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Hugo López, the artist who has molded the new Ibaka (article from Spain)

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Link to article from, a Spanish daily sports newspaper

Sorta readable google translation:

For four months, Serge Ibaka has been accompanied by a particular shadow with a lot of basketball in his head and heart: Hugo López . The Valladolid received a call from the Spanish international in the second week of May to begin preparing for this new season of the North American League. " I wanted to work all summer, develop new aspects of his game to improve and be more years in the NBA, " says coach As from Vancouver. There, in the Canadian port city, Toronto Raptors is immersed in his training camp until this Friday, with López as guest coach: " The experience is still fantastic, " he says. "I had a good conversation with Nick Nurse while training Serge and he invited me to the mini-camp in Los Angeles and, now, to these sessions . "

The work with Ibaka, with whom he coincided in Madrid during the 2011 lockout , was, in addition to a long, very traveler: " We were in Miami, Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and the Dominican Republic. We worked from Monday to Friday physical and purely basketball aspects, on weekends, I had them free, "he says, in order to predict what the future of the Spanish-Congolese will look like:" Let's see a good Serge this year. He has been pivotal throughout his career and now with the four open we focus on the shot of three: throw with more confidence, the mechanics ... in addition to improving in the pot with the left hand. Without leaving aside all his strong points such as the low post, the rebound ... " And the sessions had to pay off because Ibaka thanked through social networks the work carried out by Lopez.

Instagram of Hugo and Serge

Changes in the Raptors

The Raptors are facing a new scenario this year. After three great seasons over 50 wins (the last with 59 was the franchise record), Toronto was removed from the fight for the ring by LeBron James. The forward has always stood in his way, being too painful the sweep of last season. The 4-0 in the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Cleveland Cavaliers condemned Dwyane Casey, who was fired after seven years on the Canadian bench . Nurse was chosen to take the reins of a new project that said goodbye to an entire institution in Toronto as DeMar DeRozan to welcome an NBA top-5 like Kawhi Leonard.

"Serge was affected by that tie, the first week he was touched, a bit disappointed and he lost some confidence ... which made him stop being conservative, but when we started working, he changed his attitude ", underlines López. "Nurse really liked our workouts, he's going to have a lot of him in four and five places ."

Image of Hugo and Serge

Great curriculum

After five years as an assistant to Pablo Laso (two in Gipuzkoa and three in Real Madrid), the Valladolid had his first opportunity as head of a bench: Fuenlabrada. His experience to the south of the capital lasted four months and there began a journey that took him to Canada and Angola. He triumphed in both countries. In North America won league with the Halifax Hurricanes and was named coach of the year 2016 and in Africa he won the triple crown with the Clube Recreativo Desportivo do Libolo: Taça, Supertaça and the National Championship. It was the first time that it was achieved in the history of the Angolan sport.

In his trip through the North he is not alone. Together he just landed another well-known Spanish basketball: Sergio Scariolo. The Italian has already started his second job as an assistant to the Raptors . A position that matches with the Spanish coach. "We've shared good conversations and some dinner, it also helps that he's here, he's adapting well, " says Lopez, who reveals one of the NBA's biggest secrets: how is Kawhi Leonard doing? " I've seen him well, he's very calm and fit, it's early, but he's seen with confidence," he says.

Despite the fact that this experience is "rewarding", the Spaniard wants to " start a beautiful project as a coach". " It's what I really like and I hope it's in Spain ." A desire that has earned a pulse away from Spain and, who knows, it may have to be delayed: the Raptors certainly do not miss the opportunity to have a technician like him in their ranks.

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