Our league is all about contributing to the well being of the community via sport. We always need volunteers to help us organize the drop in games.
We accept volunteer game organizers and if you have any other skills (medias, photography, videos,...) to contribute to the league, we will analyze it and see if we can use your contribution in a volunteering position. The basic requirements to be a volunteer game organizer are:
  • Must have played at least 5 games with the league before.

  • Must have own transportation to and from the play field

  • Must not be involved in a organizing capacity with another league to avoid conflict of interest
  • Understand the game you are volunteering with and know the basic rules of the game.

  • Be outgoing and fair play.

  • First Aid and CPR certification is an asset.

  • Be reliable and fair.

  • Be approachable

As a volunteer game organizer, your tasks and responsibilities are:
  • Available to volunteer at least once per week.

  • Arrive at the game you are organizing on time, preferably 15 minutes before the game.

  • Sign up players on the field and collect the drop in fees.

  • Help split players in balanced teams.

  • Supervise the games with a game clock or timer and make sure that the rules of the league listed on the league's web site are followed and respected.

  • Collect the equipment at the end of the game.

  • Make sure that the equipment (ball, pinnies, gloves,...) are clean and ready for your next games.
Below are some benefits for volunteers - game organizer:
  • Whenever you volunteer at least once every week, you play any time (except weekend games) for free in the sport you are volunteering for.
  • You meet awesome and classy ladies and gentlemen, make a lot of friends and build your professional and social network.
  • You learn valuable organization and leadership skills and gain experience as sport events organizer.
  • You develop strong leadership skills.
  • You contribute to the well being and harmony of the community.
  • You have the opportunity to play the beautiful games of Hockey, Basketball or Soccer for free with nice people anytime.
TO APPLY: Email us here