The emergence of social media apps like meetups, facebook group, whatsapp make it easy for people to organize local sport events and attract various people to attend. Meetup is still the leading platform for social and sports events hosting in USA and Canada. The questions is "Is insurance needed when organizing amateur sport meetup event?" .

I run multiple free soccer meetups via ShowUpAndPlay. All I have is a solid waiver that is clearly shown during sign up, and in the description of all events. It is a volunteering initiative to run these groups and I don’t feel like I should spend money on insurance. But if you start organizing paid competitions, I think you should get a liability insurance . Here is my waiver used for my meetup events. Regardless, I think you should always talk to a lawyer and get some advice before organizing an event where people can get seriously injured or die. If you have a homeowner policy, you might be covered (liability insurance) for your any type of volunteering events you organize. Check with you insurance broker to confirm. Regardless of having insurance or not, you still need to know how to summon emergency services when you plan an event and be as prepared as reasonably possible.

Bottom Line: No, you don’t need insurance for your meetup events, but you should certainly practice basic risk management.

Below are some insurances than can cover your sport events:

  • Liability Insurance: Liability insurance is insurance that provides protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage property.
  • Business Insurance: Business interruption insurance can make up for lost cash flow and profits incurred because of an event that has interrupted your normal business operations.
  • Property Insurance: To cover your owned, non-owned, and leased business property (contents, buildings if applicable, computers, office supplies, and any other property that you need to operate your business) for such perils as fire, windstorm, smoke damage, water damage, and theft.


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  • How can I keep my meetup group alive and gain popularity after the first small meetup?

    1. Be proactive, post updates and ask for members feedback.
    2. Send emails as polls to get members opinions about events you are thinking of organizing.
    3. Don't spam.
    4. Don't force it, if you membership doesn't grow, it is always ok to cancel the meetup group and start a different one
  • What does bike insurance cover?

    Mostly accident during biking. I don't think there is a specific type of insurance for that. Any health insurance should cover that. If you have an expensive bike and want to cover it, I recommend you get a liability insurance. Contact a liability insurance broker for more information.
  • Why do people join meetup groups and then never attend a single meetup?

    Because they just like the idea of that meetup group, the people who are in it, without really liking what the meetup group does. Another reason is some organizers are inactive and don't create good events or don't provide excitement to participate in events. I own 3 meetup groups and I have seen it all. Some just sign up because they are bored and end up getting removed for inactivity, but overall I'll say around 60% of people who sign up attend at least 1 event before quitting.
  • Are there any insurance companies which can provide liability insurance for organizers in a hiking group?

    Liability insurance that cover organization running sport event should be able to cover hiking event from a meetup group. Check with your insurance broker to get the details.
  • Why is Meetup better than Facebook at organizing physical meetups?

    Meetup main focus if event organization and they put all their towards it. Facebook events work only if you pay facebook to share your events to people who might be interested. With Meetup, your members already have interest in your event or group and are more likely to join. Meetup event works if you have a good membership pool. With facebok, even if you have zero member in your group, you can pay facebook to share your event to a large pool of potential interested people.
  • Why are there so many more female meetup groups online than male Meetup groups online?

    Is that true? I would love to see the statistics from Meetup.
  • Which is better and why: term or whole life insurance?

    The premiums on whole life insurance (sometimes called cash value insurance) are generally more expensive than term life for a couple of reasons. Whole life coverage lasts throughout your entire lifetime. ... Because you'll have zero debt, a full emergency fund and a hefty amount of money in your investments.

    Combining a whole life insurance policy with a term policy is every bit as effective as any other strategy. The key is to have the life insurance coverage that you need in force when you die.

    Whole life insurance is a life insurance policy which is guaranteed to remain in force for the insured's entire lifetime, provided required premiums are paid, or to the maturity date. In the case of term insurance if the insured person survived till the end of the policy then the person will not get anything whereas in case of whole life insurance the insured person will get some return upon his/her premium.

    The most important thing to know about all life insurance is: Review it every 2 years. That is the inside key knowledge. Review it. Every two years.

    Term life is pure insurance. You are paying to cover a highly unlikely scenario, so in most cases you will not benefit at all from paying those premiums. Understandably, most people have an emotional problem with getting nothing back.

  • Is travel insurance (medical) really necessary? Don't most places not charge for emergency care?

    When you travel, your stuffs may be stolen, you can get sick, you may have an accident.: Yes you need a liability protection to cover all that.
    In nations with socialized medicine, they only cover locals. Foreigners will normally be left to pay the costs. Now some nations have exceptions like NZ who covers accidents for everybody - but then you might get ill and need medical treatment - which is not covered. While you will likely be admitted to hospital and get an ambulance if you get sick, that will be about it. And some places might not even do that. Also having medical insurance will give you peace of mind, that you can get repatriation home, and also get better quality care at a better hospital.
  • How do I apply for soccer/ football insurance?

    Google Liability insurance broker in your city and call a few of them to get a quote.