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Is Asian Games More Competitive than Commonwealth Games?

Badminton News Reddit - 9 hours 5 min ago

Ashwini Ponnappa, who contemplates to end the continental challenge at the podium, finds the Asian Games as more challenging than the Commonwealth Games with more nations participating in the sport.

In the battleground of CWG 2018, where the great badminton nations locked the horns and witnessed all-Indian finals in the Women’s Singles, Ashwini Ponnappa played the vital role in winning the first ever gold for the country in the Mixed-Team event.

“At the international level there are no easy games as every team has quality players. But, as top badminton nations like China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand are part of Asian Games, it is more tougher than the CWG.”

Asian Games are scheduled to be held in Indonesia from August 18 to September 2 in Jakarta and Palembang.

“Playing against these teams will test our speed and endurance. Stepping forward with the best foot and ending up the campaign at the podium, is our aim,” she added.

“Looking for the podium finish with gold this year is the ultimate goal for this year too,” said Ashwini recalling the winning moment of gold at last year’s Asian Games.

"It would not be easy but we have to train hard and give our 100 per cent on the court if we are to win a medal. It is important to keep the focus intact and not crumble under pressure," the Olympian added.

Ponnappa also schooled that she would be taking part in the World Championships. "The next big tournament would be the World Championships. It is going to be a busy schedule but my preparations have been going on with good progress. I had a good training and fitness sessions after the Commonwealth Games before taking a tiny break to get back fresh and continue training," Ponnappa concluded.

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Chance me for UBC and Uni of Toronto

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 21:56

Hello, I'm currently a junior studying at a prestigious private school in Alberta. I'm not as smart as most of my friends, and I'm kinda worried about my chances getting in into UBC. I'm hoping to get into International Economics or Commerce in UBC.

Grade 11 Marks:

Math 30-1: 95%

ELA 20-1: 83%

Physics 20-1: 92%

Biology 20-1: 92%

Chemistry 20-1: 96%

GH (Social Studies) 20-1: 82%

Programming 25: 90%

Grade 11 ECs:

Investment Club



Chess Club

Legacy (a student lead organization for charity)


Thanks for your time!

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Badminton groups?

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 21:53

I miss playing it! If other people in Durham would like to meet up to play, or if they already do, I want in.

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Looking for a room in nYC with good possibilities to commute to NJ, or a room in Hoboken area. I am a 23-year old male

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 20:25

Hello everyone!

I am a 23-year old student from Sweden that just moved to NY for an internship at a market research company located in Hoboken, NJ. I am currently living at the company apartment and am looking for something more permanent.

About me: As mentioned, I am a 23-year old student from Chalmers University in Sweden. I just finished my in industrial engineering and management, and just got hired as an intern for a year at a market research company. After this year I plan on going back to Chalmers to finish my 2 year On my spare time I enjoy going on adventures, going out grabbing a beer, excercising various sports (lately i've been quite into badminton), playing video games, and much much more.

Please contact me via PM if you need any more information about me.

Take care!

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Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 09:49

I was recently released from a ten day stay at a mental ward in UAB after a suicide attempt, and met a bunch of cool people there. my two favorites were these girls. best friends. there was “tree” whose real name well keep secret, and mackenzie, who i just called kenz. i noticed immediately that tree liked me. and she was cute, but kenz was my favorite. quiet, reserved, short, cute, friendly, i could go on about both of them. now there was a rule about trading personal information at uab, so we would “play sodoku”. so tree had my number already, but kenz didn’t. thursday rolls up. i go in to see my doctors and they tell me i’m being discharged at 2:30 that day. completely out of left field. in the perfect world i would’ve gotten one of their number instead, they were going to be there for a loooong time. months. so i prepped to go down to gym (we had every single morning) and play badminton or nukem or wii sports or something. walking ahead of them, i hear the two talking about whether i like one or the other. in an attempt to stop them from messing up the or friendship, i turn and say “what if i don’t like either of you? ever think of that?” from then on i regretted it and got pissed off at myself. i went into the weights room and angrily lifted amounts i never thought possible before kenz came up and asked what was wrong. like a dumbass, i pushed her away. she then went up to her social worker and asked to go to her room. fast forward to lunch, i see her break into tears. could’ve been over me, or that the nurses were trying to force her to eat. possibly both. in a last ditch attempt, i write a note with my number on it. “i’m gonna miss you!” it read. with little hearts and smiley faces. i passed it to her during group therapy, and the last time i saw her was me going out to the patio to pick up my things to leave. i waved goodbye to her and she waved back. i regret all of it so much. i care about them both so incredibly much. now my anxiety is through the roof. did i hurt them? will they call me when they get to residential?

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Conversations with BKX holders: Tim Osborn

Badminton News Reddit - Mon, 06/18/2018 - 05:12

  • Please give a brief introduction of yourself

My name is Tim Osborn, I’m a management accountant for a large Australian retailer. Crypto is my hobby! I love learning about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. I also love running, surfing and playing badminton.

  • Why did you become a BKX token holder? What caught your attention about BANKEX? What would you suggest that we improve?

When I first learned about bitcoin and blockchain technology I read a book from Melanie Swan titled, Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy. A couple of paragraphs summarises what this book is all about.

“In addition to economic and political benefits, the coordination, record keeping, and irrevocability of transactions using blockchain technology are features that could be as fundamental for forwarding progress in society as the Magna Carta or the Rosetta Stone. In this case, the blockchain can serve as the public records repository for whole societies, including the registry of all documents, events, identities, and assets. In this system, all property could become smart property; this is the notion of encoding every asset to the blockchain with a unique identifier such that the asset can be tracked, controlled, and exchanged (bought or sold) on the blockchain. This means that all manner of tangible assets (houses, cars) and digital assets could be registered and transacted on the blockchain.

The economic, political, humanitarian, and legal system benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain technology start to make it clear that this is potentially an extremely disruptive technology that could have the capacity for reconfiguring all aspects of society and its operations. For organization and convenience, the different kinds of existing and potential activities in the blockchain revolution are broken down into three categories: Blockchain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Blockchain 1.0 is currency, the deployment of cryptocurrencies in applications related to cash, such as currency transfer, remittance, and digital payment systems. Blockchain 2.0 is contracts, the entire slate of economic, market, and financial applications using the blockchain that are more extensive than simple cash transactions: stocks, bonds, futures, loans, mortgages, titles, smart property, and smart contracts. Blockchain 3.0 is blockchain applications beyond currency, finance, and markets — particularly in the areas of government, health, science, literacy, culture, and art.”

I first came across Bankex after reading this book. The vision laid out in the Bankex white paper fits in perfectly with Swan’s book, that is, of all assets being tokenized and stored on the blockchain to provide for proof of asset and also a high level of liquidity not possible in any other way. This is blockchain 2.0. So Moviecoin is, arguably, blockchain 3.0 as Movies are a form of artistry. And therefore, the financing of artistry is a fundamental part of that artistic culture. Here we can see different areas of blockchain technologies being inextricably tied together and complimenting one another. Blockchain 1.0 is a fundamental building block for 2.0 and builds to 3.0.

Thus leading me to become really excited about Bankex as I connected the pieces of the puzzle together. I can see the long term vision of the Bankex protocol as the underlying layer of so many possibilities that are able to be built on top of this protocol. Which is why I am a long term dedicated Bankex HODLer.

Personally, I don’t need constant marketing and promotion to become excited about the project. A simple website, facebook and medium update is enough for me to keep in the loop for how Bankex is progressing. However, in terms of communicating and promoting Bankex to the greater public I can make the following suggestions:

Igor’s accent and English skills can make him difficult to understand at times. If Bankex is really to share his vision worldwide with the greater community he needs a better way to communicate and capture the hearts and imagination of the greater cryptocurrency community. If you watch this video interview with Dan Larimer ( ) you can see that Dan clearly outlines not only the details on the EOS platform but also defines his view on how an optimal blockchain project should change the world and how EOS creates a vision that can make a difference to people’s lives.

“A real cryptocurrency and open blockchain more than just an amazing technology, it’s a normative statement about how the world should be”

This is why bitcoin has been so successful, because it was presented as an alternative to the current financial system and a way of ‘opting’ out of fiat currency. These alternatives are presented as a way that the world should be.

I know that Igor has a great vision that he believes and this vision is communicated in the Bankex white paper but in order to communicate this clearly to the mostly English-speaking community a solution to the language barrier is needed.

Also, your Bankex crypto news is a great idea, I can offer the following suggestions for this.

  1. The music is too loud, making it difficult to understand what the presenter is saying.
  2. Also, again the English accent of the presenter made it further difficult to understand exactly what she was saying.
  3. What are your thoughts on the future of the crypto industry and the current situation in the market?

The crypto industry has a bright future. I think the market is undergoing a transformative stage where a lot of promising projects that have been developing for a long time are starting to mature and the market is reflecting this change. The market is having trouble adjusting to the fact that although bitcoin is the most important, original cryptocurrency in the market it doesn’t necessarily need to be the market capital leader for the crypto market to flourish. Never ending parabolic bitcoin price action appears to have become the expectation of the market and without it all other coins price suffer if bitcoin appears to be exhibiting any kind of downward price trend with suddenly everyone thinking that crypto is dead. This is a complete fallacy. The longer the crypto market has been around the smaller the market dominance of bitcoin has become. I think this trend will continue and this is fine. Once the market realises this fact and realises that we don’t need bitcoin to be going up all the time in order for other crypto prices to be appreciating; as other projects get traction in the market and create their own protocols I’m hoping to see a much more fluid crypto market where not all coins need to follow bitcoin if its’ price is downtrending. An independent market where projects are assessed on their own merit and valued on their real world value and utility. Of course, Bankex would greatly benefit from such a marketplace as the Bankex token is based on the tokenization of real world assets, the best real world use case.

  • Have already heard of MovieCoin? This is our most recent partnership. MovieCoin is a next-generation entertainment industry financing platform built on blockchain technology.

Yes! And I’m very excited about this partnership. I can smell a large purchase of Bankex tokens right around the corner by a large industry player. Much like the purchase to 100K tokens to Patron the media influencer.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to give my opinions!

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Doubles - Where should you aim your smash?

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 06:28

Click here for the singles version of this post!

When attacking in doubles, you should form a front to back formation with your partner. The player at back of the court is responsible for attacking any high lifts or clears that come his way, while the front court player looks to play aggressive net shots or kills.

The defending pair forms a side to side formation since they expect a smash to come their way. The player on the left defends the left half of the court, while the player on the right defends the right side.

Doubles formation. The blue team is attacking.

So, if you’re attacking in doubles, where should you smash?

Let’s first consider a situation where you get a lift is to one of the corners. It can be the forehand or the backhand side, doesn’t matter. You have three options:

  1. Smash straight
  2. Smash to the middle
  3. Smash cross-court

Picture of these three options.

1. Straight Smash

The straight smash is a good option. As mentioned previously, a straight shot always travels the shortest distance, so a straight smash will always be the most powerful option. But of course smashing straight (to the sidelines) does not have the same advantage as it does in singles. In singles your opponent is positioned in the middle of the court, so must reach to the sidelines to defend. This puts pressure on him and pulls him out of position. In doubles the defending pair only needs to defend half the court each, so can easily get to the sidelines.

This doesn’t mean that smashes to the sidelines are bad in doubles; just remember that it isn’t as effective as singles.

2. Smash to the Middle

We mentioned that the sidelines aren’t particularly vulnerable in doubles, but a weak spot does exist. A particularly powerful place to smash in doubles is the middle of the court. This might sound counter-intuitive, but it is due to how players position themselves in doubles. If you smash to the left, the player on the left defends. If you smash to the right, the player on the right defends.

But when you hit a smash to the middle, it can cause some confusion. It isn’t clear which of the defending pair should be playing the return. This can lead to both players leaving the shuttle, or both going for it and causing a clash of rackets. Because of this, the place in between the two defending players is the most vulnerable.

But remember, since we are smashing from the rear corner, this means we need to angle our smash to the side. Essentially, we are playing a slightly cross-court smash. As mentioned earlier, this will be a slower shot than a straight down the line smash. But it makes up for it by being positioned better. The smash to the middle sacrifices a bit of power for better positioning.

3. Cross-court Smash

This is where the shuttle goes past the middle and into the opposite side of the court. This is the least effective smash in doubles.

Since this is the smash with the most angle, it is also the slowest shot as it’s the longest path for the shuttle to travel. Remember, the more cross-court we smash, the further the shuttle has to travel. But unlike the smash to the middle, it doesn’t exploit any positional advantages. Since there are two defenders instead of one, the pair can easily cover the cross-court sideline. Essentially you are sacrificing power and get almost nothing in return.

Because of this, cross-court smashes should rarely be played in doubles. However, if you notice that the defending pair is out of position and have opened up the cross-court side, then it may be worth trying. It can also be used as a ‘mix-up’.

However, be careful not to overuse this tactic. Your attacking strategy should be mainly be straight smashes and smashes to the middle.

In all of these examples, we’ve talked about a situation where the attacker smashes from one of the corners. But what if the lift is to the middle of the court?

This is a great situation for the attacker! Can you guess what the best smash would be?

A straight smash of course!

By doing this you get all of the benefits of smashing straight, while also targeting the defending pair’s most vulnerable position, the middle.

Instead of having to decide whether or not you want to go for power (straight smash to sidelines) or exploit the weak spot in doubles defense (slightly cross-court smash towards the middle) – you get to do both!

For this reason, you should almost always smash straight if the lift comes in from the middle of the court. Smashes to the sideline from this position should only be used rarely and for variation.

(Note. This is also why it is best to lift to the corners in doubles.)

Thanks for reading guys. Please let me know if there are any other aspects of badminton that you'd like me to cover!

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How To Reduce Weight in 2018 Tips To Lose Weight Fast ?

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 06:04

Meet. People say more than one to a tips or diet-plan, according to which weight reduce is a game of children. But in reality you know how difficult it really is to work.

The science of weight gain is quite straightforward. If you do not burn as much calories as you eat, it is decided to increase your weight. In fact, the remaining calorie only gets accumulated in our bodies as fat and our weight gets increased. Before starting the weight loss process, you should know whether your present weight is correct or not. For this, please read this article, how to know if your weight is correct or not? From here you will find your Body Mass Index. BMI is a very simple tool that tells you how much fat is in your body according to your weight and length. Your BMI tells you which weight category you are in:

Under 18.5 – Underweight 18.5 to 25 – Normal Weight 25 to 29.9 – Overweight More than 30 – Obese (excessive weight)

Now if you are overweight or obese then you need to reduce your weight. And if you need it, then you should also go to what is the reason for what you have reached. In general, there are two reasons for weight gain: Food : The most important cause of growing weight is our diet. If our calorie intake is more then we get more chances of weight gain. Drinking more cold-drink and eating fried, fast-food, ghee etc. gets more calories than needed in the body, which we can not burn without extra effort and the result is seen as our increased weight.If you know about how many calories your body needs and consumes every day, then your weight will not increase.

To be inactive : If your routine is such that you do not have to move more hands and feet, it is almost certain to increase your weight. Especially those who live in the house or sit in the chair all day, they should deliberately involve some physical activity in their daily-life. As you use the stairs instead of the lift, play a game of your interest, such as badminton, table-tennis, etc. If you can afford a treadmill or a gym cycle and use it regularly, it will be quite beneficial. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to get used to the habit of strolling for a while. But besides this, you can increase your weight for a number of reasons. You can see other reasons here: 10 major reasons for weight gain

Now that you know the reason for growing weight, then it will lose or reduce depending on your will and information. Here I am sharing some similar tips to weight loss in HINDI. Hope this information will work for you.

How To Reduce Weight in 2018 Tips To Lose Weight Fast :

TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT 1.Keep patience : Remember that whatever weight your weight today is not a two-day or two-month donation. This is the result of your life-style for a long time. And if you have to lose weight, then surely you have to be patient. This statement by Benjamin Franklin – “He who has the patience can find what he wants.” Always inspires me. So be prepared that it will take time for this work. Maybe one or two weeks of the beginning you do not see any difference in your weight, but this is the time where you have to be strong, have patience, have courage.

  1. Be sure to believe in your efforts : It is more important than anything else that you believe in the efforts you make for weight loss. If you are going to a daily gym on one side and on the other side you are saying to your friends that if you do not have the benefit of going to gym-insurance then your subconscious mind will also accept this fact, and you really do not have any results of your affections. will get. It is very important to talk positively with yourself. You say to yourself, “I am fit”, “I am getting results”, etc.

3.Visualize : Think of yourself as you want to look like. Be sure to know that it will help you lose weight. If you want you can put a photo of your room wall, or on the computer screen as you would like. Seeing yourself like that everyday will make that thing even more possible.

  1. After the breakfast, make the water your main drink : At the time of breakfast, make sure to use orange juice, tea, milk etc. But after that, use only for drinking the whole day. Do not touch the cold-drink and also keep complete control over tea and coffee. This way you will consume less than 200-250 calories every day

.5. Use the pedometer : This is a device that counts every step of you. Put it in your belt and try to go 1000 steps everyday. Those who have high weight usually carry only two to three thousand steps throughout the day. If you add 2000 steps to it, then your current weight will remain and the weight will be less when you run it higher.

  1. Keep a little diary with yourself : Write whatever you eat. Research has found that those who do this consume 15% fewer calories than others.

  2. Know how much calories you are taking and add 10% extra : If you think you have to take daily 1800 calories and still not have your weight control are probably guessing wrong in your calorie intake Are there. Normally if you add 10% to your estimate then your estimate will be more accurate. For example: 1800 instead of 1800 + 180 = 1980 Calorie.

  3. Eat a little more than 5-6 times instead of eating three times : In a research conducted in South Africa, it was found that if a person eats 5-6 times a day, instead of eating in the morning, afternoon, evening, then he 30% consumes less calories. And if she is taking as much calorie as she consumes three times, even after doing this, the body releases less insulin, which keeps your blood sugar accurate and you feel less hungry too.

  4. Walking for 45 minutes : Walking 30 minutes daily will not let your weight grow, but if you want to reduce your weight, you should walk for at least 45 minutes daily. If you do this every day, without changing your diet, you can also reduce the weight of 15kg in a year. And if you do this work in the fresh air in the morning, then the matter is something else. But for that you have to add the habit of getting up early in the morning.

  5. Use more of blue color : blue color reduces hunger. This is the reason that most restaurants reduce the use of this color. So you use blue plates in the food, wear blue clothes, and put a blue tablecloth on the table. Avoid this against the opposite red, yellow, orange color account, they increase appetite.

  6. Donate to your old clothes : Once you’ve got the right weight, donate to your old clothes, which you will loose now, to anyone. Doing so will have two advantages One would be happy to donate you something else, and one thing will be left in your mind that if you are fat then you will have to buy back so many clothes. This thing will encourage you to keep your weight right.

  7. Use a small plate to store : It has been revealed by the absurd that no matter how hungry you are; If you have less food then you will eat less, and if you have more food then you will eat more. It would be better if you take a small plate that does not eat less. Similarly, use small cups for tea-coffees. Eating time again increases your calorie intake, so eat as much as you can at the same time.

  8. If you eat food, place a glaze in front of it : In one study, it is found that people who sit in front of a glass are eating less. Perhaps seeing yourself out of shape reminds them that reducing weight is very important for them.

14.Water-rich food : A research from the Pennsylvania State University has found that eating a water-rich food, such as tomatoes, gourd, cucumber, etc. consumes your overall calorie consumption. Therefore, use them as much as possible. .

  1. Use low-fat milk : Use skim milk to make tea, coffee, or just milk, which contains high calcium and low calories.

16.90% Eat the food at home : Eat too much at home, and if you can take home made food outside then take it. Most food is mostly high-fat and high-calorie. Avoid it.

  1. Eat slowly : By slowly eating, your brain will already signal to fill up and you will eat less.

  2. Eat only when really hungry : Many times we just start eating here. Many people also eat due to habit, boredom, or nervousness. Only eat the next time when you do not really have hunger. If you are searching for a specific item, this hunger is not just a matter of changing the taste, when you really feel hungry, whatever food you eat, you will like food.

  3. Eat fruits instead of drinking juice : Eat fruits rather than drinking juice, you will get the same benefits, and the fruits will reduce your appetite, rather than juices, so that you will eat less.

  4. Too much run & walk : The more you run, the more your calories burn the more. Using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking around will prove to be helpful for you. In the house you also try to rotate your roof once or twice a whole day. Smaller efforts will give big results.

  5. Do some heavy work a week : Every week, do some heavy work or activity. As you can think of washing your bike or car, plan to go somewhere with children, or clean the house to help your spouse.

  6. Most of the calories consume before noon : Studies have shown that the more you eat at the time of the day, you will eat less as much in the night. And the chances of burning the calories that you have consumed during the day There are more.

  7. Dance : Whenever you get the time, dance to the best music. By doing this you will also be entertained and even the well-known calories will burn. What is the matter if you can bring it into the routine?

  8. Use lemon and honey : Eat lemon and honey with light lukewarm water every morning. By doing so, you will lose weight.

  9. Drink 3 glasses of water before eating in the afternoon : Doing this will make you feel less hungry, and if you want to reduce your weight, then eating less than hunger will be beneficial for you.

Remember that you have to be patience to reduce weight. By focusing on small things, you will be able to do this work faster. And it is very important to believe in what you are doing during this time.

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Hobby, losing interest, life becoming meaningless

Badminton News Reddit - Sun, 06/17/2018 - 04:17

I post quite frequently and tried to stay positive with the community here. Lately, I am more unsatisfied with my life. 1 year + and going with this PCS. My body once over stimulated from the external environment, I get drained, tired, anxious, pain and overeactive.

There doesn't seem to be much recovery at this point. I worked with special needs and I was kicked and punched in the head. Now still off work from this injury.

Lately it has leaked into my final piece of sanity, badminton. I am already on medication for depression but hell, the thought of playing or going there is beyong a drag.

What have you guys been doing to keep yourself occupied? i am not sure if I can hold onto this last piece.

Before concussion - tennis, badminton, ice hockey, road biking, running (in midst of training for marathon), swimming, gym, hikes.

After - badminton if dragged, walks, read, journal, meditate, (dropped Yoga already)

Sorry for the long post guys.

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