pin on my debit card. In the past if you asked me have a meeting at 9 AM I’d politely say, “Unfortunately traffic is really bad for me that time, can we push it to 11 AM?” when really in my head I’m thinking, “Fuck you, I’m still sleeping.”

What somebody did not tell me was going to happen, was that keto will disrupt period cycles for some women. I’ve been on the birth control pill to regulate my periods, but even taking it correctly every day for the past 3 years, the keto diet started my period in the middle of my pack. I have yet to figure out what I can do about this, since my period is still off cycle from my pill packs.

I have lost a lot of weight — close to 10 pounds — and I experience a lot less bloating at night. I have made it a daily goal to remove myself from a sedentary lifestyle, so if I don’t go to karate class, swim, or play badminton, I have to at the minimum do 30 minutes of cardio that day. I still get bloating, but usually not to the point where it hurts. I’d like to lose another 10 pounds since my body fat percentage is rather high. We’ll see how that goes.

I still crave sweets and carbs, but I’ve been able to find some good alternatives to keep myself satisfied. If I really need to, I allow myself to have one bite of a cookie or a sip of a sweet drink, just so I don’t go crazy. The interesting thing is that I don’t really get hungry anymore. When I’m off keto and am hungry, my stomach will growl and rumble and hurt and be pissed off. When I’m on keto, and maybe haven’t eaten in 8 hours, my stomach will just move around but it won’t make noises or hurt. It lets me know that it’s hungry, but I don’t get signals in my brain telling me that I’m starving. It feels more like, knock knock“Yo by the way it’s been like 8 hours, maybe you should like, I don’t know, eat something?”

Nevertheless, that’s the spiel! Energy levels were the biggest change for me, and I did feel moments of extreme cognitive clarity. Not being in tired in general has helped me be more productive at work. Personally, the change to keto felt like waking up from 20+ years of hibernation. It felt amazing to no longer be tired all the time, I felt alive. Trading sugar and carbs to feel awake and alive? Hell yeah, no brainer.

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Jersey Beard got owned himself in basketball

Badminton News Reddit - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 05:28

Hey guys, Jonathan here. For those of you guys who don't know Jersey Beard, you can read "Jersey Beard" to know more about him and I cannot promise you that what I'm about to tell you is accurate because it happened last year, but I'll try my best remembering each detail. Also sorry for my grammar, I'm not good in english.

People involved on this story:

Jonathan: Me

Jack: My brother / bestfriend

Hans and friends: My childhood friend that I haven't met since my childhood.

Charlie: Our house helper / friend.

Jersey Beard: Self-proclaimed professional basketball. Only saw him played basketball three times for his whole life. Smells like rotten cheese and his breath smelled like a meatshop opened for business inside his mouth. Always wears jersey and bandana (alternative for fedora).

(2017): I was playing league of legends in morning. Suddenly I heard doorbells. I rushed outside and see Hans, my childhood friend. I was astonished because it's rare for me to have a visitor, I only have less friends. He invited me outside so we could talk and catch up with each other. Jack and charlie also joined, they're also hans's close friend. We talk about our lives and random shit then Hans decided that we play basketball (My kryptonite). I'm good at futsal and badminton, but basketball, no thanks, it's my kryptonite. I also have a bad history playing basketball when I was a young boy. I could still the sound of the ball hitting my face several times.

I tried to refuse but they insisted and said that it was the perfect time to teach me. I have no choice but to say yes, they are very tenacious about it and It's also the perfect time to bond with Hans. Hans invited his friends and we started to warm-up, stretching, shooting and stuff. I saw someone (Jersey Beard, what the fuck is he doing in my room) in my window, watching us warm-up then in a second he's gone (Uh oh). Jersey Beard rushed outside while wearing his favorite uniform, Jersey and Bandana.

Jersey Beard: Hey Hans, what's up! Long time know see?.

Hans has no idea who he is, because they're not that close when he was young. It took more than 3 seconds for hans to reply

Hans: !? uhm hey .. bro.

Jonathan(Me): I whispered: He's Jersey Beard, remember?

Jack: Do you need something? Did you lost the TV remote again? I swear Dad would kill you again if you did.

Jersey Beard: Of course not! I just saw you outside playing, can I join?

Charlie: Oh no you don't have to, we just want to teach Jonathan how to play.

Jersey Beard: Pfft goodluck, even a pro like me could not teach him.

*Went near to Hans and his friends*

Jersey Beard: Ready to see my skills? I'm going to show you how a pro plays.

Line up: 5 v 5, Me, Jack, Charlie, Jersey Beard and one of Hans's friend vs Hans and friends

Objective: Score 50 points (We didn't follow the standard rule because of me)

I was very tempted to throw the ball to his face but I don't want to show my true color in front of Hans and his friends. So I just sighed and pretended to laugh. We have no choice but to let him play too, there's no reason to say no. The game has started, we were having really fun, shouts and laughs are shooting all over the place, except for Jersey Beard. He was taking the game seriously, everytime I miss a shot, he would stare at me angrily and yell: "Are you blind? the ring is already near at you". I just let him yell and insult me because I don't really want to ruin the game.

Turns out I'm not the only one who is feeling annoyed at Jersey Beard. Every one was starting to whisper something bad about Jersey Beard because he was ruining the vibe. And he wasn't really doing anything good, except dribbling and getting the ball out of boundary. He refuses to pass the ball to us because he want show off "his skills". I went to Jack and whispered: "I so wanna kill this motherfucker, we shouldn't have let that douchebag join". Jack didn't say anything and continued to angrily look at Jersey Beard , probably has no mood for jokes.

The score was 27/45, Our team is losing and Hans and his friends are winning. We stopped and rest for a bit to catch our breathe. While Jack, Charlie and I was sitting in the pavement, Jersey Beard walk near us and whispered "Amateur". He really did pushed my buttons this time. I rushed to get up and hit him while he's not looking but Jack suddenly pulled me back to the pavement and they tried to calm me down.

I wasn't the only person angry at him. Jersey Beard had gotten the attention of some of Hans's friends, but not Hans. (Hans isn't really affected, He told, but he felt pity for me when Jersey Beard was embarassing me. Cool dude am I right?). I can see them looking at Jersey Beard while gathered, talking to each other at one spot. We decided to continue the game and the ball is at our side, thanks to Hans. When Jack handed the ball to me before the game starts,

Jersey Beard: Pass me the ball, I'm going to finish this (As if he can, Our score is 27 while the other team is at 45).

I passed the ball to him, with the intent to hit his balls. Then he started dribbling like there was no tomorrow. He charged through the guard of the other team with the plan to dunk. He jumped as high as he could. It was very high when he jumped and to be honest I was impressed and karma begun to happen. Because of his boastfulness, he forgot how low the ring was (Charlie created the ring and didn't follow the standard height).

*Head hits the wood part of the ring, then landed on the soil which is a little wet*


We approached him, while trying not to laugh but some of hans's friend failed to, asking: Duuuuude are you okaaaay?


He was rolling in pain, while tears fall from his eyes. This was the first time Jersey Beard was able to enlighten my mood. But his pain, coming from karma, wasn't enough. I needed to contribute more to his pain. I ignored him, picked up the ball and pretended to practice shooting. I need to land the ball to his head, balls or whatever. He was lying below the ring, I pretended to miss the shot. Here comes more pain:

*Shoots the ball several times until the ball successfully landed to Jersey Beard's face*



Jack was looking at me while smiling, like I gave him an early christmas present while charlie was helping Jersey Beard (Because it's his job). Hans was really trying not to laugh but his friends failed and started to laugh like a hyena ,howling. After this incident Hans and I decided to go home and chat through messenger about what happened. Jersey Beard rushed into his room and didn't go outside till dinner, probably because of shame. Jack continued to laugh inside his room, I could still hear him at that time, our room is close to each other.

Summary: I met my childhood friend and played basketball with. Jersey Beard forcefully joined the game. He insulted me for almost the whole game. He tried to show off "His skills" but he showed of how dumb he is.

Thanks guys and sorry for the long story. There are still many stories to tell, if you all want more then I'm happy to entertain each other. Peace! :)

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Arjuna Awards 2018: Full list of athletes recommended for prestigious honor

Badminton News Reddit - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 01:36

The season of the most prestigious awards for sports has started where players of various sports will be awarded Khel Ratna award and Arjuna Award.

The names of the Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli along with Mirabai Chanu, the World Champion weightlifter were proposed for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.

On the other hand, Neeraj Chopra the phenomenal Javelin thrower has also selected for the Arjuna Awards.

For the sport of Badminton, the young and dynamic shuttler N Sikki Reddy has also nominated for the Arjuna Award. Sikki has been an explicit player for the country having won gold in the Mixed Doubles and Silver in the Women's Doubles category at the 2016 South Asian Games, along with bronze at the Commonwealth Games in the Women's Doubles category, to name few.

The ace shuttler and former World No 1 Kidambi Srikanth was also recommended for the Kel Ratna Award for his tremendous performance in the BWF Superseries previous year. However, he lost out to Chanu, the 24-years-old top world Champion in the 48kg category, as quoted in IBTimes.

Besides Sikki, many other prominent athletes were also recommended for the Arjuna Awards including the junior world champion sprinter Hima Das. The middle distance runner Jinson Johnson who won gold at the Asian Games, Indian female Cricketer Smriti Mandhana, Manpreet Singh and Savita Punia the dynamic hockey players, the gold medallist at the multiple Commonwealth Games Manika Batra and Tennis doubles player and gold medal winner at the Asian Games Rohan Bopanna.

The Sports Minister of India, Rajyavardhan Rathore will approve the recommendations after which President Ram Nath Kovind will bestow the players with the prestigious awards on September 25th at the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

After the legendary player Sachin Tendulkar and former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli will be the third Indian cricketer who is recommended for the prestigious award.

Para-badminton player Manoj Sarkar is also selected for Arjuna Award.

As quoted on IBT, a source revealed, "Yes, Virat Kohli and Mirabai Chanu's names have been recommended by the awards committee," a prominent source told PTI on condition of anonymity.

The Asian Games gold-medallist Amit Panghal was also recommended but since he failed his doping test in 2012, his name was removed from the list of the deserving candidates, as a source revealed.

On the other hand, Satish Kumar, the bronze medallist of the Asian Games and Silver medallist of the Commonwealth Games is the only boxer to receive Arjuna Award in 2018. Ravi Rathore, Ankur Mittal, and Shreyasi Singh, three shooters are also on the list. On the other hand, Para-sports athlete Ankur Dharma is also recommended.

Usually, the award ceremony is celebrated on National Sports day, 19th August but as the dates of Asian Games that took place in Jakarta and Palembang was clashing with it, the ceremony was postponed to 25th September.

The total cash prize of Rs. 7.5 lakh will be bestowed to the awardees of Khel Ratna, whereas the Arjuna Award winners received Rs. 5 lakhs.

Arjuna Award Recommendations:

Neeraj Chopra (Athletics); Jinson Johnson (Athletics), Hima Das (Athletics); N Sikki Reddy (Badminton); Satish Kumar (Boxing); Smriti Mandhana (Cricket); Shubankar Sharma (Golf); Manpreet Singh (Hockey); Savita (Hockey); Ravi Rathore (Polo); Rahi Sarnobat (Shooting); Ankur Mittal (Shooting); Shreyashi Singh (Shooting); Manika Batra (Table Tennis); G Sathiyan (Table Tennis); Rohan Bopanna (Tennis); Sumit (Wrestling); Pooja Kadian (Wushu); Ankur Dharma (Para athletics); Manoj Sarkar (Para badminton).

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Any DC area badminton folks on here?

Badminton News Reddit - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 21:19

I'm looking for indoor or outdoor (I guess indoor considering the upcoming season). I'm technically on the MD/DC line but I'm willing to travel. Any insights? Thanks, folks!

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Badminton, racquetball, squash, and tennis

Badminton News Reddit - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 20:26

They are probably the Four Horsemen of Wrist Pain

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Chance me for USC Scholarship

Badminton News Reddit - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 19:46

Hey guys,

I'm a HS senior applying for Marshall Undergrad by the Dec 1 scholarship deadline. I want to know what my chances are for the scholarships and admission to Marshall based on my scores and resume and if there's anything I can do to improve on my chances:

GPA: 3.81 UW/4.36 W

Rank: 14/300ish

CC GPA: 3.93 (took some business and GE courses)

SAT: 1530 790M/740CRW (16/24 essay)

APs: AP Calc AB (4), AP World (5), AP Human Geo (5), AP Stats (4), APES (5), APUSH (5), AP Lang (5), AP Comp Gov (5)

SAT II: World History 770, US History 730, Math II 670 (retaking), literature (630)

Senior Year Courseload: AP Calc BC, AP Lit, AP Gov/Macro, Weight Training, Adulting 101, T/A, some community college courses

Awards: National AP Scholar , National Merit Commended Scholar, Qualified for DECA ICDC in Virtual Business Challenge, Qualified for Nationals 2x in debate, state quarterfinalist in debate, some other small debate awards

Work Experience: interned 2 summers at an Am100 Law Firm (paid). Did finance one summer and marketing the next.

Summer Activities: internships and a Youth Justice Academy at my county's DA office after freshman year

Community Service: 100 hours (various events)

ECs: Speech & Debate 10-11 (captain & VP 11), Mock Trial 9-10 (captain 9-10), DECA 9-12 (Co-VP 10, Director of Events 11), Badminton Club 10-12 (Treasurer 10-12), Key Club (10-12), Interact (9-12), Track (9-10)

State: CA

School: mid-sized public

Race: Asian (Pakistani)

Gender: Male

Income: 150k+

Thank you!!

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Tennis hitting partner?

Badminton News Reddit - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 19:01

Hey there everyone!

Just moved into the area from Vancouver.

I was looking for a tennis hitting partner with not much success. Anyone play fairly casually looking for a hit some evenings? I'd say I'm around a 3.5-4.0. There isnt really a wall here like in Vancouver where a lot of people show up and just play some pick up is there?

Shameless plug as well I do string tennis, badminton and squash rackets as a bit of a side gig too! If you something done I'm pretty quick and probably the cheapest in town.

Thanks for reading

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lAst cHaNce a brOWnIE

Badminton News Reddit - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 18:58

Asian Indian Female // Med-High Income // Computer Science Major (rip)

SAT: 1530 (800M + 730CRW)

SAT Math II: 800

SAT Physics: TBD but I'm pretty sure I'll fail it

GPA UW: 4.0 // W: 4.7 (school doesn't report it)

School doesn't do class rank either

5 - AP Hug + APCSA // 4 - AP World + AP Lang + AP Physics 1 // 3 - APUSH (not going to submit)

IB - 5 - IB Biology SL // 6 - IB French B SL

Current taking IB History HL, Math HL, Physics HL, Literature HL, Design Tech SL and AP Stats

ECs + Awards:

- President of my school's Girls Who Code club for 3 years

- Board member (and Chief Technology Officer) of a non-profit that builds solar panel lights - we have shipped to Seattle, Mexico and Malawi - featured on Microsoft's Connect Event as well

- Board member of a non-profit that teaches young girls to code using art

- 350+ hours of volunteering

- Won (not so impressive) mun awards

- Staffing 2 mun conferences

- AP Scholar with Distinction

- Member of school's robotics club

- Varsity badminton 3 years of high school


I've asked my English teacher and CS teacher - 8/10


About women empowerment


Carnegie Mellon, GTech, UC Berkeley, UCSD, USC, UW CS (I'm a Washington Resident), Virginia Tech, Cornell, UIUC, UMich, Harvey Mudd.

Thanks for reading fam.

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Mixed doubles vs regular doubles

Badminton News Reddit - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 18:48

Sorry I don’t know the name of the doubles when it’s the same gender.

Question though, is the training for people competing in mixed doubles the same as the training for people doing the regular doubles?

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