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My boyfriend and his ADHD

Skating Reddit - Sat, 09/15/2018 - 01:19

Hello everyone, I am a long time girlfriend of someone that has ADHD and has not received help since he was probably 5 or 6. I need the opinion of anyone that is willing to listen.

Lets call my boyfriend Sam. So Sam is your textbook definition of someone that is diagnosed with ADHD. He is a very energetic, friendly, talkative guy. Always feels like his energy is a 10/10 and it feels like he never stops to really take in the present moment(always something to say/distracted). He stopped taking medicine since he was a child and still struggles to control his energy, concentration, and time management. All of this has really started to take a toll on our relationship.

The problem we’re facing is agreeing that he still needs to work on bettering himself. I feel like he is stubborn and refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem. When I try to explain anything to Sam his eyes glaze over and he starts thinking about other things or forces the conversation in a completely different direction. He calls me uptight for not wanting to live in the moment and would rather spend his free time doing thinks like smoking weed/skating/drinking. Its gotten to the point where Sam bails on me or denies that he’s having issues because he doesn’t want to accept that he needs help. He has dropped out of school, is ok working a minimum wage job, and doesn’t have set future goals(they’re always changing).

Is there anything i can do to not make myself appear as a hovering mom to him and have him actually want to participate in fixing our dilemma? He tells he is trying and that he loves me but I am almost to the point where I want to explode and unload my frustration on him(which i know isn’t helpful since he wont listen).

And I hope I am not being offensive when I describe Sam to you. I really accept him for who he is and love all of him. I hope my rant wasn’t too long either. Any advice is appreciated. I would rather hear from people that live with this themselves than textbook definitions of symptoms/behaviors. Thankyou.

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Hero Rework Concepts

Skating Reddit - Sat, 09/15/2018 - 00:23

I've recently been playing Ana alot lately and one of the things everyone is aware of is that Ana doesn't have a passive self heal. Couldn't you add something similar to Brigitte's where hitting consecutive targets (team or enemy) slowly heals Ana as well? Another idea that I've wondered why it isn't in the game, but has been featured in her highlights, is why can't Mei ice skate? It clearly shows her ice skating in one of her highlights and to me would make for an interesting addition to her kit. Most people I see play her mainly use her for stall but this addition could make her more fun to play and add another layer to her. She would simply point her weapon slightly in front of her and freeze the ground allowing for an increase to movement speed. Mei could simply use the ammo in her weapon as is to skate, which the player would need to decide when it's okay to skate and when it's time to reload before a battle. With her using ammo, I don't see a reason not to add it. Just a couple ideas and would love to hear other people's thoughts or ideas.

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Established league needs 1 new owner

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 22:07

ESPN H2H Leaguesafe $45 Live draft Sept 27th 7:00pm CDT

100% payout with $70 crystal trophy to winner $300 1st place $135 2nd place $50 3rd place $25 Consul Champion


Goals (G) 3

Assists (A) 2

Power Play Goals (PPG) 1

Power Play Assists (PPA) 0.5

Short Handed Goals (SHG) 2

Short Handed Assists (SHA) 1

Game-Winning Goals (GWG) 1

Hat Tricks (HAT) 3

Shots on Goal (SOG) 0.3

Defensemen Points (DEF) 0.5


Wins (W) 5

Goals Against (GA) -1

Saves (SV) 0.12

Shutouts (SO) 3

Message me and I will send you an invite, everyone is welcome!

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Roller Derby on a budget - advice

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 21:44


My league is just starting its 2018/2019 season (yes we're european) and we have tryouts coming up.
It seems like this time arround we'll have a very decent number of girls coming, which means we will very soon have a bunch of freshies asking for advice on what gear to buy.

But here's the problem: we're from Portugal, where the average salary is arround 800€ per month (roughly 930 USD$). Most of us are just too poor for the good stuff...
Most of the girls in my league are currently skating on R3's or similar, and many won't consider updating until their skates are breaking apart.

When I joined last year I also got a pair of R3's, as they recomended them to me as begginer skates.
The thing was that, I had already been inline skating for years, so it only took me a couple of months to adapt to quads before I started jamming agressively, which resulted in me breaking my nylon plates TWICE in less than a year...
Recently I've updated to Riedell 495's with second hand Powerdyne Revenge plates, and I can't help but feel that I could have spent less money overall if I had been given better recomendations right at the start

So how can I advise my freshies so they can make the most of their usually small budgets?

So far I've figured that they can save a lot by getting their wrist guards, elbow pads and helmets from our local sports shop, instead of online roller derby shops. The helmets there are made from EPS and certified at just arround 15€.

So how about skates and knee pads?
  • We can get 187 Pro Derby for 60€ at a local shop. Is there anything cheaper that will still keep their knees safe?

  • Could real begginers, who are just learning how to skate maybe get something cheaper than R3's so they can save their money for an update when they get better? Would Sure Grip Boxer's last them for one season?

  • What would be a good starting option for more advanced skaters, often transitioning from other skating sports, so they wouldn't have to buy new skates after just one year or so?

  • How about girls still learning to skate who are more on the heavier side, so they would benefit from aluminum plates from the start. Is there a decent skate setup with aluminum plates that's more on the cheap side?

We have some shitty loaner gear that the freshies can use for free during their first month, so we often lure them with "Come try roller derby for free!"
I just want to be better prepared and ready to help them once the dreaded question "How much do roller skates cost?" comes along

Thanks in advance!

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I hate to be THAT guy but...

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 20:14

This game may be worse than 17 and 18 combined....

Before you downvote this to oblivion, ask yourself, how many times have you tried to switch your players and literally nothing has happened? How many passes have gone nowhere near the player it was intended for? How many games have insanely felt like you have no chance to win from the puck drop?

I’ve tried to defend this game since day 1. I’ve tried soooo hard. But this game is really really bad. Everyone is blinded by the new skating but it’s literally no different than 18. The only difference is instead of your player seizing up he runs in place. There’s cool new legends and that’s great and all but the way the game plays is infuriating. It sucks because on paper this game has so much potential but when you actually spend some time and play it, it’s brutal. This is the first game that I’ve not wanted to play. And it’s day 3!! That’s terrible!! This game is ridiculously slipping. I know I’m not the only one.

Edit: How many of you can agree with this statement: “Even when I’m winning I’m not having fun”. That will tell you all you need to know.

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It's here! The Bay Area Bassheads Guide to the Bay Area for Baynectar/Be Interactive

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 19:56

Welcome to the Guide to the Bay Area for Baynectar/Be Interactive, brought to you by the Bay Area Bassheads!

Hi guys! We're so excited to have you all visit us in beautiful Northern California (and also super fucking excited to finally have a show here, lol <3 ).

We have collaborated to put together this in-depth guide for you to use when you visit our beautiful home. We hope you love it and it helps you out immensely, and if you have any questions or need more suggestions, feel free to reach out!

At only 49 square miles, San Francisco is a small city, but don’t worry: there is no shortage of things to do and see here. Locals refer to San Francisco as “SF”, or “The City,” but never “San Fran” or “Frisco.” That’s a dead ringer for an out-of-towner and for some reason it makes native San Franciscans hella bent out of shape.

The Bay Area also includes the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, San Leandro, etc.), which is a short BART ride away (more on transportation later).

The venue is located in the Tenderloin district of the city right next to the Civic Center. Please be advised: the Tenderloin is notorious for being a dangerous neighborhood. Which leads to this first and most important point…


San Francisco is a beautiful city. However, you will notice quickly that there is a particularly massive homeless population here, especially in the Civic Center/Tenderloin district. A large portion of the homeless in the Bay Area are SEVERELY mentally ill and/or suffering from severe addiction. I’m gonna mom you for a bit:


Do NOT walk anywhere alone if you can avoid it, and DEFINITELY do not walk around fucked up and making a scene. Don’t wear headphones, walk with your phone out, or walk alone. Don’t have large pieces of jewelry on that will make you a target. Mentally unstable people do some pretty jarring shit sometimes, so if you're not used to being around heavy drug addicts, it can potentially be very uncomfortable. Don’t engage, don’t taunt, be respectful. Be smart, be careful and you’ll be gucci.

Alright now back to the fun stuff.


The Bay Area’s weather is fucking weird. Ever heard the saying “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”? Well that shit is true (even if Mark Twain didn’t actually say it). It’s cold. Wear layers and close-toed shoes. It’s warmer in the East Bay than it is in SF, so if you’re staying in the East Bay and it seems super warm, trust me, it’s likely that it won’t be in SF. The juxtaposition of the city to the Pacific Ocean means cold fogs are regular occurrences and it will get you when you’re not expecting it and it will make you miserable. Prepare as if you’re going somewhere in late November on the east coast. *Bonus fact: SF residents call the fog “Karl the fog” and he has his own Twitter account. :)*


PLEASE BE ADVISED: This event is taking place on the same weekend as the Salesforce Dreamforce conference, which means hotels are going to be expensive and tight. Don’t be afraid to find a place to stay outside of San Francisco in the East Bay along a Bart line.

We realize a lot of you have lodging already, but if not, and these aren't doing it for you, reach out to one of us and we'll help you out.

Holiday Inn SOMA is the closest to the venue:

Green Tortoise Hostel:



Unless you’re planning on leaving the city to explore the surrounding areas, we recommend you try to avoid renting a car or driving at all. Parking is expensive, and super difficult to find. The only thing more expensive than parking is getting a parking ticket and/or towed. If you park somewhere and your car gets towed, you can expect around a $500 impound bill to pay. Also, cars get broken into REGULARLY here, moreso than anywhere else. People will smash your window to steal your dirty socks out of your car. If the weather is bad, they’re known to break into cars just to have a place to sleep. Don’t leave ANYTHING in your car.

If you absolutely must drive, PAY ATTENTION TO PARKING ZONES. Red curbs are a no-no. Don’t even have one inch of your bumper crossing into a red curb zone. You can use apps like SpotAngels to find parking spots. Just don’t leave a single shred of anything visible in your car.

San Francisco also has a unique law regarding how you have to turn your wheels when parallel parking on ANY street. If, when you park, your car is pointing up a hill, you have to turn your steering wheel all the way to the left before you get out of your car. If your car is pointing downhill, then you have to turn it all the way to the right. The reason for this is because the hills are so ridiculous in SF that if you’re parked, and your brakes fail for whatever reason and your car starts to roll, it will roll into the curb and not out into oncoming traffic. IF YOU DO NOT ABIDE BY THIS LAW YOU WILL GET A TICKET.

SF is a tech city so there are apps for literally fucking everything here, including vehicle rentals.

Car rental apps:

Getaround ( or use this code for a $20 discount: )

Turo ( or use this code for $25 off if you’re a new user: )

Zipcar ( )

Electric scooters:

Scoot (


Lime ( or use this code for $3 off: )

Ford GoBike ( )

Jump ( )

Public Transit:

There are a variety of public transit systems in the Bay Area. In SF, the bus and light rail lines are called the MUNI. The subway system that travels from the SF airport through SF, under the Bay and into the East Bay is called the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). The bus system in the East Bay is called AC Transit. All are easily navigated using Google Maps.

The BART stops running between 12 and 12:30. If you’re staying in the East Bay and you take the BART in to the venue, then you’re going to have to find an alternative way to get back, like a Lyft. IF YOU TAKE THE BART DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR TICKET AFTER YOU USE IT OR ELSE YOU CAN’T EXIT AND WILL HAVE TO PAY AGAIN. You scan it once when you enter, and again when you leave, which is how they determine how much to charge you.


Uber is a shit company owned by a shit human being. Use Lyft. If you’ve never used it before, now’s a great time to start. Here’s a $5 off coupon for new users: If you must use Uber, cool, that’s your prerogative.


The Bay Area is STOCK FULL of beautiful scenery and fun things to do. Here’s a shortlist (spoiler alert: it’s not short) of suggestions ranging from touristy (which btw is super fun and you should definitely do touristy stuff) to local haunts.

First off: Khiva is playing at F8 on Thursday, September 27th. We’re gonna roll deep to that, come rage!

San Francisco Touristy Shit:

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge: there are a wide variety of ways to see the Golden Gate Bridge. First of all, it’s visible from a lot of vantage points in the city, so if you want to cram as much in to your stay, you definitely will see it without actually having to go to it. If you want the full experience, you can rent bikes and ride across it to Sausalito, or if you really want, you can walk it. For a dope ass SF selfie, head across the bridge from SF to the vantage point on the other side (check online and make sure it’s open first!) and there you can take a picture with the bridge and the whole city behind you. Or if you’re down for some hiking, Kirby Cove in the Marin headlands has one of the best views of the Bridge ( )
  2. Twin Peaks: for one of the sickest views of the entire city (only if it’s clear that day and not foggy), head up to Twin Peaks. Bonus: It’s free!! ( )
  3. Fisherman’s Wharf: a lot of locals groan and make awful noises when you suggest FW, but don’t listen to them because it’s actually a very fun trip. There’s tons of shopping, a rad aquarium ( ), weird random attractions ( for example), lots of killer food (get some clam chowder in a sourdough bowl or a fresh dungeness crab), and (my personal favorite part) on Pier 39 there is a huge colony of wild sea lions that have taken up residence there and are a riot to watch. The young males get into loud shoving matches on the floating platforms and it’s a super fun, free thing to do. Just watch out for the seagulls, because they’re huge, and they’re smart, so therefore they’re bullies and will gang up on you if you have food in your hands.
  4. Sutro Baths:
  5. Lands End: HIKING!
  6. Haight Ashbury: want to get a crash course in SF’s iconic hippie district? Head out to Haight Ashbury. Are you a DeadHead? Go see the house that the Grateful Dead lived in during the 60s and 70s at 710 Ashbury St. Also, the Haight has some of the best shopping in the city. ( )
  7. Alcatraz: OK here’s the deal with Alcatraz: if you really want to check it out, check online first to see if there are any tickets available since you have to buy them in advance. The chances of you being able to buy a same-day ticket are very slim and we recommend you do it in advance. They sell out hella quick. ( )
  8. The Castro District: One of America’s very first (and certainly one of the most famous) gay districts, and it is fucking magical. ( )
  9. Chinatown: The San Francisco Chinatown is the largest outside of China. Some of the best dim sum on the planet is here. ( )
  10. Dolores Park: Located in the Mission district in San Francisco, Dolores is the number one spot to have a little park party with sick views of the city. Highly recommended! ( )
  11. Golden Gate Park: GGP is massive and to see everything it has to offer is a trip unto itself. A few highlights: the Japanese Tea Garden, the Conservatory of Flowers, the Botanical Gardens, the California Academy of Science (DOOOOPE science museum and aquarium that has a super fun adult night on Thursday nights from 6-10pm ), the DeYoung (art museum), Stow Lake, disc golf, archery fields, horseshoes, etc. ( )
  12. MOMA (Museum of Modern Art): Buy tickets in advance. ( )
  13. Muir Woods (over the GG Bridge in the North Bay): REDWOODS!! Beautiful hiking and a dope beach payout at the end ( )
  14. Baker Beach: Another beautiful beach with dope views, just don’t travel too far towards the bridge or else you’ll end up at a seedy nude beach. Unless, of course, that’s your thing. ( )
  15. Ocean Beach: One of the easiest beaches to access in SF. ( )
  16. Crissy Field: Another great way to see the GG Bridge, and a great spot for a picnic lunch or toss around a ball of some sort ( )
  17. The Palace of Fine Arts: ( )
  18. The Exploratorium: This one is a super dope interactive museum on the Embarcadero that also has an adult play night on Thursday nights ( )
  19. Clarion Alley: The Clarion Alley Mural Project is AH-MAZING. If you see a guy with a garage open in the alley with a bunch of mopeds, say what’s up, that’s my homie :) ( )
  20. Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies (aka the Full House house): ( )

Oakland Touristy Shit:

  1. Grizzly Peak: This, in my opinion, is the best view of the Bay Area. It’s up in the Oakland/Berkeley hills and you can see all of Oakland, Berkeley, the Bay Bridge, and sometimes if it’s clear out, the GG Bridge. Killer spot to watch a beautiful west coast sunset. ( )
  2. Lake Merritt: This beautiful lake is an Oakland landmark. You can rent a Venetian gondola during the day or hang out by the Pergola and people watch. On Friday nights there is a flow artist fire jam at the Pergola and all are welcome. Saturday mornings is the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market ( ) that’s fun to hang out at. ( )
  3. The Grand Lake Theater: catch a movie! ( )
  4. Jack London Square: Waterfront business and entertainment district on the harbor ( )
  5. Children’s Fairyland: Another Oakland landmark, for the young at heart. At Lake Merritt. ( )
  6. Temescal: This is my hood!! Tons of hipster bars and great food (more on that later on) in North Oakland before you hit Berkeley ( )

San Francisco NOT touristy shit:

  1. Urban Putt: indoor minigolf ( )
  2. Stagecoach greens: outdoor minigolf ( )
  3. The Dungeon SF: Haunted attraction ( )
  4. City Lights Bookstore: ( )
  5. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar: BOMB ass tiki-themed drinks ( )
  6. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: ( )
  7. Emporium SF: Video arcade & bar ( )
  8. Coin-Op Game Room: Another video arcade & bar ( )
  9. Candytopia: “outrageously interactive candy wonderland” BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE ( )
  10. Bernal heights park: Grab a 6 pack and watch the sunset ( )
  11. The Church of 8 Wheels: Roller skating in an abandoned church ( )
  12. SOMA skate park (for skateboarders): ( )

Oakland NOT touristy shit:

  1. Wormhole Wednesday at the New Parish: If you get into town early enough, come through to Wormhole Wednesday, Oakland’s weekly bass music show at the New Parish.
    1. Wednesday, September 26th : sfam, Phers, Womp Rat, and Concentrate
    2. Wednesday, October 3rd: Bumble, Duffrey, SpacegeishA, Seied, Kayafiya (no event link quite yet)
  2. The Soiled Dove: An immersive, circus-infused dinner theatre! ( )
  3. Walk or bike the Bay Bridge: The Bay Bridge links Oakland to San Francisco and has a 2.2 mile long pathway to the halfway point at Treasure Island that you can walk or bike. ( )
  4. Oakland Zoo: ( )
  5. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve: Hiking! ( )
  6. Oakland Museum of California: Friday nights has a large food truck fair ( )


These are all Bay Area Basshead favorites that we curated just for you guys!

  1. Burma Superstar: Burmese. Oakland ( )
  2. Tacos mi Rancho: The best goddamn Mexican food truck in Oakland. Cash only, open 24 hours. Grab some food and then walk over to Lake Merritt to eat it by the lake. ( )
  3. Fenton’s Creamery: Famous spot for incredible ice cream. Also has good diner style food. Oakland ( )
  4. Golden Boy Pizza: SF ( )
  5. Mensho Tokyo Ramen: The most dank ass ramen on the planet. Opens at 4pm. Get there early or be prepared for a long line. SF ( )
  6. Ramen Shop: Another incredible ramen spot. Oakland ( )
  7. Mitchell’s ice cream: SF ( )
  8. San Tung: Chinese, best dry fried chicken wings on the planet. SF ( )
  9. Homeroom: All they make is all different kinds of the dankest macaroni and cheese on the planet. Oakland ( )
  10. Cookiebar Creamery: They have ube flavored ice cream. Get it. It’s incredible. And purple. Oakland ( )
  11. C.R.E.A.M. (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me): Ice cream sandwiches with warm fresh baked cookies or brownies as the bun. One location in the Mission in SF, and the other is in Berkeley. ( )
  12. Grocery Cafe: Burmese. The guy who owns this place is the nicest guy in the world. Get the tea leaf salad. Oakland ( )
  13. Dong Bei Mama: Chinese. SF ( )
  14. Hong Kong Lounge II: Dim Sum. SF ( )
  15. Ploy Thai II Cuisine: Thai. SF ( )
  16. 5a5 Steakhouse: Fancy! SF ( )
  17. Cha Cha Cha: Sangria and small plates. SF ( )
  18. Taqueria Guadalajara: Voted #9 best burrito in the USA. SF ( )
  19. Hamburger Mary’s: Catch a drag brunch here! SF ( )
  20. El Techo: Mexican food with the most incredible rooftop dining area with sick views of the city. SF ( )
  21. That’s It: Cubano Tortas. SF ( )
  22. Bisou Bistronomy: go for brunch and bottomless mimosas. SF ( )
  23. Taqueria el Castillito: Mexican. SF (
  24. Little Star Pizza: Chicago-style pizza. SF and Albany (East Bay) ( )
  25. Papalote Mexican Grill: Voted best burrito in SF. ( )
  26. Taqueria el Farolito: Go to the location in the Mission. SF ( )
  27. Hard Knox Cafe: Soul Food. SF ( )
  28. Ryoko’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar: Dope sushi and open till 2am, often with DJs. SF ( )
  29. Cocobang: Korean, open late. SF ( )
  30. Tselogs: Filipino. SF ( )
  31. Arizmendi: pastries, pizza, breakfast food. All a worker owned co-op. SF ( )
  32. Tartine bakery: Breakfast! Pastries! Go to the Manufactory to avoid long lines. SF ( )
  33. Lolinda: Argentinian steakhouse, small plates, recommended for groups to share. SF ( )
  34. Akiko’s Sushi: best sushi in town according to some, but pricey. Requires a reservation usually as it only has like 8-10 tables. SF ( )
  35. Oola: good cocktail bar and good burgers, also unlimited mimosas at brunch on Saturday and Sunday. SF ( )
  36. ZeroZero: pizza, Italian food, good cocktails. SF ( )
  37. Calavera: tacos, awesome cocktails DO THE SALT AIR MARGARITA, small plates. Oakland ( )
  38. Pier 23: good seafood and brunch. SF ( )
  39. Colibri Mexican Bistro: unlimited mimosas brunch, Spanish/Mexican food. SF ( )
  40. Shangri-La: Vegan. Oakland ( )
  41. Brenda’s French Soul Food/Brenda’s Meat & Three: best Cajun fried chicken ever. The first is open during the day, second is nighttime. For brunch, do the fried chicken benedict. SF ( )
  42. Little Skillet: Soul food, arguably the best fried chicken and waffles in the Bay. SF ( )
  43. Tin: Vietnamese. SF ( )
  44. Souley Vegan: Vegan soul food and BBQ. Oakland ( )
  45. Ippudo: Ramen. One location in Berkeley, one location in SF. ( )
  46. Thai Idea: Vegetarian. SF ( )
  47. Deli Board: Sandwiches. SF ( )
  48. Garaje: HOLY SHIT the Mexican food here is AWESOME. SF ( )
  49. Fresh Brew Coffee: Vietnamese. Bomb ass bahn mi. SF ( )
  50. Hot sauce and Panko!: Korean. Killer chicken wings. SF ( )


California is a legal marijuana state!! Yay!! Here are some of our favorite dispensaries:

  1. Sparc: has a vape lounge. SF ( )
  2. Grass Roots: SF ( )
  3. Medithrive: SF ( )
  4. Barbary Coast: SF ( )
  5. The Apothecarium: SF ( )
  6. The Green Door: has a smoking lounge. SF ( )
  7. Urban Pharm: has rigs you can use in the store. SF ( )
  8. Harvest: SF ( )
  9. Bloom Room: has a vape lounge. SF ( )
  10. Purple Heart: Oakland ( )
  11. Harborside: Oakland ( )
  12. Telegraph Health Center: Oakland ( )
  13. Blum: Oakland ( )


  1. Eaze: ( )
  2. Meadow: ( )


There are about a million and a half cool spots to drink in the Bay Area. Keep in mind: a lot of bars in the Bay Area are cash only. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Zeitgeist: Divey punk bar with an attitude and dope outdoor seating area. Cash only. SF ( )
  2. Trick dog: SF ( )
  3. Make Westing: They have a bocce ball court inside! Oakland ( )
  4. Bourbon & Branch: Speakeasy! Reservations only. SF ( )
  5. Eli’s Mile High Club: Divey punk bar with outdoor seating. Oakland ( )
  6. 15 Romolo: alleyway bar with KILLER cocktails, highly recommended. SF ( )
  7. Biig: they never make the same drink twice. SF ( )
  8. ABV: SF ( )
  9. Bloodhound: SF ( )
  10. Mr Tipples Recording Studio: Craft cocktails and live jazz every night. SF ( )
  11. Wild Hawk: SF ( )
  12. Local Edition: SF ( )
  13. Harper & Rye: SF ( )
  14. Jamber: Wine pub. SF ( )
  15. Biergarten: German beer garden. SF ( )
  16. Tempest + Box Kitchen: Rad dive bar with an incredible little kitchen out back. SF ( )
  17. Kozy Kar: Waterbeds, stripper poles and 70’s porn. SF ( )
  18. Noc Noc: Weird Haight bar serving beer, wine and sake. SF ( )
  19. Radio Habana Social Club: SF ( )
  20. Pagan Idol: Tiki. SF ( )
  21. Smugglers Cove: Tiki. SF ( )
  22. Rum & Sugar: SF ( )
  23. Mezcalito: SF ( )


Of course it wouldn't be a Bassnectar event without some good deeds. Here are a few local places to put in some work and give back to the community. :)

  1. St. Anthony Foundation
    1. Located in the Tenderloin, St. Anthony Foundation lifts the spirits of the neighborhood by serving hot meals daily and providing clothing to those in need. As a volunteer, you can assist by sorting clothing or serving food in the dining room and interacting with members of the community. The dining room is a warm, welcoming environment, and the opportunity to share a meal with and listen to the amazing stories of those around you is an unparalleled experience.
    2. St. Anthony Foundation, 150 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 241 2600
  2. The Surfrider Foundation
    1. The San Francisco chapter of the Surfrider Foundation raises awareness to protect beaches and the ocean from being polluted. Every first and third Sunday of the month, the foundation hosts beach cleanups at Ocean Beach, and every last Saturday of the month there is a cleanup at Baker Beach. No advanced registration is required to participate in the cleanups; just come with a positive attitude, and be ready to help in the effort to keep the local beaches beautiful.
  3. Project Open Hand
    1. Through Project Open Hand, 2,500 meals are prepared and delivered each day around San Francisco. The organization delivers meals to the elderly and those combating illness and isolation. Volunteers have the opportunity to prepare meals, sort and package food items in the warehouse, deliver meals, and serve lunch to seniors on a weekly basis. There are also opportunities to work special events throughout the year.
    2. Project Open Hand, 730 Polk St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 447 2300
  4. Ronald McDonald House
    1. Since it opened in 1989, the Ronald McDonald House has created a supportive, safe space for the families of critically ill children. The organization’s mission is to provide a home away from home for families as their children receive treatment at a nearby hospital. There are multiple volunteer options, including serving food at the monthly Parent Support Event or delivering refreshments and treats to families at their child’s side in the hospital through the Child’s Bedside Program.
    2. Ronald McDonald House, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, 1975 4th St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 476 9000
  5. Friends of the Urban Forest
    1. In order to keep San Francisco beautiful and the air clean, Friends of the Urban Forest dedicate themselves to the upkeep of the city’s green infrastructure by planting and caring for the trees and gardens that line the streets. The organization and volunteers have planted over 50,000 trees in the city. Whether you volunteer for a single day or you become a regular contributor, FUF encourages you to get involved in planting and caring for the trees, facilitating community outreach, and advocating for the cause.
    2. Friends of the Urban Forest, 1007 General Kennedy Ave, Ste 1, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 561 6890
  6. SF Food Bank
    1. Make a hands-on difference! Your time and dedication are important resources in the fight against hunger. The Food Bank relies on volunteers to help us with a variety of projects – you can help sort produce in our warehouse or lend a hand at a pantry, where you’ll put food directly into the hands of neighbors in need
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Blink Needs to be Un-nerfed.

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 19:50

We have titans flying around the map far faster than blink can keep up on PC, skating is like twice as fast as on console. On top of that, they get ohko melees and better grenades, and better supers than voidwalker.

Now that Someone on the balance team (and his personal vendetta against blink in D1) is clearly no longer calling the shots, let's revisit the fact that you only get two blinks, you lose your HUD, and you have a clunky redraw time that completely neuters any offensive potential of the jump. Again, it's only fair compared to what other classes can do.

People bitched about blink-shotgunning in Y1 because they wanted to use subpar weapons that couldn't counter it, and it caused the sandbox team to ruin one of the must unique jump abilities in the game. Seriously, my friend described it really well. Blink is such a well-done and unique jump, and honestly it really captures Destiny's fantasy. You literally reach towards where your going, like you're grabbing space time and pulling the location towards you. Everything from the animation to the physics is just perfect feeling. It feels great a lot like Titan Skating, but unlike skating, it's incredibly awkward to use in combat because of the nerfs.

Since we're on a streak of undoing all of the effects of whining from the past 2 years, let's make this happen.



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Okay what the hell, I can't be the only one to notice the difference from beta...

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 19:12

The skating feels sluggish again, exactly identical to NHL 18. Slow turns, skaters take forever to get going. the 19 beta was so smooth, fast, and snappy.

As a test, i spammed poke check for an entire HUT match...not a SINGLE penalty for either team so they obviously changed that back. Genuinely zero penalties in an entire game. I'd prefer there be 50 a period with how fun the beta was.

But I've notice every single year that the beta in general just feels so much more polished. The NHL 19 beta, a freaking beta, was my favorite NHL game since NHL 14.

Hopefully this is just a HUT thing? I've got some high 80s/90s player in my lineup though so I don't know.

Sorry for ranting as it seems like plenty of people are enjoying the game, but I feel like im taking crazy pills

EDIT: upon hopping into CHEL, it's just HUT that is trash. Anything in CHEL plays just like the beta

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Will rollerblades with plastic like wheels wear out easily on tar/bitumen roads?

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 18:27

I want to buy rollerblades but, I'm afraid that they'll wear out easily. Are there any special skates where wheels are resistant to excessive wear and tear on roads? Or should I just buy the normal skates and use them on roads anyway?

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Figure Skating

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 18:10

Fun Fact: The axel jump in figure skating is not (as I thought) because you rotate around an axle, but rather is named for Norwegian figure skater Axel Paulsen.

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Selfie Saturday | Post your selfies, action shots, and team photos | September 15, 2018

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 18:09

This is a weekly automated post that will be posted every Saturday. Show us your smiling face, league photos, bout photos, and any action photos of you skating!

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This is fine

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 17:41
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So I've got motivation problems.

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 17:32

Just as it says. Between the stupid work hours, (start 9 am one day, start at noon the next, 3 pm one day followed by 10 am) and the sedentary lifestyle (truck driver) I find it difficult to lose weight. I get home to eat dinner at midnight some days. Its all excuses but they're valid in my mind.

Anyways, I have no motivation to go to the gym. The idea of going to work out is super boring to me. And honestly it's not the fear of being judged. When it comes to other people, I've got no shame.

I've started playing hockey on a team, and I'm absolutely terrible. Seriously. One of my teammates is 75. He had triple the goals I did. I only had one. And I'm convinced it was a fluke. Anyways, playing hockey has taught me a few things. I do much better working out if it's something I enjoy. Secondly, everything hurts after. And I mean everything. And lastly, I've got the cardio of a chain smoking coal miner.

By the end of a 60 minute game (half the time I'm on the bench) playing defense, I'm struggling to keep skating.

Which leads me to my question or questions. I can't stand the idea of going for a run. So what else can I do to get cardio year round? I was thinking getting a bike and biking downtown and back once a week (20 miles round trip) but in the winter that is literally impossible. My second idea is maybe a heavy bag in the garage and punch/kick for an hour or so.

Anyone got any ideas I can steal from you?

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Why are much higher rated legends selling for half the price of current stars?

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 17:04

Not complaining because I’m liking that I can beef up my team for cheap, but really? 87 McDavid is going for almost 200k and Kurri is around 60k...I get that McDavid is fast and all but damn. Morenz was up for 125k earlier as an 89.

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Jeff Skate Park

Skating Reddit - Fri, 09/14/2018 - 16:47

Does anyone ever go to the skate park over by the aquatics center or know anything about it? I recently started inline skating and might be fun to play around there, but if it's usually overran with teens I'd rather pass.

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