What are the most common mistakes made by strikers in football/soccer? Common mistakes made by strikers in football/soccer?
  1. Forcing the shot, not letting the game come to them. Playing striker in soccer is difficult and is under scrutiny because you are supposed to score goals. Some strikers can go through some games without scoring and when that happens, some of them start panicking and start forcing the game.
  2. A good and smart striker should know when to pass and when to shoot. If you are not in a good position, pass it or shield the ball and wait for help instead of waisting the possession with a bad shot. Great strikers like Ronaldo 1, Pele, Ronaldo 2, Messi, Thierry Henry have a lot of assists in their stats because they know when to pass.
  3. Succumbing to the pressure of scoring goals.
  4. Not working or training about pure technique of shooting the ball with accuracy, heading the ball efficiently, shoot the ball in movement, deflecting the ball into the goal, etc.

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To conclude, the striker position requires flair, power and great skills set and it requires patience to wait for the goals to come to you while you are helping the team in other areas like passing and defence.