What is the average weekly spend on recreational sports?

I am very involved in recreational sports as a sport lover, parent, coach and volunteer game organizer.

This is a breakdown of my spending:

1- Ymca membership to cover me and 2 kids: $80 per month
2- Play drop in soccer game once per week: $12 per week or $48 per month
3- Driving to and from sport arenas: $10 of gas per week (pick arenas close to your home)
4- Equipment (short, cleats, running shoes, etc..): $250 per year or around $20 per month

In total, that's about $160 per month or $40 per week.
If you are a parent and depending of the number of kids you have in charge, that budget will likely increase.
If you are a couple and play together, you can carpool and save money. To reduce your budget, you can sloso work as a volunteer at YMCA or any gym/league/arena and have access for free.