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Find where to play hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, softball, slo pitch, volleyball, Pickle ball, badminton, cricket, rugby and swimming in San Jose.

Drop in Hockey at Shark Ice San Jose

Hockey,Shinny Monday – Friday 12-1:30pm 408.279.6000 see website (37.32, -121.86)
1500 South Tenth Street 
San Jose, CA 95112

Pick Up Soccer at John Mise Park

Soccer, PickUpSoccer, See Website see website see website (37.32, -121.99)
4871 Moorpark Ave 
San Jose, CA 95129

Pick Up Soccer at Silvercreek sportsplex

PickUpSoccer, DropinSoccer, Friday 04-05pm 408.224.8774 (37.27, -121.79)
800 Embedded Way 
San Jose, CA 95138

Pick Up Soccer at Strikers Den - San Jose

PickUpSoccer, Fridays 4PM-6PM Saturdays (Sept. 12 - Nov. 7) 408.225.1843 (37.27, -121.79)
800 Embedded Way 
San Jose, CA 95138