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What are some of your best tips for guiding your child athlete through the ups and downs of playing a sport?

  1. Encourage them, over and over again
  2. Cheer them up, over and over again
  3. Play with them in the backyard and help build their confidence one step at the time.
  4. Start signing them up in teams (local minor leagues, ymca, etc..) as early as possible.
  5. Attend all their games and practices and push them and reward them for trying.
  6. Encourage them to practice by themselves and build the passion from within.
  7. Teach your kids that “they can't be good winners without being good losers”.
  8. Don't push them over the limits, remember they are just kids. Be reasonable.
  9. Let them try different sports and activities
  10. Don't yell at referees and coaches during your kids games. Remember that the kids are also watching you and will copy bad behaviour and your lack of fair play.

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I'm a 14 year old soccer player, what training regiment would suit me?

Your training regimen will depend on your current skill set and your future expectations. Assuming that you have the average necessary skills set to play, and assuming that you want to become elite, you should do the following:
  1. Join a club U14–16 Tier I in your city with the reputation of having a good coach and playing in challenging league
  2. Listen to your coaches and work hard during practices and don’t ever miss them.
  3. Play drop in games and street soccer with your friends regularly.
  4. Practice on your own. Practice dribbles, shooting, drills in your backyard or at a nearby soccer field.
  5. Work on your stamina, run a lot and do some strength exercises at the gym.
  6. Watch pro games and learn about their tactics and attitude.

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What is the average weekly spend on recreational sports?

I am very involved in recreational sports as a sport lover, sport parent and game organizer. This is a breakdown of my spending:
  1. Ymca membership to cover me and kids: $80 per month
  2. Play drop in soccer game once per week: $12 or $48 per month
  3. Driving to and from sport arena: $10 of gas per week (pick arena close to your home)
  4. Equipment (short, cleats, running shoes, etc..): $250 per year or around $20 per month
  5. In total, that's about $160 per month or $40 per week.

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To reduce your budget, work as a volunteer at YMCA or any gym/league and have access for free.

What are the best activities to do with children when visiting Calgary, AB?

I have 3 active kids (4, 2, 1) and we usually enjoy these:
  1. Swimming at YMCA in kids pool.
  2. Zoo (at Memorial drive)
  3. Calaway park
  4. Telus spark (Science and technology museum)
  5. Apple and Microsoft Stores at Chinook mall
  6. Banff (mountains)
  7. Heritage park ( museum)
  8. Cross Iron Mills
  9. Kananaskis: There is a BBQ near the pond; children can swim in the ponds and play nearby, small hikes, Bear watching but with precaution.
  10. Glacier National Park: There is a rope swing/hanging bridge but not for very small kids
  11. Waterton National park: Again water activities for children, slightly older kids can go hiking and there is Red rock canyon which is a fun walk in water and rocks and is beautiful and fun for all age kids.
  12. Calgary Stampede in July: cycling near the river and other activities in the river, Edworthy park where kids can swim.

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What are good sports for 13-year-olds to play?

My first rule is play the sports that you like. Real joy come from passion. If you are not passionate about any sport in particular, then take into account the following: Your location (cold or warm climate) ,do you prefer team sports or individual sports, accessibility, cost, which sport is played by your frends, etc..In general, I always advise to try as many sports as possible, but my favourite is:
  1. Play soccer and you will have a lot of fun, increase your stamina, develop every part of the body, become fit and more athletic. Soccer is a team sport and you will make tons of friends in the process. Soccer is the top sport that give you the best looking body.

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Which Sport gives you the best looking body?

Many sports can give you a good looking body, but which one gives you the best looking body? Playing soccer is the sport that gives you the best looking body.Soccer, because:

  1. It involves a lot of running (burning fat in every part of your body)
  2. Soccer is a good sports for maintaining health, fitness, strength (ball kicking, body check, tackling, fighting for space to get the ball ) and endurance.

Pros and Cons of Pet or animal Sports

What are the Pros and Cons of Pet or animal Sports
Pros and cons of Pet Sports, Cute dog playing soccer Pet Sports examples include pet soccer, horse racing, greyhound racing, rodeos, dog agility events, bull fighting, etc... Two of the most common animals involved in Pet Sports are dogs and horses. There are many types of animal sporting events, with varying levels of participation from humans. Some pet sport events are solely between the animals while others use the animals in a lesser role.

What are some interesting habits of well-balanced people?

What are some interesting habits of well-balanced people?

interesting morning habits of well-balanced people
  1. Make sure that you sleep for at least for 6 hours non stop in a very comfortable bed every night. Wake up no later than 06am.
  2. Read or listen to unbiased local and international news to know what is going on.
  3. Take a good shower.
  4. Drink a glass of water or tea without sugar.

How to get into Football or soccer?

Let's explore How to get into Football or soccer? Football or soccer is the most popular sport in the world. How to get into Football or soccer To get into football or soccer, start at an early age to get the fundamentals. You can register your son or daughter as soon as they are 4 years old in Minor Soccer Associations in your city. I currently coach my own son's team at SWU Soccer club in Calgary and it is a delight.

What are the top 5 hobbies that make you smarter? Top Hobbies that make you smarter
  1. Exercising ( Play team sports, running, gym, bike , swim) will increase your stamina, make you physically strong , agile, athletic, fit and smarter.
  2. Reading ( anything from books, news, pamphlets, online, offline, whatever, etc.). Just read man!