Edmonton Sport Activities

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Edmonton Recreational Hockey League@ 53.582126 , -113.535782

12545 124 St NW Edmonton AB T5L 0N5 Canada mailto:admin@ccrhl.ca or admin@erhl.ca http://www.erhl.ca/ men league 780-465-5599 Men LeagueTeam League

Adult Recreational Hockey League@ 53.562912 , -113.487147

11307 95 Street NW Edmonton AB T5G 1L2 Canada http://www.arhl.ca/ Summer 587-786-6570 Men League Team League

Alberta Men's Hockey League@ 53.605594 , -113.543577

14317 128a St NW Edmonton AB T6V 1E1 Canada mailto:amhl@shaw.ca http://www.albertamenshockeyleague.com/ Summer and Winter 780-249-5665 Men League Team League

Ball Hockey at Ellerslie Rd - Baptist Church@ 53.424001 , -113.502257

10603 Ellerslie Rd SW Edmonton AB T6W 1A1 Canada mailto:see website http://djamga.com/ Tuesday nights at 8pm see website Hardwood FacilityIndoor Facility

Ball Hockey at W.E.C.A. gym West Edmonton Christian Assembly@ 53.499419 , -113.662870

6315 199 St NW Edmonton AB T5T 6N2 Canada mailto:see website http://djamga.com/pick-up Monday nights 8:45pm-10:30pm see website Hardwood FacilityIndoor Facility

Ball Hockey Edmonton@ 53.550475 , -113.621587

17415-106 a avenue Edmonton AB T5S-1M7 Canada mailto:bheoffice@shaw.ca http://www.ballhockeyedmonton.com/ year round (780) 944-4090 Co-Ed LeagueMen LeagueTeam LeagueWomen League

Capital City Rec Hockey League@ 53.464599 , -113.489279

10104-32 Ave Edmonton AB AB T6N 1G7 Canada mailto:admin@ccrhl.ca http://www.ccrhl.ca/ year round 780-465-5599 Men LeagueTeam League

Clareview Arena - Drop In Shinny - Adult Hockey - Edmonton@ 53.601184 , -113.401690

3804 139 Ave NW Edmonton AB T5Y 1Z4 Canada http://coewebapps3.edmonton.ca/communityservices/shinny.aspx Saturdays 09pm - Wed at 10pm (780) 442-4546 Ice Rink FacilityIndoor Facility

Drop In Shinny - Adult Hockey Terwillegar Subway Arena@ 53.457943 , -113.582420

2051 Leger Road NW Edmonton AB T6R 0R8 Canada http://coewebapps3.edmonton.ca/communityservices/shinny.aspx Fri 1:15 PM-2:15 PM ; Wed 09-11pm (780) 442-5311 Ice Rink FacilityIndoor Facility

Hockey Edmonton@ 53.549928 , -113.536396

10618 124 Street Edmonton AB T5N 1S3 Canada mailto:glenn.sommerville@hockeyedmonton.ca http://www.hockeyedmonton.ca/ 780-413-3498 Co-Ed League Men League minor league boys minor league girlsTeam LeagueWomen League

Londonderry Arena - Drop In Shinny - Adult Hockey - Edmonton@ 53.606489 , -113.444455

14520 66 St Edmonton AB T5C 3C8 Canada mailto:see website http://coewebapps3.edmonton.ca/communityservices/shinny.aspx Tuesdays 09:30pm (780) 428-4879

Millenium place - Drop In Shinny - Adult Hockey - Edmonton@ 53.559298 , -113.314388

2000 Premier Way Sherwood Park AB T8H 2G4 Canada See Website Mon-Fri 05:45am and 11:30am - Sat & Sun at 09pm 780-416-3300

Minor Ball and Ice Hockey at the Edmonton Sports Dome@ 53.464224 , -113.488437

10104 32 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6N 1G7 Canada See Website Tuesdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm. 780-465-5599 Hardwood FacilityIce Rink FacilityIndoor Facility

Open Court - at Kingsmen Sports Centre@ 53.526195 , -113.505829

9100 Walterdale Hill Edmonton AB T6E Canada mailto:311@edmonton.ca see website Monday to Sunday various - 780-442-5311 Hardwood FacilityIndoor Facility

Grand Trunk Arena - Drop In Shinny - Adult Hockey - Edmonton@ 53.589527 , -113.510937

13025 112 Street Northwest Edmonton AB T5E 6E4 Canada See website Mondays at 08:45pm - Thursday at 09:15pm (780) 496-8110

Shinny Drop-in at Clare Drake Arena U of A@ 53.517012 , -113.528854

87 Ave NW and 115 St. Edmonton AB T6G 2E1 Canada mailto:rsskate@ualberta.ca see website for details 780-492-2555

The Meadows Arena - Drop In Shinny - Adult Hockey - Edmonton@ 53.468849 , -113.368940

2704 17 St. Edmonton AB T6T1H9 Canada see website for details Sunday at 09pm - Mondays at 10pm 780-442-5311

Real time Hockey in Edmonton, Alberta (AB), Canada.


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